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Schroon Lake/North Hudson Business Directory

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Schroon Lake, NY is enjoyed by many folks as the 'day tripping area'.  Visitors and residents enjoy taking a day trip to other beautiful places in the Adirondacks, only to come home to another beautiful playground.   Schroon Lake is a lake town, with its beautiful 9.1 mile lake that it protects so well, and shares with visitors with two public boat launches and quaint downtown community.  The outdoor's person can also find 60 bodies of water and 128 miles of trails in the Schroon Lake Region.  Below are local business in the Schroon Lake Region (including North Hudson, Paradox, Severance) that you may find helpful.   Please explore. 


Short History Lesson - Schroon Lake is reported to have been named after the wife of Paul Scarron, a French wit and dramatist.  She was later famous as Madame de Maintenon and as the wife of Louis XIV.  Learn about Scaroon Manor.  Schroon Lake hosts the hamlets of Loch Muller, Paradox, Schroon River Loop, Severance and South Schroon; as well as Hoffman Notch Wilderness and Vanderwhacker Wild Forest.

Also brought to you is Schroon's sister, North Hudson NY which shares the school system and many events in Schroon Lake.  North Hudson has 266 residence!  Charming hub of the Adirondacks for those wishing peace & quiet but convenience of the Adirondack amenities.  North Hudson has some wonderful beauty of the high peaks that compete with Keene & Keene Valley for its mountain peaks!


If you are a local business provider, and have a service or product that may help our visitors, please so we can post your business (FREE of charge!)     Please patronized our Schroon Lake regional businesses.  Listings posted with an are "Facebook" friendly.   By sharing, we better our world.  We appreciate reciprocal links! Thanks!


A       AREA CODE 518
  A Cut Above Tree Service   Schroon Lake 523-2410
  A & K Trucking Inc. 124 River Road Schroon Lake 532-0131
  A 2 Z Rocks & Mineral Shop Co. (by appt. only) 1098 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7900
  Adirondack Appraisals 1093 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-2100

Adirondack Buffalo Company (video)

3187 Blue Ridge Road

North Hudson 532-9466
  Adirondack Charley Company 662 Charley Hill Schroon Lake  
  Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. 1098 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7900
  Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. / Auction HP Office 2918 US Route 9 North Hudson 532-9323
  Adirondack Docks   Paradox 222-8092
  Adirondack General Store Red Wing Road Adirondack 494-4408
  Adirondack Home Watch 881 East Shore Drive Adirondack 518-796-1603
  Adirondack Log Works 1316 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-9473
  Adirondack Marathon Association     888-SCHROON
  Adirondack Mobile Shredding 50 Hemlock Drive Schroon Lake 532-7614
  Adirondack Mortgage Service 1081 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-0005
  Adirondack Organics 213 US Route 9 Schroon Lake  
  Adirondack Shakespeare Company 8728 State Route 9 Schroon Lake 326-THOU
  Adirondack Rustic Gallery 727 Charlie Hill Road Schroon Lake 532-0020
  Adirondack Ski Tours   Schroon Lake 532-1635
  Adirondack Trailer Sales 1346 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7352
  Adirondack Trout Fly Fishing Guide P.O. Box 446 Schroon Lake 532-9745
  Adirondack Trailways (Bus)     800-858-8555
  ADK Transcription Service 30 Old Schroon Road Schroon Lake 420-8441
Adoption Reports Consultation 14 Pine Lane Schroon Lake 532-9585
  AGC Printing & Design Inc.   Schroon Lake 532-7516
  Avon (Lori Decker) 1064 US Route 9 Schroon Lake  

Baldwin ADK LP - Mountain Meadows

(16 Units)

