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Photography & enhancement by Lou Hall, Thunder Mountain Land


Lou lives "off the grid" in Adirondack's neighboring town.  He enjoys nature, as well as digital enhancement, and real estate sales.

Just e-mail "Lou" by clicking on the wonderful smile below.  Click on any picture to enlarge.


Duprey Pond, Raybrook, NY   Kelm Pond, Warrensburg, NY
Schroon Lake & High Peaks, Schroon Lake, NY   Wilderness Pond, Johnsburg, NY
Lake Luzerne, Lake Luzerne, NY   Andersons Brook, Lake Luzerne, NY
January's blanket on the Adirondacks   Adirondack Woods, Bakers Mills, NY
Authentic Log Home in the Adirondacks for sale, Schroon Lake, NY   Adirondack's simple pleasures, at Sherwood Forest Park, Raybrook, NY



Picture submitted by Lou Hall, Thunder Mountain Land

(please respect his copyright, and e-mail him for reuse)  Enjoy!



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