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Angler's Treats


The Angler's Prayer - Lord, give me grace to catch a fish

So big, that I,

When Talking of it afterwards

May never need to lie.



Fishing is truly an experience here in the Park.  There are thousands of streams, hundreds of rivers and lakes.  We are in the progress of building a collection for the Angler visitors; and since there are too many waterways to possibly list, we have our posted our State resources as well.   If you experience some great fishing experiences in the Park, please share your  sources and 'tall tales' with our readers.  GET PUBLISHED with your TALL fishing tale.  Thank you from your fellow fisherman/woman!  We hope to read your folklore of your fishtails soon!  We appreciate reciprocal links  Please patronized our Adirondack businesses, and BOOKMARK our fishing directory as our free complimentary resource.  


Many of the Adirondack Lakes are stocked yearly by the DEC; however, please do remember that ALL of our lakes and rivers are great fishing experiences.  Just because we don't help mother earth with stocking all our lakes and ponds, it doesn't mean she doesn't produce her bounties.  Many of our lakes have state campgrounds for access points and there are many roadside launches, plus our trail system leads to many fine 'fishing holes."  Experience Adirondack's yester year fishing experiences, today, with some hikes, primitive camping and great fishing.   Also, feel free to check out our Pack & Paddle, directory of Lakes, and our Boat Launch Directories.


ESPN aired our our area for their Bass Fishing segments of the Great Outdoor Games.  Our fishy secrets are out! 


Quick Picks:  Bass Stocking Lakes, Carp, Northern Pike, Trout Stocking Lakes, Trout Wilderness Fishing, Panfish, Salmon Stocking Lake, Splake Fishing Lakes, Tiger Muskies, Walleye Fishing Lakes, Lakes by Counties, Waterways (contour maps).  OTHER Big Three RegionsBig Waters, Ice Fishing, Charters & Guides,   Info Centers, Maps & Charts, Outfitters, Other Fishy Stuff and Important Resources.





Adirondack waterways were a vital transportation route of yesterday.  Today, they are just as important as our recreational solace for the anglers in meditation!  Worries and concerns just wash away down river, as the angler casts his/her lines for those Brookies, salmon, smallmouth bass or walleyes winners.  Grab your waders or your canoe, and come our Adirondack rivers and streams.


Be an Livingston adventurer and take your kayak into primitive territory over rapids and calm waters, set up camp and fish for your supper.   Now matter your style of fishing, remember to start out early early for those brookies - say 5:30 am. while they hide inside the pockets, boulder or overhanging banks, and the mouth of tributaries or near the falls, riffs or side of the pools.


Famous places:  The St. Lawrence River offers the world's best carp fishing, and has been proposed for a future site of the World Carp Fishing tournament.  Lake Champlain is famous for their bass, with tournaments by FLW, B.A.S.S. elite ESPN and others.  Lake Champlain has 600 miles of shoreline; and even "Champ" the Lake Champlain monster claimed to have been seen by Samuel de Champlain in 1609 (named after his name sake).  Champ is "5 feet long and thick as a 'man's thigh with silver-gray scales a dagger could not penetrate"   Today, we still look but more realistically, Samuel saw floating logs, schools of sturgeons or black birds flying low for feeding as they often do today on Lake Champlain. 


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West Branch Ausable River - mostly brown trout, special reg's from Mt. of Holcomb Pond of use only artificial lures. "No kill' stretch section open yr.

Ausable River (Main Stem & Lower Main Stem) (Ausable Fork to Lake Champlain)

Saranac River (from Bloomingdale to Franklin Falls Flow) the north branch is great for brown/brook/rainbow trout. Annual stoking of 30K trout

Lower Boquet River (Willsboro toward Lake Champlain and upstream to Wadhams Falls) - landlocked salmon

Hudson River (beware of whitewater rafting) Anglers access Hudson River Gorge @ Blue Ledge from Northwood Club Road & Huntley Pond trailhead.  Where does the Hudson flow? (click here)

Raquette River Impoundments - 9 reservoirs through St. Lawrence County - many corridors, camping spots, launches, 8 reservoirs, accessible via auto, paddlers (some dams & rapids to avoid)

Black River - Tug Hill to Carthage Region, 31 miles (rapids at lower river), 2 reservoirs, 2 dam pools, 2 lakes. 3 tributaries

