Adirondack Waterfalls

Mossy Cascade Falls, photographed by John Haywood - all copyrights reservedRoaring Brook, photographed by John Haywood Photography - all copyrights reservedSplit Rock Falls photographed by John Haywood Photography- all copyrights reserved

Photos by John Haywood Photography, all rights reserved, visit his shop.  (Pictured left to right:  Mossy Cascade Falls, Roaring Brook and Split Rock Falls)


Adirondack lakes, ponds, and our magical waterfalls make for a wonderful and memorable Adirondack day hike.  The Adirondack Park is a mix of private and public lands (6 million acres).  The backcountry acreage is enormous and the Adirondacks has the largest trails system in the nation with more than 2,000 miles.  Enjoy the glory of hiking the Adirondacks, nature's solitude, unbroken forest, waterfalls, lakes and mountains and take the path less taken.  Focus on your senses.


If you know of a great waterfalls spot, please share with our viewers and contribute your location.   John Haywood did!  Please visit his shop!


  Lake Name Longitude/Latitude Road Town
  Allen Falls (West Branch St. Regis River) 44.6558 / 74.8496   Parishville
  Alice Falls (Ausable River) 44.5191 / 73.4646   Keeseville

Artists Falls (Ausable River East Branch)

44  7.493'N, 73  48.589'W

Ausable Club Road

St. Huberts


Ausable Chasm Falls *

(Ausable River)

44  31.420'N, 73  27.625'W

Route 9



Augur Falls (Sacandaga River) (steep & slippery banks, use caution

43  28.037'N, 74  14.792'W

NY Route 8

Lake Pleasant

  Augerhole Falls - Plunge (West Branch St. Regis River) 44.4205 / 74.5472   Waverly
  Austin Falls (spectacular water show) 43.4999600N, 74.2785800W Old Route 30 Wells
  Basford Falls (segmented, South Branch Grass River) 44.34 / 75.0576   Clare

Beaver Meadows (Ausable River)

44  7.754'N, 73  48.942'W

Ausable Club Road

St. Huberts

  Ben Reed Falls  (Tiered Indian River) 43.3514  /  73.2553   Hebron
  Bishas Falls (West Branch Oswegatchie River) 44.0055 / 75.2552   Croghan
  Blake Falls (Cascades - Raquette River) 44.5023 / 74.7454   Parishville
  Bog River Falls (Tiered - Bog River) 44.1285 / 74.5449   Piercefield
  Brasher Falls (Dam - St. Regis River) 44.8075 / 74.7718   Brasher
  Bray House Falls (East Canada Creek) 43.2747754N, 74.6642548W Powley Road Arietta
  Browns Falls (Oswegatchie River) 44.2132 / 75.0373   Fine

Buttermilk Falls

(Raquette River - fall & swimming hole)

N43  54.887'N, 74  29.043'W

North Point Road

Blue Mountain

  Buttermilk Falls 43.4226 / 73.5876   Fort Ann
  Buttermilk Falls 43.1342 / 74.2958   Mayfield
  Bushnell Falls (Fan, Johns Brook) 44.1454 / 73.8824   Keene
  Carry Falls (Dam - Raquette River) 44.4354 / 74.7466   Parishville
  Cascade Falls (thin falls, drops 40') 43.7783138N, 74.8256812W Big Moose Road Inlet
  Chasm Falls (125' drop Salmon River) 44.7461 / 74.2226   Malone
  Christine Falls (empties local swimming hole) 43.5128021N, 74.3085344W Route 30 Speculator
  Clifford Falls (Tiered, Clifford Brook) 44.2767 / 43.8233   Keene
  Climax Falls (West Branch Ausable River) 44.3489 / 73.8739   Wilmington
  Colton Falls (Cascades - Raquette River) 44.5568 / 74.9388   Colont
  Copper Rock Falls (South Branch Grass River) 44.2887 / 74.9587   Clare
  Death Falls (aka Secret Falls) (Death Stream cascades 70') 43.8136148N, 74.5953824W Route 28 Raquette Lake

Deer Brook Cascade (Deer Brook)

44  9.487'N, 73  47.484'W

NY Route 73

St. Huberts


Dug Mountain Brook Falls

(Difficult hike, 3 sites)




