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  Photography by well-known Adirondack Photographer, Carl Heilman, Wild Visions Inc., Route 8, Brant Lake, NY - cc


Village of Saranac Lake Business Directory

4419′34″N 747′51″W


The Village of Saranac Lake rest in two counties (Essex & Franklin) and three towns (North Elba, Harrietstown and St. Armand).  Saranac Lake is a shared resource in the term of "Tri-Lake Area" -- a sister communities of Lake Placid and Tupper Lake.  We encourage you to visit all of the Tri-Lake communities for their beautiful lakes and rich traditions.  Check out the history of Saranac Lake.  Most homes in Saranac were built prior to 1940 when Saranac Lake was a major tuberculosis treatment center.  First settled in 1819, the village has 170 buildings on the National Historic Register and is best known for its "Cure Cottages."   Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau came to treat tuberculosis in 1884 and founded the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium.  For the next 60 years, Saranac Lake became the foremost center for treatment in the region.  Famous people came for more than a cure, but for a vacation.  Even Mark Twain spent time on Lake Flower, Albert Einstein had a summer home, Calvin Coolidge were frequent visitors.  Garry Trudeau, creator of the comic strip Doonesbury, grew up in Saranac Lake, and Paul Newman film debut of the "Silver Chalice" was in Saranac Lake in 1954.  Composer Bela Hartok spent summers on the lake and produced some of his best works.  It continues to bring visitors from afar.  One of their popular events is the Winter Ice Carnival.



Today, Saranac Lake is coined "The All American City" because of its diversity.  Below are local businesses in the Saranac Lake Region that our visitors and residents may find as a helpful resource.   Please explore.  If you are a local business or organization, and have a service/product that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park, please  so we can post your business (FREE). We appreciate reciprocal links  Listings posted with an are "Facebook" friendly.  Please patronized our businesses, and visit the special feature of the businesses. By sharing, we better our world.  


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A       Area Code 518
  A.F.E. Nuisance Wildlife Control   Saranac Lake 524-5240
  ACE Hardware - Coakley High Peaks 622 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-8161
  ACR International Inc. (Appraisal) 42 Edgewood Road Saranac Lake 891-6772
  Adirondack Artist Guild Art Gallery 52 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-2615
  Adirondack Bank 60 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-2323
  Adirondack Beading PO Box 412 Saranac Lake 891-5188
  Adirondack Carousel Inc., The 2 Depot Road Saranac Lake 891-9521
  Adirondack Concierge & More   Saranac Lake 524-5881
  Adirondack Design 30 Riverside Drive Saranac Lake 891-5224
  Adirondack Economic Development Corporation 67 Main Street Suite 200 Saranac Lake 891-5523
  Adirondack Explorer 36 Church Street Saranac Lake 888-888-4970
  Adirondack Drafting Services 98 Rockledge Lane Saranac Lake 891-4126
  Adirondack Farmer's Markets Lake Flour Bakery Saranac Lake 946-7642
  Adirondack Festival of American Music PO Box 562 Saranac Lake 891-1057

Adirondack Gourmet Candle

  Saranac Lake 891-0493
  Adirondack Green Circle 44 Fawn Street Saranac Lake 891-0182
  Adirondack Lake & Trails Outfitters 541 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-7450
  Adirondack Leadership Expeditions 1490 Country Route 60 Onchieta 891-3060
  Adirondack Loon Conservation Program 7 Brandy Brook Ave, Suite 204 Saranac Lake  
  Adirondack Kids R U 3 Brandy Brook Ave Saranac Lake 891-6060
  Adirondack North Country Assoc. 67 Main Street, Suite 201 Saranac Lake  
  Adirondack Park Pet Hospital 150 River Street Saranac Lake 892-4360
  Adirondack Outdoor News 54 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-2600
  Adirondack Regional FCU (Credit Union)      
  Adirondack Regional Airport Air Operations, Lake Clear Road Saranac Lake 891-4600

Adirondack Scenic Railroad

(Also see railroad)