Black River - 73 miles stocked w/ 11K brown & rainbow trout.  Fly fishing up river, & warm water down river for walleye, small mouth, chain pickerel & pike. St. Lawrence River - best muskie fishing in the world and might be the future World Cup Fishing tournament for carp.
Oswegatchie River - Ogdensburg to Hailsboro w/70 miles of angling for sm. boaters, canoeist of Ssmallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Catfish & Walleyes Franklin County Rivers -  Little Salmon River (stocked with brown trout), Trout River (heavily stocked with browns), Little Trout River (fly fishing for wild brook trout), Salmon River (wild browns up to 20" possible! Stocked w/brown trout) Raquette River - series of eight reservoirs & 30 mile river in 3,170 acres of wilderness (Stark Falls, Blake Falls Reservoir, Five Falls, South Colton, Higley Flow, Colton Flow and Carry Falls)
St. Regis River - Part of the Big 3, this river is oxygenated by the hydro dam at the falls.  An abundance of browns and rainbow trout. Sacandaga River - heavily stocked with brown trout, deep pools, gorge for wild brook trout. Schroon River - stocked 18K rainbow, brown and brook trout, 20 miles and feeds into Schroon Lake (stocked w/10K of lake trout and salmon)
Grasse River - Canton to Massena.  The river is stocked with Smallmouth Bass and Walleyes, great for sm. boaters, Canoeist and Waders

Lake Champlain Tributaries (Boquet, Saranac & Ausable River)  salmon, trout, perch

Chateaugay River  - the upper section from Forge Dam to High Falls is stocked with brook, brown & rainbow trout.
Salmon River - 8 miles of gentle flow.  Great for family.  Brown, wild and rainbow trout.  Little Salmon receives stocking of brown trout & known for its wild browns Marble River - spring feed, w/pools & water pockets for wild rainbow, brown and brook trout. Chazy River - the North Branch is stocked annually w/trout and is first-class waters for brook & brown trout
Beaver River Impoundments - 9 reservoirs and 1 lake in Lewis Cty.  offers scenic setting for smallmouth & tiger Muskie.  Canoe, camping (free map 877-85-orion) Jessep River - flows from Indian receives stocking of brown & brook trout plus Indian Lake is know for its BIG fish Indian River - wide for spin or fly fishers.  Rainbow & brown trout are stocked.  Warning of water release for rafters.

Titbit:    Regulation Change: As of August 17, 2011, the number of allowable lines, with or without a rod, that may be used for angling in freshwater was increased to 3 lines. Where ice fishing is permitted, 3 hand lines plus 5 tip-ups may be used.


Franklin Falls Flow - (access DEC land launch & park near bridge above dam

Lincoln Pond - large mouth, also Tiger muskies & smallmouth bass, access DEC campground

Harris Lake - also northern pike, access state campground

Schroon Lake - rocky areas, and weed beds for pike (restocking 10K/yr w/bass)

Eagle Lake - (small & lg. mouth, and pike), annual stocking of 5K brown trout - access state owned causeway to main basin

Black Lake (Lewis County) - called 'fish factory" and top 10 bass lakes in the country. 

Titbits:  ESPN Great Outdoor Games rates the Adirondack Lakes, as quality bronze-back fishing for smallmount bass.  The season, June to November, offers 1st rate smallmouth fishing in Black Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Chazy Lake, Cranberry Lake, Eage Lake, Forked Lakem, Indian Lake, Lake Bonaparte, Lake Eaton, Lake Lila, Lake Pleasant, Long Lake, Lower Chateaugay Lake, Meacham Lake, Paradox Lake, Pieseco Lake, Raquete Lake, Raquette Reservoirs, Sacandaga Lake, Saranac Chain of Lakes, Schroon Lake, Seventh Lake, St. Regis Chain of Lakes, Tupper Lake, and Union Falls Flow.   Largemouth top rates lakes include Black Lake, Brant lake, Forked Lake, Indian lake, Lake Colby, Lake Bonaparte, Lake Durant, Lincoln Pond, Long Lake, Mason Lake, Mountain View Lake, Paradox Lake, Raquette Lake, Saranac Chain of Lake and St. Regis Chain of Lakes


Carp have inhabited the St. Lawrence River in the past century but are now becoming of interest from the European anglers.  St. Lawrence River offers the world's best carp fishing, and has been proposed for a future site of the World Carp Fishing tournament.  An angler might achieve 10 or more carp a day weighing from 30 to 40 pounds.  Carp is a 100 catch and release experience; but what a work out!    Enjoy the river from Ogdensburg to Massena, or take one of our guides along. 