43.6520743N, 74.3880910W

   (Indian Lake Islands)

43.5959927N, 74.3911204W

   (Indian Lake Landing)

43.5824503N, 74.4063647W

   (Rt 30/Jessup River)

Route 30










  Eagglestone Falls (Black Pond Creek) 43.2678 / 73.9521   Corinth
  East Jimmy Creek Falls (Jimmy Creek) 43.4534000N, 74.2335936W Route 8 Wells
  Everton Falls (Tiered - East Branch St. Regis River) 44.673 / 74.4273   Santa Clara
  Falls on Outlet Buckhorn Lake (Fiddler's Pond) - birding area too 43.4288857N, 74.4960501W Route 8 Arietta
  Fairy Ladder Falls  (90'  cascade Gill Brook) - remote bushwhacking 44.0998 / 73.8207 Off Route 73 Keene

Faville Falls (Ransom Creek)

43  6.316'N, 74  48.380'W

Peckville Road


  Flat Rock Falls (25' tiered, South Branch Grass River 44.3184 / 75.0075   Clare
  Glens Falls (60' cascade Hudson River) 43.3052 / 73.642 Route 9 (Bridge)  
  Groff Creek Falls (Groff Creek - series of 3 waterfalls) 43.3123337N, 74.2559280W Country Route 6/Benson Road Hope
  Griffin Falls (East Branch of Sacandaga River) 43.4704125N, 74.2247728W Route 8 Wells

Hanging Spear Falls (Opalescent Creek)

44 6.34'N, 73  59.458'W

Upper Works Rd.

Blue Mountain


Hague Brook Falls (Hague Brook)

43  44.937'N, 73  30.264'W

Route 8


  Hanging Spear Falls (80' horsetail falls on Opalescent River) 44.1019 / 73.9908   Newcomb
  Hannawa Falls (Dam - Raquette River) 44.612 / 74.9743   Parishville
  Harper Falls (Tiered, North Branch Grass River) 44.4351 / 75.0744   Clare

High Falls (Salmon River)

44  42.586'N, 74  10.326'W

Barnesville Road


  High Falls (Tiered, Chateaguay River) 44.9093 / 74.0866   Chateaugay
  High Falls (Tiered, Salmon River) 44.7094 / 74.1724   Bellmont
  High Falls (Oswegatchie River) 44.0687 / 74.9102   Fine
  High Falls (West Branch St. Regis River) 44.467 / 74.6228   Hopkinton
  High Falls (Plunge 70', Saranac River) 44.6325 / 73.7597   Saranac

High Falls Gorge - Main Fall

(Ausable River) includes other falls (Mini Falls, Grand Flume, and Climax)

44 20.937'N, 73  52.442'W

Route 86



High Falls Park (Chateaugay River)

44  54.569'N, 74  5.176'W

Jerdon Road







  Higley Falls (Raquette River) 44.5306 / 74.0319   Colton
  Hulls Falls (15' short falls on East Branch Ausable River) 44.2351 / 73.79 Route 69 Bridge Keene
  Indian Falls (Marcy Brook) 44.1405 / 73.9289   Keene 
  Jamestown Falls (20' tiered off Raquette River) 44.3245 / 74.7154 Off Route 56 (trail) Colton
  Jerden Falls (West Branch Oswegatchie River) 44.0104 / 75.3196   Croghan

Jimmy Creek Falls (Jimmy Creek)

43  27.169'N, 74  14.018'W

NY Route 8

Lake Pleasant

  Kane Falls (70' Cascades off Halfway Creek) Posted 43.4265 / 73.4962   Fort Ann

Kent Falls (Saranac River)

44  41.778'N, 73  36.704'W

Goddeau Road



Lake Colden

44  7.673'N, 73  58.783'

Adirondack Loj Road

Lake Placid

  Lampsons Falls (60' Block, South Branch Grass River) 44.4051 / 75.0714   Clare
  Limekiln Falls (fee for day use to enter campground, go to Site #87) 43.7220437, 74.7921920W Limekiln Lake DEC Campground, Limekiln Road Inlet
  Lindsey Falls (Schroon River) 43.9374 / 73.7413   North Hudson
  Main Falls (35' fan, West Branch Ausable River @ High Falls Gorge) 44.3485 / 73.8743   Wilmington