PO Box 542

Schroon Lake


  Banks & Money Handlers      
  Bassrock (Luthier) 528 Hayes Road Schroon Lake 681-6114
  Biking in Schroon (pdf file)      
  Blue Ridge Painting, Jim Kutz   Schroon Lake 239-898-1204
  Bobcat Sports 977 Elwood Ave Schroon Lake 532-7322
  (Woodworking/wood carving)   Schroon Lake 532-0514
  Bowers Logging   Schroon Lake 532-9236
  Brozzetti, Palma (photographer) Greenough Road North Hudson 301-602-8523
  Caza & Associates P.O. Box 132 Schroon Lake 532-7496
  Chamber of Commerce (Event schedule) Leland Ave Schroon Lake  
  Chambers (Other local chambers)      
Christopher Church Mouse Ministries Pine Lake Schroon Lake 824-1248
  Coast to Coast Salon 7914 State Route 9 Pottersville 494-0096
  Community Church Parsonage 1086 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7770
Coonradt, Raymond (Electrical contractor) Schroon Lake 532-9105
  Corner Hardware Route 9 Pottersville 494-2055
  Crowfoot Pond Trail   North Hudson  
  Curtis Lumber 1314 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7994
  Danke LLC PO Box 733 Schroon Lake  
  Dave Price Wood Working Route 74 Paradox 585-9281
  Dave Whitty Sales (Tractor/chain saws) Route 74 Severance 532-7253
  Decker, Lori - Avon Main Street Schroon Lake 532-9435
  DeMarsh, Gary (Building services)   Schroon Lake 532-7969
  Di Zalia (Brake service/auto) Route 74 Severance 532-7865
  Dix Mountain   North Hudson  
  Dusty Rhodes Antiques and Wood 1454 Charley Hill Road Schroon Lake 532-9555
  Eagan's Auto & Marine Upholsterers 1346 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7352
  East Shore Schroon Lake Association PO Box 406 Chestertown  
  Everyday-Ceramics 2442 Hoffman Road Schroon Lake 532-9370
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Family Fun      
  Farmer's Markets      
  FHG Systems (computer consultants) PO Box 234 Schroon Lake 532-7593
  Fire Towers      
  Fishing & Waterways      
  (Boat builder/craftsman/artist)   Schroon Lake 532-7962
  Friends of the Schroon Lake Library PO Box 253 Schroon Lake 532-0521

Gary's Guide & Charter Service

Giant Mountain Studio 1094 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 351-5043
Glens Falls National Bank & Trust (ATM) Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7121
  Gokey's Trading Post & Auction Services 2918 US Route 9 North Hudson 532-9323
  Topp's Family Market 1103 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7885
  Head to Toe Massage Therapy Saw Mill Road Schroon Lake  
  Hello Beautiful Salon Main Street Schroon Lake 532-9212
Hikers Hut / Northwood Wilderness Guide Main Street Schroon Lake 532-9745
Hospitals/Centers - other areas
  Hough Peak Mountain   North Hudson  
  Internet Timeshare Resources 1098 US Route 9 Schroon Lake  
  JDM Custom Impressions 188 Old Schroon Road Schroon Lake 321-1877
  J&L Automotive 203 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-0253
  Judy A. Smith Painting 48 Cedar Hill Schroon Lake 532-0608

750 Charley Hill Road Schroon Lake  
  Kelly Funeral Home Main Street Schroon Lake 532-7177
  Lake Paradox Club PO Box 125 Severance 532-7734

Laker-Takers - the Fishing Skipper

  Schroon Lake 973-432-2306
  Lakeside Manor Senior Housing (24 units) 300 Fowler Ave Schroon Lake 532-0515
  Lakeside Video Main Street Schroon Lake 532-7480
  Lakeview Storage LLC (Boat, RV, car, snowmobiles) 1320 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-9735
  Larry Shield Excavation Contractor   Schroon Lake 532-9972
  Little Pretiola's 1346 Charley Hill Road Schroon Lake  
  Loon Lake Ridge Stables (Horse back & snowmobile rentals)   Chestertown 494-5168
  Macomb Mountain   North Hudson  
  Main Care Auto Repair Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7938
  Maple Sugaring      
  Marsden's Sandblasting 3948 US Route 9 North Hudson 532-7224
  Marsden Pit 3942 US Route 9 North Hudson  
  Marinas in the Park      

McPhillips/Wood Agency (Insurance)

