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Discover our Adirondack Lakes and Ponds.  Below are contour maps from the DEC (not for navigation use).  Each are linked with PDF files for your printing use.  For complete details on the lakes, please visit the DEC.  Excellent site worth your complete visit!  Bodies of water marked with * are designated 'fishing' monitored lakes on their Top Fishing Tables.   


Need to know where the boat washing centers area?  Visit Adirondack Lake Alliance to find out where.



  Lake Name Town Location County
  Augur Lake Chesterfield Clinton
  Ballston Lake* Clifton Park Saratoga
  Barnum Pond Brighton Franklin
  Bass Lake*   Essex
  Berry Mill Pond Ticonderoga Essex
  Big Burnt Lake Webb Herkimer
  Big Moose Lake Big Moose Herkimer
  Blue Mountain Lake* Blue Mountain Lake Hamilton
  Bog River Flow Bolton St. Lawrence
  Brant Lake Brant Lake, Horicon Warren
  Buck Pond Onchiota Franklin
  Bug Lake Inlet Herkimer
  Bullhead Pond* Diana Hamilton
  Carry Falls Reservoir Colton St. Lawrence
  Cedar Lake Colton St. Lawrence
  Chazy Lake Dannemora Clinton
  Cheney Pond* Minerva Essex
  Clear Lake* Webb Herkimer
  Clear Pond Brighton Franklin
  Connery Pond* North Elba Essex
  Cossyuna Lake* Argyle Saratoga
  Cranberry Lake Clifton St. Lawrence
  Crooked Lake Webb Herkimer
  Deer Pond*   Franklin
  Eagle Lake* Ticonderoga Essex
  Eaton Lake   Hamilton
  Eighth Lake   Hamilton
  Fern Lake   Clinton
  First Pond Harrietstown  
  Fish Creek Ponds Santa Clara Franklin
  Follensby Clear Pond* Santa Clara Franklin
  Forked Lake* Long Lake Hamilton
  Fourth Lake Lake Luzerne Warren
  Fourth Lake* Webb Hamilton
  Franklin Falls Flow* St. Armand Essex
  Friends Lake Chestertown Warren County
  Glen Lake Glens Falls Warren
  Good Luck Lake*   Hamilton
  Goose Pond*   Essex
  Great Sacandaga Lake*   Hamilton/Saratoga
  Green Pond* Santa Clara Franklin
  Gull Lake Webb Herkimer
  Harris Lake   Essex
  Higley Falls Reservoir Colton St. Lawrence
  Hoel Pond* Santa Clara Franklin
  Horsehoe Pond Schroon Lake Essex
  Horsehoe Pond*   Franklin
  Indian Lake* Indian Lake Hamilton
  Jabe Pond Hague Warren
  Jerseyfield Lake Salisbury Herkimer
  Kiwassa Lake Saranac Lake Franklin
  Lake Adirondack Indian Lake Hamilton


Lake Champlain



Rouses Point, Plattsburgh, Peru, Port Kent, Willsboro, Essex, Westport, Port Henry, Crown Point, Ticonderoga, Whitehall