Saranac Lake Union Depot

Saranac Lake


Adirondack Soy Candles 75 Lakeview Terrace Saranac Lake 524-8787
Adirondack community Base Trails & Lodging System (ACTLC) 624 Lake Street Saranac Lake 891-5915
Adirondack Trailways (Bus) Hotel Saranac Bus Depot - 101 Main Street Saranac Lake 800-858-8555
  Adirondack Transmission 92 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-7374
  Adirondack Videography 27 Virginia Street Saranac Lake 637-8272
  Adirondack Wood Working/Landscaping 22 Shepard Avenue Saranac Lake 637-2066
  Adinorth Structures   Saranac Lake 304-1513
  Advanced Auto Parts 622 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-5872
  Agency Insurance Brokers Inc. 545 Lake Flower Saranac Lake 891-1101
  Agway Energy Products 15 St. Lawrence Street Saranac Lake 891-1515
  Alice Vera Photography 55 Jenkins Street Saranac Lake 837-7199
  American Management Association Trudeau Road Saranac Lake 891-1500
  American Red Cross - North Country Chapter 41 Broadway Saranac Lake 897-5090
  American Village 28 Bloomingdale Ave Saranac Lake 891-2150

American Village Dry Cleaners &


51 Bloomingdale Avenue

Saranac Lake


  Amerigas 52 Church Street Ext. Saranac Lake 891-3172
  Ampersand Garden Boat Shop John Munn Road Saranac Lake 891-4780
  Ampersound 152B Main Street Saranac Lake 891-3114
  Ann's Cutting Edge 52 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-5658
  Art Galleries - Dealers & Consultants 74 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-2615

Autumn Brook Massage

75 Lakeview Terrace Saranac Lake 354-8047


  Banks & Money Handlers      
  Baptist Chapel Lake Colby Saranac Lake 891-5473
  Barkeater Bicycles 49 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-5207

Bartok Cabin (Hungarian composer

Bela Bartok spent summers)


Saranac Lake


  Bear Essentials Apparel 97B Main Street Saranac Lake 891-8191
  BBQ Route 86 Raybrook 891-0777
  Big D Fuel 37 St. Larence Street Saranac Lake 891-1900
  Binding Threads 66 Old Military Road Saranac Lake 819-3353
  Blue Line Sport Shop 82 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-4680
  Bluseed Studio 24 Cedar Street Saranac Lake 891-3799
  Books & Baskets 196 Olive Street Saranac Lake 891-9694
  Boot Bay Motor 255 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-8498
Bordeau Fabrication Forest Home Road Saranac Lake 891-7328
Boushie & Associates (CPA) 1 Stevenson Lane Saranac Lake 891-1754
Broadway Video 20 Woodruff Street Saranac Lake 891-5680
Bus Depot @ Hotel Saranac Saranac Lake 800-858-8555
  Cadwell, Christ, Painting & Insulation 70-72 John Peria Road Saranac Lake 891-7354
  Cali Girls Spray Tanning PO Box 1212 Saranac Lake 414-1528
  Cape Air 96 Airport Road, Suite 2 Saranac Lake  
  Carcuzzi Car Care Center 174 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-8109
  Cascade Builders 1230 Pine Street Saranac Lake 891-8123
  Casier Furniture 15 Bloomingdale Ave Saranac Lake 891-2400
  Cedar Street Warehouse 37 Cedar Street Saranac Lake 891-3799
  Chambers (including calendar of events)      