The St. Lawrence offers great Muskie fishing as well.  It produced the world-record catch by Art Lawton (1957) weighing in at 69 lbs and 16 oz.


Saranac River from Bloomingdale to Franklin Falls

Lake Placid (access DEC launch @ southern end of lake)

East Branch Ausable River (public fishing rights along Keene Valley to Ausable Forks) West Branch Map

Ausable River (Main Stem & Lower Main Stem) (Ausable Fork to Lake Champlain)

Lake Champlain - quality launches in many locations

Hudson River - significant restocking (beware of whitewater rafting).  Upper Hudson can be floated from Newcomb

Paradox Lake - annual 8K rainbow lake restocking (access State campground)  look for lg. mouth bass at the Narrows

Pharaoh Lake Wilderness - access by foot only, 20+ ponds, access Putnam Pond State Campground, Crane Pond Rd or Pharaoh Lake Rd

Lake George 1st rate water for wild lake trout (also salmon, bass, pickerel & Pike) - access at 4 state launches

Chazy Lake - access from Dannemora Boat Launch

Taylor Lake - access at Taylor Pond Campground, Ausable Forks (day fee for using during camping season) + Salmon stocking

Lake Colby - stocked with rainbow and brown trout, also stocked with broodstock salmon.  10 hp limit

Blue Mountain Lake - 2 private launches Rt. 28, or state land north of the lake, Blue Mountain Lake.  Salmon stocking also

Bug Lake - Inlet (state land, fish from all shores, mtn. roads & trails, primitive camping)

Indian Lake - accessible at DEC campground, Route 30, Speculator

Great Sacandaga Lake

(2 counties & many towns w/access areas (stocked rainbow & brown trout, still lg. pop. of salmon, pike, & walleye)

Oswegatchie River (dam below Cranberry Lake) 

Moose River - McKeever area, 2 miles of public land

Glen Lake - offers excellent rainbow trout fishing is well stocked with 4,600!  Use the town launch. Eagle Lake - Small mouth action good around rocky shoreline & island (stocked 5K brown trout).  Use state campground access. Brant Lake - access @ DEC laungh (3K stocked brown trout & 11K rainbow)
Wilcox Lake Wild Forest - 45 ponds and lakes, most require hikes.  Stocked 5K brookies, back country via trails & long hikes but worth it! Black River  (upper river is stocked) Spruce & West Canada Creek (stocked w/brown & brook trout) Spruce is 3.5 hike (part of the W. Canada Lake Wilderness)
Canada Lake - access via West Lake, Rt. 10, Caroga (stocked w/brown trout & lake trout) Upper & Lower Chateaguay Lake - stocked 9K lake trout, 4K rainbow and 2K salmon, access at DEC launch.  Pikes growing to 20 lbs. too Chazy Lake - stocked w/rainbow and sustaining wild population.  Access at Dannemora launch.
Cranberry Lake - stocked with 20K brook trout, and yields brookies over 4 lbs. The Oswegatchie River at its outlet is popular for browns & brookies.    

Titbit:  New York's State fish is "Brookie" or Speckled Trout.   The top sixteen ranked lakes for Lake Trout are:  Blue Mountain Lake, Chazy Lake, Eight Lake, Indian Lake, Lake Eaton, Lake Lila, Lake Placid, Paradox Lake, Piseco Lake, Raquette Lake, Schroon Lake, Seventh Lake, Taylor Pond, Tupper Lake, Upper Saranac Lake, Upper Chateaugay Lake.  Good time to catch 'brookies' are when our waters are 48 to 52 degree range, in the spring.  Watch for drop offs, points or rocky shoals.  Summer time, the lake trout  go deep; and in autumn, they head to the rocky shoals for spawning.



Wilderness Brook Trout

The best brook trout fishing occurs spring & autumn with water temps are cool.  They are easy to find because they inhabit waters close to the shoreline.  


10 tips for wilderness ventures 1) Study maps and guides before venturing out; 2) Develop your wilderness skills by taking short trips first; 3) Engage in a fitness program such as walking several miles a day; 4) Check short & long range weather forecast before heading out; 5) Inform someone of your planned route and return time; 6) SIGN IN at all trail registers; 7)  Carry a map, compass and basic survival gear; 8) Beware of giardia, carry your water or use a filtering system; 9) Travel as lightly as possible; and 10) Travel with a companion.   If you get lost, stay PUT!


