Adirondack Wilderness Regions  


 Photography by well-known Adirondack Photographer, Carl Heilman, Wild Visions Inc., Route 8, Brant Lake, NY - cc



The "Wilds" of the Adirondacks

Feel the experience of the wildlife in the Adirondacks and surround yourself in nature's pleasures.   Why not get off the beaten path and back to nature.  Our Adirondack streams are largely unchanged since the colonial times.  Pick up your pack back and let's explore.

Mother Nature is evident here in the Adirondack Park.  The Adirondack Park is 1,000 million years old, 6.1 million acres, 160 miles wide, 1 mile high (43 mountains rise above 4,000 feet), 30,000 miles of streams, 1,500+ miles of rivers, 3,000 ponds and lakes, 53 species of mammals, 2,000 miles of trails.  The Adirondack Park is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous US (greater than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier and Grand Canyon combined!).   The Adirondack Park has the largest intact temperate forest in the world!    The Adirondacks is home to the largest known continuous tract of old growth forest in the Northeast, and on top of the highest mountains in the Adirondacks have alpine climate and resemble the arctic tundra.  These areas contain the state's raw and endangers plant species.

We have a lot of life's zest to share!   Whether it is hiking, birding, fishing, climbing, Mother Nature is abundant and here for you to explore.  Bring you camera and your video!

Below we are starting a series of our Adirondack Wilderness Region Reports.  Our DEC does a marvelous job of protecting our environment, but their reports are laborious to read.  We bring you an edited version for your quick study.    After all, the Adirondacks is about the outdoors, and we want to get you out from under the desk lamp and into the sunshine (and yes, sometimes cold & rainy weather too to make it an adventure you'll always remember).


Wilderness Regions Reports:



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Bald Ledge Primitive Area

Carter's Pond Management, Greenwich (Washington County)

East Bay Management Area, Whitehall (Washington County)

First Brother Primitive Area

Fish Creek Management, Morristown (St. Lawrence County)

Gooseneck Primitive Area

HaDe Ron Wilderness

Hague Brook Primitive Area

High Peaks Wilderness

Kings Bay, Champlain (Clinton County)

Lake Alice, Chazy (Clinton County)

Lewis Preserve, Altona (Clinton County)

Monty's Bay, Beekmantown (Clinton County)

Parcel 45, Wilton (Saratoga County)

Pauline Murdock, Elizabethtown (Essex County)

Pharoah Wilderness

Putts Creek, Crown Point (Essex County)

St. Regis Canoe Wilderness

Tug Hill, Lowville (St. Lawrence County)

Victory Mills, Saratoga (Saratoga County)

Watson's East Triangle Wild Forest


Other Points of Interest:


North Country National Scenic Trail emblem

North Country National Scenic Trail - In 1980, the federal legislation authorized the establishment of the NCNST (North Country National Trails System) modeled after the Appalachian National Trail System.   In 2007, the Adirondack Park system developed a draft of the North Country NST.  The plan includes 140 miles from the Hamlet of Forestport to Crown Point NY on Lake Champlain.  The trail will include the Black River Wild Forest, West Canada Lake Wilderness, Moose River Plains Wild Forest, Jessup River Wild Forest, Siamese Ponds Wilderness, Hudson George Primitive Area, Vanderwhacker Mountrail Wild Forest, the Hoffman Notch Wilderness and the Hammond Pond Wild Forest.  For full details, visit:  (large file)


Area Maps

  • Ausable Marsh Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Carters Pond Wildlife Management Area Map
  • East Bay Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Kings Bay Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Lake Alice Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Lewis Preserve Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Montys Bay Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Parcel 45 Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Pauline Murdock Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Putts Creek Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Saratoga Sand Plains Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Victory Mills Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Wickham Marsh Wildlife Management Area Map
  • Map of Cranberry Creek WMA
  • Map of Dexter Marsh WMA
  • Map of Tug Hill WMA
  • APA GIS connections -  View the APA's Adirondack Map noting ALL wilderness regions.   The map has zoom in focus ability
  • Google Map of Wilderness Regions
  • Adirondack Regional GIS (Graphic Information System)



Outfitters & Guide Services

Visit our local guide services and outfitters before heading out to the Wilds of the Adirondacks


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Emeral Ash Borer PestNYS Department of Agriculture and Markets has announced an emergency regulation expanding the EAB quarantine area to become effective May 1, 2013.   The Park isn't effected YET!!!

Please protect our state's ash timbers!



Tidbits:   While Lake Champlain is 300' above sea level, the highest pond called "Lake Tear of the Cloud" lies more than one mile high on Mount Marcy.  The Park's lakes and ponds are the source for more than 2,000 miles of navigable rivers, fed by more than 30,000 miles of brooks and streams


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