Charles Dickets Wildlife Museum

Saranac Lake Free Library

Saranac Lake


  Charter One Bank 55 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-2900
  Chikadees (Pottery & gifts) 77 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-4804
  Church of Saint Luke 136 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-1612
  Church of the Ascension Saranac Inn Saranac Lake 891-4778
  Church Street Enterprises (cleaners) 66 Woodruff Street Saranac Lake 891-5364
  Cinderella's 44 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-4431
  Club Saranac Fitness Center 16 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-6463
  Coakley High Peaks Ace Hardware 622 Lake Flower Avenue Saranac Lake 891-8161
  Cold River Coffee Company 46 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-9398
  Colorado Fleece Company 67 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-3910
  Coin Dent, The 77 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-8422
  Comstock Books and Art (Appraiser also) Trudeau Road Saranac Lake 891-9009
  Cresent Bay Inc. 4901 State Route 3 Saranac Lake 891-2060
  Crossroads Catholic Community 136 Main Street Saranac Lake 353-2587
  Darrah, Wayne Auto Body 71 Bloomingdale Ave Saranac Lake 891-0041
  Dave's Audio & Video 43 Woodycrest Road Saranac Lake 891-1862
  DeChantal Apartments Inc. 60 Church Street Saranac Lake 891-4004
  Dewey  Mountain Ski Center Route 3 Saranac Lake 891-2697
  Dining in the Lake Placid Region      
  Dorsey Street & Main St. Exchange 52 Dorsey Street Saranac Lake 891-8020
  Dotty's Hometown Taxi 217 Prospect Ave Saranac Lake 891-6586
  Duso's Boat Rentals Route 3 Saranac Lake 891-2060
  Early Dawn Confections 1527 State Route 86 Saranac Lake 354-3055
  Elegant Events Done Wright LLC 224 Ampersand Ave Saranac Lake 524-7645
  Emerald Springs Ranch 651 State Route 186 Saranac Lake 891-3727
  Eventful Impressions 95 Branch Farm Road Saranac Lake 651-1622
  Evergreen Auto Center Lake Colby Drive / Route 86 Saranac Lake 891-1690
  Fact & Fiction Bookshop 14 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-8067
  Family Fun      
  Farmer's Markets      
  Finnigan T F 78 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-1820
  Fiorile, Financial Advisory Group 126 Kiwassa Road Saranac Lake 891-3290
  First Presbyterian Church of Saranac Lake 57 Church Street Saranac Lake 891-3401
  Fogarty Lake Flower Marina 33 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-2340
  Forest Home Furnishings 141 River Street Saranac Lake 891-6692
  Forever Bridal LLC PO Box 412 Saranac Lake  
  Fortune Studio 71 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-1139
  Franklin County Tourism     800-709-4895
  Fun Spots      
  Furnace Mt. Firewood 33 Winona Avenue Saranac Lake 518-524-6955
  Fusion Market 111 River Street Saranac Lake 891-2095
  Goldmine, The Bloomingdale Road Saranac Lake 891-8422
  Golluscio, Charles (Chiropractor) 8 Saint Bernard Saranac Lake 891-1933
  GO Automotive Service 24 Woodruff Street Saranac Lake 891-4750
  Goody Goody's 16 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-9070
  Golf in the Park      
Harrietstown Housing Authority 14 Kiwassa Road, Suite 1 Saranac Lake 891-3050
Hi Peaks Ford (Rentals) 891-5560
Hi Peaks Wine & Spirits 251 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-0400
Hickok Boat Livery Route 30 Upper Saranac Lake Saranac Lake 891-0480
High Peaks Animal Hospital Route 86 Ray Brook 891-4410
High Peaks Church 97 Will Rogers Drive Saranac Lake 891-3255
Historical Saranac Lake (Preservation) 89 Church Street Saranac Lake 891-4606
HoboFest Saranac Lake Union Depot Park Saranac Lake 354-1927
Holland Meads Consulting 349 Lake Flower Ave Saranac lake 354-8038
Hospitals & Health Centers
  Hotaling, James, AIA AICP 348 Lake Street Saranac Lake 891-4969
Hulbert Tri-Lake Supply John Munn Road Saranac Lake 891-3141
  IMAGinE Compassion PO Box 115 Saranac Lake  
  J C Penney 38 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-4040
  Janie's for Hair 81 Lake Street Saranac Lake 891-5341
  John T. Ward Studio PO Box 282 Saranac Lake 891-4534
  Judi's Computer Support 41 St. Bernard Street, 2nd Floor Saranac Lake 891-7224
  K & E Enterprises Saranac Lake 38 Broadway Saranac lake 891-4040
  Ken White Air Services Adirondack Airport Saranac Lake 891-0250
  Kids "R" Us Preschool 138 River Street Saranac Lake 891-6060
  Kiwassa Lake (Contour map)      
  Knights of Columbus 4th Degree 175 Lake Street Saranac Lake 891-4606
  Knit 2 Together 88 Church Street Saranac Lake 891-0680
  Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 3357 173 Broadway Saranac Lake  
  Lake Flour Bakery 23 River Street Saranac Lake 891-7194
  Lake Flower Nice & Easy 615 Lake Flower Ave Saranac lake 891-7246
  Lake Placid Health Center 45 Church Street Saranac Lake 523-1717
  Lakeview Deli 137 River Street Saranac Lake 891-2101
  Lavigne's Taxi 4 Adirondack Road   891-2444
  Leading Edge Lake Street Saranac Lake  
  Lichtenwalter Furniture Refinishing   Saranac Lake 891-0454
  Little City Hair Cutters 62 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-6342
  Liz Company (Salon) 78 Main Street Saranac Lake  
  Lonesome Landing (Yarn, books, pet food) 36 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-4555
  Lost Pond Press 50 Cliff Road, Unit #4 Saranac Lake 891-3198
  Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity Rectory Church Saranac Lake 891-5262
  Maddens Garage Towing & Recovery 187 River Street Saranac Lake 891-1100
  Mail Boxes Etc. 18 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-5577
  Major Plowshare Army Navy 28 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-7214
  Maple Sugaring      
  Marinas in the Park      
  Mark Kurtz Photography 36 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-2431
  Martina's European Skin Care 103 Main Street Saranac Lake 523-7546
  Maurice Unisex Beauty Salon 7 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-1555
  McCarthy's Garage Lake Clear Road Saranac Lake 891-1703
  Methodist First United Church 19 Church Street Saranac Lake 891-3473
  Meyer's 69 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-1766
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Moonstone Farm & Forest 1281 NYS Route 3 Saranac Lake 891-5757
  Monro Muffles & Brake Service 163 River Street   891-6270
  Mountain Gift & Power Company 14 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-4206
  Mountains In Motion Dance Project 30 Bloomingdale Ave Saranac Lake 891-9085
  Murphy's Cleaning Service 212 County Route 55 Saranac Lake 891-5399