Fish Creek - Brantingham at public fishing designated areas

The Big Three (St. Regis Canoe Area*, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness and W. Canada Lake Wilderness)

Cold Brook, Salisbury - public access on state land

West Canada Lake Wilderness, remote area covering 160K miles and 50 ponds and lakes, the ultimate in Adk. brook trout ventures

St. Regis is the state's only designated canoe area w/focus on non-motorized water recreation and protection of fishery resources

Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, gentle topography, twenty ponds and full of scenery.  Access:  Crane Pond Rd, Pharaoh Lk. Rd. or Putnam Pond State Campground

Big (Jenny) Creek - Fine (prime trout fishing stream)

Grass River (south branch) at DeGrassee, Tooley Pond & Brothers Pond (prime trout fishing areas)

Little Tupper Lake - heritage brook trout that descended from lakes 12K years ago
Lake George Wild Forest (47 ponds & lakes) holding wild trout, popular are Fishbrook and Bumps Ponds.  Access requires hiking Fawn Lake - wild lake trout, shore fishing and also smallmouth bass & pickerel, access via foot Five Pond Wilderness - remote experience for brook trout, bordering Cranberry Lake this area has a well marked trail system

Titbit:  Top ranked waters for rainbow trout:  Brant Lake, Chazy Lake, Eighth Lake, Glen Lake, Lake Colby, Lake Eaton, Lake Placid, Lake Pleasant, Paradox Lake, Sacandaga Lake, Seventh Lake, Upper Chateaugay Lake and Upper Saranac Lake.  See our Lake maps.


Northern pike, the top of the food chain, are found in many of our lakes and are trophy size.  They like weedy areas and early morning produce the best catch.   In cold conditions, a slow presentation is best; while summer they strike.   Found in many lakes, and our best top reported lakes are:  Black Lake, Eagle Lake, Lake Bonaparte, Long Lake, Meacham Lake, Mountain View Lake, Saranac Chain of Lakes, St. Regis change of lakes, Union Falls and Upper Chateaugay Lake.


The northern's cousin is Chain Pickerel.  The fight as fierce, but are smaller in size, and summer is the best time for these fella's found in Brant Lake, Lake Pleasant, Piseco Lake and Sacandaga lake.


All our lakes hold a variety of pan fish easily caught on the shoreline, bridges, campgrounds and boat launch which makes introducing your young ones to fishing a fun experience for them.  The old fashion worm, or jib and bobber will keep the young one's busy (age 1 to 99).   Black crappies, bluegill, bullhead, yellow perch, pumpkinseeds, and rock bass.


Ausable River (Lower Main Stem) (Ausable Chasm to Lake Champlain) Access Rt. 9 bridge crossing or campground

Lower Boquet River (Willsboro toward Lake Champlain and upstream to Wadhams Falls)

Schroon Lake - access from state & town boat launches

Upper Chateaugay Lake  (DEC boat launch @ Rt. 374, Merrill), also stocked with lake trout

Lake Eaton (DEC campground, Route 30, Long Lake) also holds wild salmon, and is stocked w/rainbow trout.

Saranac River - best tributary for salmon; good fishing near the river's mouth.

Titbits:  Top waters for landlocked Salmon noted by the DEC, are Blue Mountain Lake, Chazy Lake, Eight Lake, Lake Colby, Lake Eaton, Piseco Lake, Schroon Lake, Seventh Lake, Taylor Pond, Upper Chateaugay Lake.  "Salmo salar" is the scientific name Atlantic Salmon, are found grouped near shore areas (points, blow down shorelines and tributaries).  Summer, they move deeper as they are thermocline (temps between 58 and 62 degrees).  In fall, it is best to seek them in tributary mouths.


Meacham Lake - state campground off Route 30, Lake Clear (day fee in season)

Limekiln Lake Meacham Lake - idea of fishing/camping experience (also holds brown trout, northern pike, smallmouth bass & yellow perch)
St. Regis Pond    

Titbits:   Splake fish (a cross between speckled brook trout and lake trout) run 5 to 6 lbs. that enjoy rocks, shoreline drop offs, shore lines cover and tributary mouths.  