1094 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 866-532-7880
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Mount Severance Store Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7585
  Mountain Lake Service 129 Tip Top Road Schroon Lake 532-9393
  Mountain Lake Service 8 Riley Drive Schroon Lake 532-9788
  Mountain Lake Service 12 Cross Street Schroon Lake 532-7341
  Mountain Meadows 14 Leland Avenue Schroon Lake 532-0144
  Mountain Petroleum 40 Industrial Park Schroon Lake 532-7968
  Mountain View Liquidators Route 9 North Hudson 532-9323
  Mountainside Christian Academy 165 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7182
  Mountainside Bible Chapel 165 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7128
  Mt. View Photography 151 Pepper Hollow Road North Hudson 532-0299
  977NINE LLC Arts 977 US Route 9 Schroon Lake  

Natural Stone Bridge & Caves

(Rock shop & tour)

Stone Bridge Road Pottersville 494-2283
  North Country Towing & Repair 2671 Hoffman Road Schroon Lake 532-9892
  North Hudson-Ironville Loop Trail    North Hudson  
  North Hudson, Town of:      
  • Clerk, 532-7666

  • Court, 532-0587

  • Highway Dept., 532-7630

  • Landfill, 532-0030

  • Supervisor, 532-9811

  North Woods Bread Co. 1079 US Route Schroon Lake 532-0220
  NYNE Hosting Inc. PO Box 488 Schroon Lake 810-3735
  Olowan LLC 1041 Charlie Hill Road Schroon Lake  
  One Trick Pony 887 Charley Hill Road Schroon Lake 532-7086
  OurAdks Inc. (public community center) Main Street Schroon Lake  
  Our Lady of Lourdes Church 1114 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7100
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Paradox Lake (Contour map)      
  Parker Law Office Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7167
  Paradis Logging Hoffman Road Schroon Lake 532-9604
  Perfect Pitch Piano Technology 11 Continental Drive Schroon Lake 222-0214
  Pine Cone Mercantile  1079 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-0220
  Pyramid Life Center Pyramid Road Paradox 585-7545
  Railways & Transportation      
  Real Estate      

Red Horse Antiques & Collectables

Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-9092
  Relocation Tools      
  Rock Climbing      
  Rocky Acres Sewing & Alterations Trout Brook Road Schroon Lake 532-9709
  Rodick Farm Machinery 347 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7724
  Round Pond & Lindsay Brook Trails   North Hudson  
  Safety Environmental Health Services PO Box 757 Schroon Lake  
  Saint Andrews Episcopal Route 9 Schroon Lake 494-3314
  Samurai Virtual Tours 1098 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 888-478-8360
  Schroon Lake      
  • Airport 4B7 , Alder Meadow Road
  • Chlorination Plant, 518-532-0604
  • Town Clerk 532-7737
  • Supervisor 532-7737
  • Golf Club, 532-9359
  • Parks Water, 532-0137
  • Tax Collector, 532-7737
  • Transfer/Recycle, 120 Alder Meadow Rd., 532-9813
  • Justice Court, 532-0569
  Schroon Lake (contour map)      
  Schroon Lake Antiques 1072 Main Street Schroon Lake 532-7202
  Schroon Lake Arts Council Dock Street Schroon Lake 532-9259
  Schroon Lake Association P.O. Box 5 Schroon Lake 532-7957

Schroon Lake Business/Commerce Park

Industrial Drive Schroon Lake 532-7734
  Schroon Lake Camps Route 9 Schroon Lake  
  Schroon Lake Central School 1125 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7164
  Schroon Lake Community Church 1098 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7770
  Schroon Lake Fire/Emergency Squad 28 Industrial Drive Schroon Lake 532-7711
  Schroon Lake Golf Club 36 Club House Drive Schroon Lake 532-9359
  Schroon Lake Guide   Severance 532-7637
  Schroon Lake Health Center Fairfield Street Schroon Lake 532-7120
  Schroon Lake Laundromat 1065 Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-9435
  Schroon Lake Marina 3 Marina Road Schroon Lake 532-7884

Schroon Lake-North Hudson Snowmobile Club

PO Box 140 Schroon Lake 532-9347
  Schroon Lake Massage & Wellness Center 11 Alder Meadow Road Schroon Lake 351-0048
  Schroon Lake Nutrition Site 1108 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-0179
  Schroon Lake Pharmacy 1081 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7575
  Schroon Lake Central School Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7164
  Schroon Lake Public Library 15 Leland Avenue Schroon Lake 532-7933
  Schroon Lake Self Storage 1087 Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7933