NBT Bank

2 Lake Flower Ave

Saranac Lake



NCCC College Store

23 Santanoni Avenue

Saranac Lake



NCCC Saint's Women & Men's Soccer

23 Santanoni Ave

Saranac Lake


New Russia Cultural Center

71 Helen Street

Saranac Lake



Newman & Holmes Paint, Glass & Flooring

56 Woodruff Street

Saranac Lake



Nori's Village Market (organic)

65 Main Street

Saranac Lake



Norris Village Market Inc.

68 Main Street

Saranac Lake


North Country Behavioral Healthcare

Network Services

126 Kiwassa Road

Saranac Lake


North Country Christian Center

212 Lake Flower Ave

Saranac Lake


North Country Community College

Book Store

20 Winona Ave

Saranac Lake


North Country College

Saranac Lake


North Country Helicopters

Adirondack Regional Airport

Saranac Lake



North Country Home Inspections

5 Garden Street

Saranac Lake



North Country Rent to Own

200 Broadway

Saranac Lake



Northland Auto Supply Inc.

124 Main Street

Saranac Lake



Northern Lights School

57 Church Street, PO Box 228

Saranac Lake



Northland Napa Auto Parts

151 Main Street

Saranac Lake



NorthWine Fine Arts

36 Broadway

Saranac Lake


NY Woodworker

16 Van Buren

Saranac Lake


  NYS DEC Camp Colby 90 Camp Colby Road Saranac Lake  
  Old Iron Tattoo 70 Main Street Saranac Lake 320-0192
  Olympic Finishers Inc. Lake Clear Road Saranac Lake 891-5563
  Olympic Tree & Land Management 1006 State Route 86 Saranac Lake 891-5060
  Onsite Computer Service 72 Woodruff Street Saranac Lake 891-5000
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Paint & Palette PO Box 965 Saranac Lake 891-0125
  Passion Project Distro (book store) Main Street, PO Box 555 Saranac Lake 524-2141
  Paul's Cake Studio 8 Fawn Street Saranac lake 637-8460
  Peace of Mind 138 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-8119
  Pendragon Theatre 15 Brandy Brook Ave Saranac Lake 888-701-5977
  Petite Salon 70 Main Street, Suite D Saranac Lake 891-1856
  Philip Town Barber & Style 76 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-0748
  Piece by Piece Studio 36 Broadway Saranac Lake  
  Pink (Clothes & accessories) 5 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-4042
  Plattsburgh Motor Service Saranac Lake 37 Woodruff Saranac Lake 891-3030
  Post Office Pharmacy 61 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-2233
  Princess Pine Gift Shop Sara Placid Road Ray Brook 891-5170
  Precision Cuts 15 Academy Street Saranac Lake 891-5477