The Tiger Muskies are a cross between northern pike and muskellunge, and the DEC has been stocking recently.  Muskies are great fighters and a challenge to the angler.  The like to prowl prime feeding areas in the weed lines, shoreline drops, points and mid reefs.   Cast for largemouth bass, and you'll be sure to get a portion of these fighting tigers.  DEC stocks Lake Durant, Lincoln Pond, Horseshoe Pond and Raquette Reservoirs currently.



Walleye Stocking

Franklin Falls Flow (access DEC land launch & park near bridge above dam

Fern Lake - public access off Narrows Road, Ausable Forks (shoals & islands too)

Union Falls Flow - flow is shallow & rocky, navigation difficult, access off launch at Union Falls Road

Lake Pleasant - town boat launch in the Village of Speculator, or Cherry Brook off Cty. Rt 11 (brown & lake trout stocking also)

Rivers great for Walleye are:  Black River, Grasse River, Oswegatchie River and Raquette River Tupper Lake - fisheries believe trophy Walleye live here. 

Titbit:  The BEST TASTING species of them all, and available May through autumn.  Walleye like rocky points, mid-lake shoals, deep-water holes and shoreline drop offs.  The best crowd of them are in the Raquette Reservoirs, but other lakes such as Franklin Falls Flows, Black Lake, Lake Pleasant, Sacandaga Lake, Tupper Lake and Union Falls Flow are good finds.



ICE FISHING - "cold" 



Winter offers some of the BEST fishing!  Many towns have annual fishing derbies to bring in the competitive catch spirit.  Three most popular winter designations are Lake Champlain, Lake George and the St. Lawrence River.  Other top ice fishing waters are Black Lake, Brant Lake, Chazy Lake, Lake Bonaparte, Lake Clear, Lake Colby, Lake Eaton, Meacham Lake, Piseco Lake, Schroon Lake, Seventh Lake, Tupper Lake, and Upper Chateaugay Lake.  However, there are dozens of smaller lakes offering outstanding winter angling.  Visit our link to " (see below) for complete pond/lake list and contour mapping.  Not all lakes are open to ice fishing, please check regulations.


Annual Ice Fishing Derbies are held annually on:  Adirondack Lake (Indian Lake, NY), Caroga Lake, Chazy Lake, Cranberry Lake, Lake George (Bolton, NY), Lake Colby (Saranac Lake, NY), Lake Pleasant, Loon Lake, Schroon Lake, Tupper Lake, and Raquette Lake.


Ice Fishing Season:  Dec. to April

Available Species:  Northern Pike, Walleyes, Tiger Muskies, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Landlocked Salmon and panfish

Visit our local bait shop, DEC offices or Chambers of Commerce to verify ice conditions, and update info on derbies and Fishing Reg's


Winter offers some of the BEST fishing!  Many towns have annual fishing derbies to bring in the competitive catch spirit.  Three most popular winter designations are Lake Champlain, Lake George and the St. Lawrence River.  Other top ice fishing waters are Black Lake, Brant Lake, Chazy Lake, Lake Bonaparte, Lake Clear, Lake Colby, Lake Eaton, Meacham Lake, Piseco Lake, Schroon Lake, Seventh Lake, Tupper Lake, and Upper Chateaugay Lake.  However, there are dozens of smaller lakes offering outstanding winter angling.  Visit our link to " (see below) for complete pond/lake list and contour mapping.


Annual Ice Fishing Derbies are held annually on:  Adirondack Lake (Indian Lake, NY), Caroga Lake, Chazy Lake, Cranberry Lake, Lake George (Bolton, NY), Lake Colby (Saranac Lake, NY), Lake Pleasant, Loon Lake, Schroon Lake, Tupper Lake, and Raquette Lake.