Schroon Lake Massage & Wellness Center

11 Alder Meadow Road Schroon Lake


  Schroon Lake Marina 3 Marina Road Schroon Lake 532-7884
Schroon Lake Wine & Spirit Shoppe 977 US Route 9 Schroon Lake
  Schroon Lake Senior Citizens 1108 Main Street Schroon Lake 532-7755
Schroon Lake Sunoco  1567 Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-0102
Schroon Laker - a fun Internet Blog
Schroon Lake 973-897-7177
Schroon-North Hudson Historical Society 1144 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7615
Seagle Music Colony 999 Charlie Hill Road Schroon Lake 532-7875
Sculptures by Frank US Route 9 Schroon Lake 800-45-ARTS1
Snowmobile Trails in Schroon (pdf file)
Societies & Organizations
South Dix Mountain North Hudson
Southwoods Children Camp Route 74 Paradox 532-7717
Stewart's Shop 412 Main Street Schroon Lake 532-9095

Stone Bridge & Caves Park

 (Caves & rock shop)

Stone Bridge Road



Square Dancing (Schroon Lake Chamber) July to August 7-9 (Free) Schroon Lake
Strand Theatre 1102 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-9300
  Steve Jung Architecture Services Charley Hill Road Schroon Lake 916-847-7105
  Sugarbush Farm (pork/chicken/eggs) 40 Continental Drive Schroon Lake 532-9539
  The Bait Shop 1095 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 956-4542
  Town Store, The 1089 State Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-9954
  True North Yoga 1073 Route 9 Schroon Lake 810-7871
  U S Post Office 2940 US Route 9 North Hudson 532-9355
  U S Post Office 1097 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7644
  Upstate Agency 1072 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-7396

Valley House Senior Residence

Leland Ave Schroon Lake 532-9501
  Veren Services, Inc. 164 Trout Brook Road Olmstedville 869-2146
  Van Gorp Construction & Counseling Services   Schroon Lake 532-7694
  Viking Electric Route 9 Schroon Lake 532-9432
  Wescott Water Sports LLC Parasailing Schroon Lake 532-9700
  Willy's Custom N Rod 2941Route 9 North Hudson 812-6996
  World of Life Fellowship Inc. 210 Registration Way Schroon Lake 518-494-6000
  Word of God (Non-denominational Church) Main Street Schroon Lake 532-0210
  Wright Peak Mountain   North Hudson  
  Yellow Type Pages of Basic Services Services for relocation    
  Yunhuis Blue Ridge Beauty 2767 Blue Ridge Road North Hudson 532-9894




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Tibits:  Enjoy Schroon Lakes annual Adirondack Marathon (26 miles of beautiful run), or their annual Folk Festival, Hobby Fair and even a fun kick-off for the summer season 'Opening Ceremonies'.  The Bed Races are a blast!   Other events like street dances, floatillas, farmer markets, and culture at  Seagle Music Colony and the theater events at the Boat House.  Check out the calendar of events through the Chamber!


Try your fishy luck on Schroon Lake while you visit!

Notes from the editor:

Nine miles long, motorized lake, and stocked well, Schroon Lake offers smallmouth and largemouth bass action in the summer (check out the rocky shores or deep waters, or the weedy areas for largemouth bass!).  The Northern Pike have been the best ever (check out the weedy areas).  The DEC have been socking our lake annually with lake trout and landlocked salmon (or Salmo salar).    Summer or winter, Schroon Lake provides sport for the angler.  The lake has two public boat launches (Glendale Road, Horicon and Dock Street, Schroon Lake).  Schroon Lake has been rated among the top lakes for:  Bass, trout, and salmon. 

Our bordering neighbor to the northeast is Pharaoh Wilderness area (one of the Big Threes) with great primitive camping, hiking and fishing!  A true fisherman/woman must check out one of the Big 3's ... at least once in a lifetime.  Our accommodations are comfortable (fancy to basic), our shops friendly, and our cultural activities a joy to attend.   Schroon Lake Chamber coins the town as "day tripping' area.   Day trip to Lake Placid, or Lake George, but return to a great home-away from home here in Schroon Lake.  Check out the Chamber's site for a full list of events.  A new blog site has arrived for Schroon Lake.  Check out the good works of  Get the local scoop direct!


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