Railways - Scenic Depot from

Saranac to Lake Placid

Depot Street

Saranac Lake


  Real Estate      
  Red Canoe Antiques

1495 State Route 3

Saranac Lake 897-8228
  Regina's Hair Studio 77 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-5952
  Relocation Tools      
  Rent A Center 622 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-2121
  Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage Stevenson Lane Saranac Lake 800-347-1992
  Roberts Sport Center of Saranac Lake 3611 Silver Lake Road Saranac 293-6673
  Rock Climbing      
  Romano's Saranac Lanes (bowling) 11 Bloomingdale Avenue Saranac Lake 891-8301
  Rice Furniture 43 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-4170
  Rick's Taxi   Lake Placid 523-4741
  7444 Gallery 28 Depot Street Saranac Lake 282-4743
  St. Bernard's Church 19 St. Bernard Saranac Lake 891-4646
  St. Bernard's School 63 River Street Saranac Lake 891-2830
  St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center 159 Glenwood Drive Saranac Lake 891-3950
  St. Regis Canoe Outfitters 73 Dorsey Saranac Lake 891-1838
  Saranac Lake, Upper (Contour Map)      
  Saranac Lake, Middle (Contour Map)      
  Saranac Lake, Lower (Contour Map)      
  Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce 193 River Street Saranac Lake 891-1900
  Saranac Lake Area Youth Program PO Box 234 Saranac Lake  
  Saranac Lake Baptist Church 490 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-5473
  Saranac Lake Chiropractic 30 Woodruff Saranac Lake 891-1326
  Saranac Lake Civic Center   Saranac Lake  
  Saranac lake Central School District 6459 State Route 30 Lake Clear  
  Saranac Lake Discount Liquors 49 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-4104
  Saranac Lake Emporium 29 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-9364
  Saranac Lake Farmers Market 23 River Street Saranac Lake 891-7194
  Saranac Lake Fish & Game Club Bloomingdale Road Saranac Lake 891-2560
  Saranac Lake Florist 16 Academy Street Saranac Lake 891-1163
  Saranac Lake Free Library 109 Main Street Saranac lake 891-4190
  Saranac Lake High School 99 LaPan Highway Saranac Lake  
  Saranac Lake Kiwanis Club PO Box 1076 Saranac Lake 891-6525
  Saranac Lake Marina Lapan Highway / Route 3 Saranac Lake 891-1370
  Saranac Lake Public Library 100 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-4190

Saranac Lake Police Department

 (non emergency #)

1 Main Street

Saranac Lake


  Saranac Lake Quarries Bloomingdale Road Saranac Lake 891-0236
  Saranac Lake Rotary PO Box 628 Saranac Lake  
  Saranac Lake Sheet Metal Co. Bloomingdale Road Saranac Lake 891-2391
  Saranac Lake Summer Concert Series @ Berkeley Green Saranac Lake  
  Saranac Lake Winter Carnival PO Box 829 Saranac Lake 800-347-1992
Saranac Lake Women's Civic Chamber PO Box 761 Saranac Lake
Saranac Lake Young Arts Association PO Box 1130 Saranac Lake
Saranac Lake Youth Center 29 Woodruff Street Saranac Lake 891-5846
Saranac Lanes Broadway Saranac Lake
  Saranac Village 1 Will Rogers Drive Saranac Lake 891-7117