Ice Fishing Season:  Dec. to April

Available Species:  Northern Pike, Walleyes, Tiger Muskies, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Landlocked Salmon and panfish

Visit our local bait shop, DEC offices or Chambers of Commerce to verify ice conditions, and update info on derbies and Fishing Reg's




The BIG 3

St. Regis Canoe Area

Pharaoh Lake Wilderness

West Canada Lake Wilderness




St. Regis Canoe Area

The St. Regis Canoe area is located in the southern Franklin County.  The designated area covers 18K acres and includes 58 bodies of water.  This area holds brook trout, lake trout, splake, landlock salmon and rainbow trout.  The canoeist can enjoy a half day trip to a two week trip and they enjoy the popular trips of Seven Carries and Nine Carries.  Franklin County has a unique wild Windfall Brook Trout that are centuries old and put up a feisty fight to the serious angler.  Check our list of guides to assist you, and a little delightful story of yester-years by Author Charles Hallock


Pharaoh Lake Wilderness

Assessable by foot only!  The best Adirondack 'remote' experience.  The region includes Pharaoh Lake (10 miles), Bear Pond (5 miles), Crane Pond (6.2 miles); overall 60 ponds with an intricate trail system to keep the explorer busy all summer.  Great wilderness brook trout!  The 'brook trout' or "brookies" signifies the essence of the Adirondack wilderness.   The best fishing occurs in the spring and fall when water temperatures are cool.  The more one travels inward, the better fishing.  Popular access points are from Putnam Pond State Campground, or Crane Pond Road, or Pharaoh Lake Road.


West Canada Lake Wilderness

Enjoy the ultimate of remote with 160,000 acres and over 50 ponds and lakes.  Many sections remain unmarked.  Hamilton County is the county with the most acreage per person in the Adirondacks.  So please have serious wilderness skills or hire one of our Adirondack Guides.  



Wilderness Reports

Other great hiking/fishing trips






The Big Waters" of our region are St. Lawrence River, Lake Champlain and Lake George.  National reputation for superior fishing and outstanding scenery.  Maps: (Northern Lake George, Southern Lake George, Lake Champlain, St. Lawrence River).


St. Lawrence River - The St. Lawrence River is called the country's "most majestic river"  because of their scenic islands, sunsets, river size and impressive currents.  The Best "Muskie" fishing in the world is on the St. Lawrence and the future of World Cup Fishing tournament for carp is being pondered.  Visitors frequently catch 15 or more carp a day!   In 1957, the river produced the world record muskie at 69 lbs 15 oz.  Delicious Walleye , Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass are also impressively high.   Don't forget that the St. Lawrence River is also home a wide range of bird population.  So bring your rod and binoculars, both..


Lake Champlain - has been sometimes called the "Sixth Great Lake" as it reaches 120 miles from Whitehall NY to Province of Quebec.  600 miles of New York/Vermont shoreline and 70 islands, and home to "Champ".   Champlain has 'two-storey" fisher of warm and  cold water species, and is stocked with 700,000 trout and salmon annually.  Species include  Lake Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Northern Pike, Perch, Catfish, an Walleye to name a few.


Lake George - coined the "Queen of American Lakes" with 31 miles of sparkling water, 200 islands which includes 3 state campgrounds with 400 campsites.  Available species on Lake George include Lake Trout, Landlocked Salmon (34,00 annual stocking), Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Chain Pickerel.   There are other pan fish varieties such as yellow perch, rock bass, black crappies, brown bullheads, and pumpkinseeds.





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Information Centers

Fishing licenses are available in most towns & city clerks office

(click here for list of towns)

Franklin County Tourism

10 Elm Street Suite 2



Hamilton County Tourism

Route 8 & South Shore Road

Lake Pleasant


Lake Placid/Essex County Visitors Bureau

2610 Main Street, Lake Placid


Lake Champlain Visitors Guide


Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau 7061 St. Route 9, Plattsburgh


Adirondack Regional Tourism Council

Lewis County Tourism

7383-C Utica Boulevard



Plattsburgh/North Country Chamber of Commerce


St. Lawrence Chamber of Commerce

101 Main Street, Canton


Warren County Tourism

1340 Route 9


Adirondack Regional Tourism Council

West Chazy


Town of Webb Info Center

3140 Route 28

Old Forge



  " Contour Maps, Fishing Blog

Essex County

(285 lakes/ponds)

Franklin County

(213 lakes/ponds)

Warren County

Fulton County

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Saratoga County

(66 lakes/ponds)

Clinton County

(33 lakes/ponds)

Herkimer County

(273 lakes/ponds)


(53 lakes/ponds)

St. Lawrence County

(205 lakes/ponds)



Adirondack Lake Survey

Fishing Hot Spots Maps

Nautical Charts by Nat'l Ocean Service

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DEC Public Fishing Rights Maps