Mossy Cascade

44  10.025'N, 73  46.280'W

NYS Route 73

St. Huberts

  Mink Pond Brook Falls (Mink Pond Brook) 43.8304 / 74.1474   Minerva
  Monument Falls (6' Rapids off West Branch Ausable River) 44.3117 / 73.9152 Route 86 Wilmington
  Moshier Falls (Tiered, Beaver River) 43.8869 / 75.1196   Webb
  Newton Falls (Oswegatchie River) 44.2147 / 74.9867   Clifton
  Opalescent Flume (Opalescent River) 44.1158 / 73.9727   Newcomb
  Paddy Brown Falls (Paddy Brown Brook) 44.275 / 75.1467   Fine
  Palmer Falls (70' block drop off Hudson River) 43.2492 / 73.8205   Corinth/Lake Luzerne

Rainbow Falls (Ausable River)

44  31.420'N, 73  27.625'W

Route 9


  Rainbow Falls (35' Pludge, South Branch Grass River 44.3066 / 74.9989   Clare

Rainbow Falls (Ausable River)

44  7.105'N, 73  49.774'W

Ausable Club Rd.

St. Huberts

  Rainbow Falls (Raquette River) 44.5168 / 74.8215   Parishville
  Rainbow Falls ( 1 plunge, West Branch Ausable River) 44.3488 / 73.8741 2nd fall of the High Falls Gorge  
  Raquette Falls (Raquette River) 44.145 / 74.324   Harrietstown

Roaring Brook Falls (Roaring Brook)

44  9.025'N, 73  45.617'W

NY Route 73

St. Heberts

  Rices Falls (Dam, Boquet River 44.1623 / 73.6076   Elizabethtown
  Roaring Brook Falls (325' tiered 3 sets off Roaring Brook 44.1505 / 73.7601 Route 73 Keene
  Rockwell Falls (10' off Hudson River) 43.3182 / 73.8427   Hadley/Lake Luzerne
  Rocky Falls (Plunge off Indian Pass Brook) 44.172 / 73.999   North Elba
  Russell Falls (East Branch Ausable River) 44.1523 / 73.7822   Keene
  Sand Lake Falls (Tiered off Woodhull Creek) 43.5587 / 75.0055   Ohio

Shelving Rock Falls (Shelving Rock Creek)  Slides and Cascades

44  33.200'N, 73  36.146'W

Shelving Rock Road

Fort Ann


St. Regis Falls (St. Regis River) (St. Regis Campground)

44  40.407'N, 74  33.023'W

NY Route 11B

St. Regis Falls

  Schroon Falls (rapids off Schroon River) 43.8994 / 73.7483   Schroon Lake
  Sinclair Falls (2 Tiered,25' drop, South Branch Grass River) 44.3381 / 75.0461 Lake George Rd. Clare
  Sliding Falls (Robinson River) 44.0245 / 74.9286   Webb
  Spier Falls (Cascades off Hudson River) 43.2348 / 73.7568   Lake Luzerne

Split Rock Falls (Boquet River)

44  7.436'N, 73  39.497'W

NY Route 73/

US Route 9 Junction

New Russia

  Squaw Brook Falls (private land - see falls from bridge only) 43.7407841N, 74.2952104W Route 30 Indian Lake
  Stair Falls (Cascades of Putnan Creek)   Creek Road Crown Point
  Stark Falls (Tiered off Raquette River) 44.4513 / 74.7671   Parishville

Tennant Creek Falls (Tennant Creek)

44  54.569'N, 74  5.176'W

Hope Falls Road


  The Falls (West Inlet) 44.0776 / 73.8322   North Hudson

The Flume (West Branch Ausable River)

44  21.987'N, 73  50.409'W

NY Route 86


  Touey Falls (Salmon Lake Outlet) 43.9668 / 74.6886   Long Lake
  Union Falls (Saranac River) 44.5073 / 73.9155   Black Brook
  Uphill Brook Falls (Uphill Brook) 44.1039 / 73.9556   Keene
  Virgin Falls (plunge) 43.8278 / 74.1401   Minerva
  Wadhams Falls (Boquet River) 44.2301 / 73.4607   Westport
  Wanika Falls (Tiered, Chubb River) 44.1996 / 74.057   North Elba

Wedge Brook (Ausable River)

44 8.165'N, 73  48.675'W

Ausable Club Rd.