  Lake Clear* Harrietstown Franklin
  Lake Colby* Harrietstown Franklin
  Lake Durant* Indian Lake Hamilton
  Lake Eaton* Long Lake Hamilton
  Lake George - North Lake George, Hague, Ticonderoga Warren
  Lake George - South   Warren
  Lake Flower* Saranac Lake Franklin
  Lake Lauderdale* Cambridge Saratoga
  Lake Lila* Long Lake Hamilton
  Lake Luzerne Lake Luzerne Warren
  Lake Kushaqua Franklin Franklin
  Lake Placid* North Elba, Lake Placid Essex
  Lake Pleasant* Lake Pleasant, Speculator Hamilton
  Ledge Pond Santa Clara Franklin
  Lewey Lake Speculator Hamilton
  Limekilm Lake* Ohio Hamilton
  Lincoln Pond* Elizabethtown Essex
  Little Long Pond*   Franklin
  Long Lake* Long Lake Hamilton
  Long Pond* Willsboro Essex
  Long Pond Colton St. Lawrence
  Loon Lake Chestertown Warren
  Lost Pond*   Essex
  Lower Brown Tract Pond Long Lake Hamilton
  Lower Cascade Keene Essex
  Lower Chateaugay Lake Bellmont Clinton
  Lower Saranac Lake* Saranac Lake Franklin
  Lower St. Regis Lake* Brighton Franklin
  Mason Lake   Hamilton
  Meacham Lake Duane Franklin
  Moose Pond  Newcomb Essex 
  Moose Pond St. Armand Essex 
  Middle Lake*   Hamilton
  Middle Saranac Lake* Saranac Lake Franklin
  Mirror Lake* Lake Placid Essex 
  Moose Pond*   Essex 
  Moreau Lake* Moreau Saratoga
  Moss Lake Webb Herkimer
  Munson Pond*   Essex 
  Newcomb Lake Newcomb Essex 
  Nicks Lake Webb Herkimer
  North Pond Westport Essex
  Oliver Pond* Schroon Lake Essex 
  Oseetah Lake* Harrietstown Franklin
  Osgood Pond Brighton Franklin
  Owen Pond*   Essex 
  Owbow Lake* Lake Pleasant Hamilton
  Paradox Lake* Schroon Lake/Severance Essex 
  Pharaoh Lake* Horicon Warren 
  Piseco Lake* Piseco Hamilton
  Pine Pond Harrietstown Franklin
  Polliwog Pond Santa Clara Franklin
  Putnam Pond* Ticonderoga Essex
  Rainbow Lake Brighton Franklin
  Raquette Lake* Long Lake Hamilton
  Rat Pond*   Franklin
  Rich Lake Newcomb Essex
  Rock Lake Webb Herkimer
  Rollins Pond Santa Clara Franklin
  Round Lake* Malta Saratoga
  Round Lake Fine St. Lawrence
  Round Pond*   Hamilton
  Sacandaga Lake* Lake Pleasant Hamilton
  Salmon Lake Webb Herkimer
  Sand Lake Webb Herkimer
  Saratoga Lake* Saratoga Saratoga 
  Second Pond Harrietstown Franklin
  Seventh Lake   Hamilton
  Schroon Lake* Schroon Lake, Horicon, Chestertown Essex/Warren 
  Spectacle Pond Schroon Lake Essex 
  Spitfire Lake* Brighton Franklin County
  Sprague Pond*   Hamilton
  Springhill Pond*   Essex 
  South Colton Reservoir Colton St. Lawrence
  South Lake Ohio Herkimer
  South Pond Long Lake Hamilton
  Sprague Pond Indian Lake Hamilton
  St. Regis Pond* Santa Clara Franklin
  Star Lake Fine St. Lawrence
  Stark Falls Reservoir Colton St. Lawrence
  Streeter Lake Fine St. Lawrence
  Stillwater Reservoir Webb Herkimer
  Sucker Lake Fine St. Lawrence
  Taylor Pond Black Brook Clinton
  Thirteenth Lake Johnsburg Warren
  Trout Lake Bolton Warren
  Trout Pond Colton St. Lawrence
  Tupper Lake Tupper Lake Franklin 
  Twitchell Lake Webb Herkimer
  Union Falls Flow Black Brook Clinton
  Upper Cascade Lake North Elba Essex
  Upper Chateaugay Lake Dannemora Clinton
  Upper Saranac Lake* Saranac Lake Franklin
  Upper St. Regis Lake* Harrietstown Franklin
  Vanderwhacker Pond*   Essex 
  Weller Pond Santa Clara Franklin
  West Pine Pond*   Franklin
  Whey Pond* Santa Clara Franklin
  Wolf Pond Webb Herkimer
  Woodhull Pond Webb Herkimer

Tidbit:  Navigation Law of NY, Section 44 says "no person shall operate any pleasure vessel on the navigable waters of this state so as to exceed a noise level of 90 decibels."  That is about as loud as a power lawnmower.


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Essex County

(285 lakes/ponds)

Franklin County

(213 lakes/ponds)

Warren County

Fulton County

(56 lakes/ponds)

Saratoga County

(66 lakes/ponds)

Clinton County

(33 lakes/ponds)

Herkimer County

(273 lakes/ponds)


(53 lakes/ponds)

St. Lawrence County

(205 lakes/ponds)




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