DEC Fishing & Hunting Hotline




Charters & Guide Service

True North Guiding



Mike's Charter Fishing

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Lake George

Adk-Champlain Guide Service Willsboro


Stillwaters Guide Service

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Whiteface Guide Services

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Light Line Adventures

Lake Placid, NY

518- 523-1186

McDonnell's Adirondack Challenges

Saranac Lake


Birchbark Tours

Saranac Lake


Grey Ghost Guide Service

Saranac Lake

518- 891-6089

Bear Club Adventure Tours

Lake Placid


Northwood's Wilderness Guide Service

 Schroon Lake


Outlaw Charters & Ultimate Predator Guide Service



Sportsfishing Charters

"Lake George Fishing"


Complete Guide Service Listings

Fort Noble Adirondack Adventures

Cold Brook


Blue Line Sports

81 Main Street, Saranac Lake


Highliner Charter Fishing


Northway Adirondack Guides & Charters

2469 Ridge Road, Queensbury


Titbit:  Lake Champlain has been coined the "Sixth Great Lake" with waterways extending for 120 miles from Whitehall to Quebec, nearly 600 miles of shoreline and 70 islands.  Lake Champlain has "two storey" fishery of warm and cold water species.  Species like largemouth & small mouth bass, northern pike, chain pickerel, walleye, yellow & white perch, catfish, melt, lake & brown trout and landlocked salmon.  Natural fishing is enhanced by 700K annual stocking of trout and salmon.


 Raquette River Outfitters

Jones Outfitters

Lake Placid 


St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

Lake Clear

518- 891-1838

Blue Mountain Outfitters

Blue Mountain Lake


Fran Betters' Adirondack Sport Shop Wilmington


Ausable River Sports Shop Wilmington

518- 946-1250

Hungry Trout Fly Shop



Maui North Ski, Bike & Surf

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Adirondack Pioneer Outfitters & Guide Service

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LeepOff Cycles

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The Mountaineer

Keene Valley

Dimon Sports Speedskating

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Ausable River Sport Shop


Adirondack Sport Shop


Eastern Mtn. Sports
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St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

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High Peaks Cyclery

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High Falls Gorge Adventure Center


Kindred Spirits Adirondack Outfitters, Olmstedville


Barkeater Bicycles

Saranac Lake


Blue Line Sports Shop

Saranac Lake


Smiths Taxidermists Saranac


Complete Guide Service Listings


Other Fishy Stuff


Adirondack Sport Shop

Fan Betters



Ausable River Sports Shop

Route 86



Blue Line Sports

81 Main Street

Saranac Lake


C&S Bait & Tackle

4649 State Route 3



Essex County Fish Hatchery

Fish Hatchery Road

Crown Point


G Stephen Enterprise (Fish farm)

Graham Road



Gordon's Marine Tackle & Archery

Route 3

West Plattsburgh


Hungry Trout Fly Shop

Route 86



Jones Outfitters Ltd

2733 Main Street

Lake Placid


Lake Champlain Fish Company

362 Lake Street

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Manley Lobster & Seafood

1785 Military Turnpike



Martin Fish Preserve

157 Town Line Road

West Chazy


Norm's Bait & Tackle

Lake Champlain Bridge

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Pat's Bait & Tackle

3616 NYS Route 9N

Crown Point


Poorman's Paradise

9 George Mason Road

Crown Point


Richard's Grocery Bait & Tackle

71 Johnson Ave



Worm Warehouse

Flynn Road




Titbit:  Of all the Adirondack Lakes, Black Lake in Ogdensburg, NY has been among the top ten bass lakes in the country, coined "fish factory" or "angler's paradise.)  44.4975N 75.6151W



Important Resources


NYSDEC Region 5

(Southern Areas Franklin, Essex, Hamilton, Warren, Fulton, Saratoga and Washington Counties)
Ray Brook (518) 897-1200

Sub office:  Northville 518-863-4545

Warrensburg 518-623-1200

NYSDEC Region 6

(Northern Areas St. Lawrence, Lewis, Herkimer, Jefferson and Oneida Counties)
 Watertown 315-785-2263

Sub offices:  Potsam 315-265-3909  Herkimer 315-866-6330 

Lowville 315-376-3521

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Adirondack Outdoor & Taxidermy



North Country Taxidermy & Trading Post, Keene


Marinas (see our waterway postings)

Warren County Fishing Guide

Lake George Fishing Alliance


NYS DEC Fishing & Hunting Hotline



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