St. Huberts

  West Stony Creek Falls (West Stony Creek) - sm. falls, picturesque hike 43.2551443N/ 74.3469554W Godfrey Road Benson
  Whiskey Brook Falls 43.52668 / 74.38611 Route 30 Speculator

Wilmington Notch (West Branch Ausable River)

44  20.952'N, 73  51.705'W

NY Route 86



Sawmill (Otsquago Creek)

42  53.852'N, 74  49.446'W

NY Route 8




Shelving Rock Falls photographed by John Haywood - all copyrights reservedHague Brook - photographed by John Haywood - all copyrights reserved

 Photographed by John Haywood

                      Shelving Rock Falls                                                                                       Hague Brook


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New York Waterfalls - A Guide for Hikers and Photographers, by Scott E. Brown

Water Fall Challenge

Waterfall Challenge by Hamilton County

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Schroon Falls/Essex Cty.

I-87 X28 N on Rt 9, cross Schroon River, immediate Right on River Road

Northwest Bay Brook/Warren Cty.

Bolton Landing, North on Rt 9N for 6 miles, Park @ Northwest Bay Fishing Access Parking, cross road and walk 1/10 mile, look for Tongue Mtn. Range-Clay Meadow on right side of rd., trails to falls are on left side of rd across from sign

Snook Kill/Saratoga Cty.

North on Rt 9 until readh Rt 36, turn left on Greenfield Rd. and travel .04 miles, pull off area on left (the start of Sankos Rd is on right), see foot path to falls

Beecher Falls/Saratoga Cty.

(wheelchair accessible viewing)

From intersection of Cty. R9 and 4 in Edinburgh, travel .04 miles down North Shore Road/CR 4 to parking on right

Raquette Falls - Hamilton County

(9 miles, RT, easy) DEC outpost, canoe carry trail to upper end of rapids

Jamestown Falls & Moody Falls (easy hike) north of Childwood, 1.5 miles N of Intersection Rte 3 & 56

Olmstead Pond Loop (4.6 miles, RT easy trail), east of Wanakena, greenish-blue color water due to minerals High Falls Loop (15.1 miles, RT, moderate trail), traverses beaver dams and waterfalls, camping area on Oswegatchie River.  South of Wanakena

High Falls Gorge, (admission fee), Wilmington, 518-946-2278


Rocky Falls (48 miles, RT, moderate trail), scenic cascades & swimming hole, Wilmington Calamity Brook to Flowed Land (9.4 miles RT, moderate), route with ponds, brooks, monument.  West of Tahawas

Snow Mountain (3.4 miles, RT, moderate trail), stream, flume, waterfalls, & views, Keene Valley

Cathedral Rocks/Bear Run Loop (4 miles, RT, moderate trail) rugged, passes Pyramid Falls, pools at base of high cliff, Keene Valley Shingle Mills Falls, 10' waterfall on Otter Creek, nice picnic area, Brantingham

Gleasmans Falls (6 miles, RT, easy trail), beautiful series of waterfalls, north of Brantingham Lake

Cathedral Pines

Route 28, west of Raquette Lake

Old Dam Nature Trail (1.2 miles, easy) entrance at State campground, Limekiln Lake Campground

Cascade Lake, (5.4 Miles loop, easy), narrow waterfalls, pond, trail guide avail. at trailhead.  Limekiln Lake Campground

Buttermilk Falls, short walk, nice picnic area, southwest of Long Lake Potholers, interesting section of E. Canada Creek with serious of waterfalls, short walk upstream, north of Stratford Auger Falls, (1 mile, easy), north of Rt 8 & Rt 3 Intersection, Wells
Oregon Trail (2.4 miles, RT, easy), follow old road, picturesque bridge, west of Bakers Mills    

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* Ausable Chasm is one of the oldest attractions in the USA.  The chasm was formed over 500 million years ago in the Cambrian

    period.  They are open from mid May to mid October. 


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