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Coon Mountain, west of Westport - Photography by well-known Adirondack Photographer, Carl Heilman, Wild Visions Inc., Route 8, Brant Lake, NY - cc


Westport Business Directory

Westport 4411′02″N 7326′08″W 


The Town of Westport NY has some outstanding beauty.   Westport is located on Lake Champlain at its Northwest Bay.  It is said that President Theodore Roosevelt bottled Westport's spring water to bring to the White House.  Perhaps Roosevelt was being friendly to Westport, but town continues to be one of the Adirondack's friendly towns.  By the mid-nineteen century, Westport was a fashionable resort town and often posted in the NY Times and Boston Press.  Today, one of New York's past Governors enjoys an Essex Adirondack getaway on the shores of Lake Champlain.  So perhaps Roosevelt was correct! 


Westport's early history tells us that the town was founded by William Gilliland in 1764.  He originally named the town "Bessboro".  The town of Westport was finally established in 1815.  Westport had a village, but that was abandoned in 1992.  Westport is home to Camp Dudley (founded in 1885) and has a hamlet called Wadhams.  It is said that Westport is the birthplace of the Adirondack Chair.  The Essex County Fairgrounds have been added the National Register of Historical Places.  The Depot Theatre (founded in '79) is the only professional theatre in the Adirondacks with a 136 seat capacity.  Their annual gala is very special!


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Area Code


  Adirondack Harvest PO Box 338 Westport 962-4810
  Adirondack Polo Club 1040 Stevenson Road Westport 572-9391
  Adirondack Science Twin Valley Road Westport 962-4763
  Adirondack Veterinary Hospital 264 Goff Road Westport 962-4311
  Adirondack Waste Management Inc.   Westport 962-4304
  Aerobie Fields Pottery 171 Merriam Forge Road Westport 962-4590
  AJ Services 662 Ledge Hill Road Westport 962-2070
  Alternative Answers Inc. Lewis Wadhams Road Westport 518-962-4538
  Amtrak Station Route 9N Westport 800-872-7245
  Arts Council for the Northern Adirondacks 6 Champlain Ave Westport 962-8778
  Atea Ring Gallery 236 Sam Spear Road Westport 962-8620
  Ausable Valley Fuel Oil   Westport 962-8870
  Auto Services of Plattsburgh      
  Ballard Park  Foundation (Summer concerts) Washington Street Westport  
  Ballard Park Concert Series/Ballard Park Foundation Main Street Westport 962-4072
  Barber Homestead RV Park 68 Barber Lane Westport 962-8989
  Barnett Properties 20 Old Arsenald Road Westport 962-4312
  Bessboro Gifts & Clothing Boutique 6472 Main Street Westport 962-8281
  Bluespot Studio 735 NYS Route 22 Westport 962-8522
  Bobby's Boxes   Westport 962-4304
  Camp Dudley - YMCA 126 Dudley Road Westport 962-4720
  CD Trucking 1248 Ledge Hill Road Westport 962-8393
  Cerfside   Westport 962-4891
  Chamber of Commerce for Westport Check out the fun events!    
Chamber of Commerce (other)      
  Champlain Area Trails (CATS) 6482 Main Street Westport 962-2287
  Champlain National Bank  6478 Main Street Westport 962-8126
  Champlain Valley Conservation Partnership   Westport 962-2287
  Champlain Valley Milling 6679 Main Street Westport 962-4711
  Chazy Westport Communications 2 Champlain Ave Westport 962-8211
Churches of the North Country      
  Club Nautico of Westport Marina   Westport 962-8356
  Computer Aid 191 Post Road West Westport 203-221-2633
Coon Mountain      
  Coon Mountain Nature Preserve/The Nature Conservancy Halds Road Westport 576-2082
  Cornell Coop Ext, 4-H Youth Programs 3 Sisco Street Westport 962-4810
  Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue 7556 NYS Route 9N Westport 962-8512
  Creative Paint 1167 Ledge Hill Road Westport 962-2043
  Crooked Brook Studios 154 Sayre Road Westport 962-4386
  Dacy Meadow Farm 7103 NY Route 9N, PO Box 323 Westport 962-2350
  Decker Designs 157 Youngs Road Westport 962-2309
  Depot Theatre Gallery, The 6705 Main Street Westport 962-4449
  Dragon Press 10 Champlain Ave Westport 962-2346
  Eddy Foundation   Westport 962-4762
  Ernie's Market 12 Champlain Ave  Westport 962-4469
  Essex Community Church   Westport 962-2772
  Essex County Co-Op Extension 3 Sisco Street, #1 Westport 962-8328
  Essex County DPW 3 Sisco Street Westport 873-3666
  Essex County Fair 3 Sisco Street Westport 962-8650
  Everybody's Super Market Route 22 Westport 962-8350
  Family Fun      
  Farmer's Markets      
  Field's Auction Service 7337 NYS Route 9 Westport 962-4445
  Fire Towers      
  Flower Designs by Tracey 6592 Main Street Westport 962-2000
  Fun for the Family      
  General Composites Inc. 6588 Main Street Westport 962-4573
  Hello Gorgeous 129 Champlain Ave Westport 962-4519
  Horse Barn   Westport 962-4808
  Hospitals & Health Centers      
  Inn Book Store, The 1234 Stevenson Road Westport 335-1966