Search and Rescue of the Northern


PO Box 1116

Saranac Lake


  Sears Hometown Store 65 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-2208
Senior Set Hair Care 1 Will Rogers Drive Saranac Lake 891-7077
Seventh-Day Adventist Church 44 St. Bernard Street Saranac Lake 891-6130
Scotts Florist 17 Woodruff Street Saranac Lake 891-4436
Sears 65 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-2208
Sharper Image 25 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-5519
Small Fortune Studio 76 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-1139
Snapshot Photo Saranac Lake Inc. 34 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-0099
Snow Activities
Snow Trail Conditions
Societies & Organizations
Spencer Boat Works 956 Route 3 Saranac Lake 891-5828
  Stanley Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Cadillac Inc. 178 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-5501
Studio 30 Salon 30 Petrova Avenue Saranac Lake 354-5049
Susan Camp Studio PO Box 691 Saranac Lake 891-2615
Sweet Nothing Saranac Lake 891-7322
Sweet P's 67 Broadway Street Saranac Lake 891-6733
Swift Supply Company 202 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-6111
Swiss Marine Inc Duprey Street Saranac Lake 891-2130
Sylvia's Tailoring Shop 126 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-3140
  Talk of the Town (radio) 159 Santanoni Avenue, PO Box 211 Saranac Lake 891-3636
  Tender Care Tot Center 1 Adirondack Street Ray Brook 891-6245
  The Community Store in Saranac Lake 97 Main Street Saranac  Lake 354-8173
  The Goldmine Route 3 / Bloomingdale Road Saranac Lake 891-0347
  The La Group PC 15 Trillium Way Saranac Lake 891-6101
  The Local Fringe 70 Main Street Saranac Lake 772-3771
  The Sugar Shack Desser Company 2567 Main Street Saranac Lake 523-7540
  The WearHouse 135 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-8135
  Trading Post @ Fish Creek Ponds   Saranac Lake 891-0467
  Tri Lake Center for Independence 43 Broadway, Suite 1 Saranac Lake 891-5294
  Tri-Lakes Federal Credit Unit 197 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-1666
  Tri-Lakes Ford Inc. Sara Placid Highway Ray Brook 891-5560
  Tri-Lakes Humane Society 255 George Lapan Memorial Highway Saranac Lake 891-0017
  Tri Lakes OB GYN 2249 State Route 86, Suite 4 Saranac Lake 891-5077
  Trudeau Institute Day Care 20 State Road Saranac Lake 891-9248
  Tupper Lake National Bank 195 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-3817
  Turn 3 Repair 107 Lake Street Saranac Lake 891-2982
  Twin D Automotive 55 Church Street Saranac Lake 891-6451
  Two Horse Trade Company 15 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-4055
  Union Depot (Built in 1904, scenic railroad) 19 Depot Street Saranac Lake 891-0111
  Upstate Auto Chrysler Plymouth Dodge 469 Broadway / Route 86 Saranac Lake 891-1211
  Upstate Vinyl Graphics  14 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-0059
  Walking Tour (call for map)   891-1990
  Wareham-Delair, AIA 132 Bloomingdale Ave Saranac Lake 891-2360
  Warehouse, The 135 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-8135
  Warm Up The Workplace Inc. 112 Turtle Pond Road Saranac Lake 891-9276
  Weather Report     523-1363
  Willy Nilly 167 River Street Saranac Lake  
  Windy Knoll Farm 72 Raybrook Road Raybrook 891-4286
  Wireless Zone of Saranac Lake 622 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 891-7300
  White Pine Designs 30 Broadway Saranac Lake 891-1181
  Woods N Waters 40 Ledge Lane Saranac Lake  
  Woodhill Electric LLC 1149 NY State Route 86 Ray Brook 891-3600
  Woodward Boat Shop 2 Hanmer Ave Saranac Lake 891-3961
  Y Gallery 83 Main Street Saranac Lake 891-1522
  Yellow Dog Cakes 289 Lake Street Saranac Lake 637-7838
  Yellow Type Pages of Basic Services Services for relocation    
  Your local Concierge 119 Franklin Street Saranac Lake 891-3542
  Zdak Studios 24 Cedar Street Saranac Lake 637-7838



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