In the Field Consulting (Architectural History/Preservation)

896 Ledge Hill Road



  Interior Designers      


  K& D Deli Inc. 6474 Main Street Westport 962-8000
  LeBistro at the Westport Yacht Club 44 Old Arsenal Road Westport 962-8777
  Ledge Hill Studio 1167 Ledge Hill Road Westport 926-2043
  Maple Sugaring      
  Marinas in the Park      
  McGee's Towing and Recovery 116 Lake Shore Road Westport 962-4783
  Meadowmount School of Music 1424 County Route 10 Westport 962-2400
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  MLM Insurance 192 Champlain Ave Westport 962-4467
  Mobil Station 7341 NYS Route 9 Westport 962-4797
  Mountain Lake Service 6994 NYS Route 9 Westport 962-8801
  Natural Resources Conservation 67 Sisco Street Westport 962-8335
  New York State Police (non emergency) 7426 State Route 9 Westport 873-2750
Nichols Pond   Westport  
  Normandie Beach Club 96 Furnace Point Lane Westport 962-4750
  Normandie Beach Club Public Beach Furnace Point Lane Westport  
  North Country SPCA 23 Lake Shore Road Westport 962-8604
  North Country Welding & Repair 2211 Lewis Wadhams Road Westport 962-4804
  North Pond   Westport  
  North Water PO Box 205 Westport 962-4869
  Orkin N Main Street Westport 962-2330
  Overtime Photography 60 Sisco Street Westport 412-2712
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Philomena D Boat Tours 20 Washington Street Westport 962-4356
  Pink Pig, The 661 Route 22 Westport 962-8833
  Real Estate      
  Relocation Tools      
  Rent-A-Wreck 20 Washington Street Westport 962-4356
  Rock Climbing      
  Rolling Hills Farm Maple Way Westport 962-4800
  Sharprock Corp. 1016 NYS Route 22 Westport 962-4869
  Ship's Store at Marina 20 Washington Street Westport 962-4356
  Skifrance Camp Normandie 95 Furnace Point Road Westport 962-4750
  Snow & Snowmobiling      
  Spas & Health      
  SPCA  23 Lake Shore Road Westport 962-8604
Split Rock Mountain Wilderness (3,700 acres) - Map      
  Spooner's Ideal Garage 6685 Main Street Westport 962-4455
  Societies & Organizations      
  Ss Stephens 88 Barksdale Road Westport 962-4948
  St. Philip Neri Church 66 Pheasant Street Westport 518-962-8610
  Suburban Propane 591 NYS Route 22 Westport 518-962-8298
  Taylor Tree Care Nursery & Greenhouse 187 Youngs Road Westport 962-4986
  Taylored Wallpaper 123 Wadham Heights Lane Westport  
  Treadwell T Computer Line 6708 Main Street Westport 962-2986
  Treadway Mountain   Westport  
  U-Haul 6708 Main Street Westport 962-8552
  US Post Office 9 Harris Lane Westport 962-4498
  W.M. Marvin & Sons Funeral Home 7521 Court Street Westport 873-6713
  Wadhams Fire House 775 NYS Route 22 Westport 962-4367
  Wadhams Free Library 763 NYS Route 22 Wadhams 962-8717
  Wadham's United Church of Christ 2569 County Route 10 Wadhams 962-8823
  Web Royce Swamp -  Map   Westport  
  Westport Airport (12NK) private 5976 Route 9N Westport 962-4591
  Westport Bible Church 24 Youngs Road Westport 962-8247
  Westport Central School 25 Sisco Street Westport 962-8244
  Westport Chamber of Commerce PO Box 394 Westport 962-8383
  Westport Country Club Golf 49 Country Club Way Westport 962-8283
  Westport Federated Church 6486 Main Street Westport 962-8293
  Westport Heritage House (community center) 6459 Main Street Westport  
  Westport Health Clinic 6097 NYS Route 9N Westport 962-2313
  Westport Library Association Washington Street Westport 962-8219
  Westport Marina 20 Washington Street Westport 962-4356
  Westport Self Storage and Apartments 6708 Main Street Westport 962-8500
  Westport Shakespeare-in-the-Park Festival   Westport 962-4892
  Westport, Town of      
  • Judicial, 962-4419
  • Landfill, 962-2005
  • Town Clerk, 962-8360
  • Town Shed, 962-4877
  • Sewer Plant, 962-4486
  • Supervisor, 962-4419
  Westport Trading Company 6511 Main Street Westport 962-4801
  Westport Veterinary Hospital  Main Street Westport 962-8228
Westport Walking Tour 692-8383
  Westport Wandering Trail    Westport  
  Whallonsburg Grange Hall 1610 NYS Route 22 Whallonsburg 962-4386
  Yellow Type Pages of Basic Services in the Park Services for relocation    


We love to show off our lakes, and our own Adirondack Photographer, Carl Heilman, does it so well, that we couldn't resist showing them off!    Camp Dudley, excellent!



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Photography by Carl Heilman @

















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