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Webb/Old Forge/Inlet Business Directory

4346′4″N 7456′41″W


The Town of Webb encompasses six working hamlets (Beaver River, Big Moose, Eagle Bay, Old Forge, Stillwater and Thendra) and other non government hamlets (Keepawas, McKeever, Minnehaha, Moshier Falls, and Woods Lake).  Webb surrounds the first four lakes of the Fulton Chain of Lakes as well as Big Moose Lake and Stillwater Reservoir with a multiple of small lakes and ponds.  Old Forge and its sister hamlets offers a cornucopia of activities for every age and interest.  Below are some local friendly businesses and organizations in the Old Forge/Inlet Region, part of beautiful Herkimer County.   Please visit their hospitality and care while you explore.  For decades, people call this area "an Adirondack feeling" because of its picturesque features abound.


Several attempts to settle Webb in the early 1800's failed; but in 1836 the Town of Wilmurt was formed from Ohio & Russia.  In 1896, Webb was created from the northern part of Wlmurt.  Wilmurt later defunct and returned its remaining parcels to the town of Ohio.  Adirondackers are glad Webb continues on as it is now New York's largest land area of any town!


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A       Area Code 315
  Absolutely Adirondack   Old Forge 369-6282
  Ace Hardware/Old Forge Department Store   Old Forge 369-6609
  Adirondack Accents 3052 Main Street Old Forge 369-2463
  Adirondack Bank Codling Street Old Forge 369-3153
  Adirondack Custom Shutters   Inlet 357-2705
  Adirondack Economic Development Corporation PO Box 1080 Old Forge 369-8240
  Adirondack Exposure   Old Forge 335-1681
  Adirondack Garage 2678 State Route 28 Thendara 369-2828
  Adirondack Hot Tubs   Big Moose Lake 800-966-3882
  Adirondack Imagines   Inlet 357-FOTO
  Adirondack Reader 15 Route 28 Inlet 357-BOOK
  Adirondack Reflections 164 State Route 28 Inlet 357-4704
  Adirondack River Outfitters   Old Forge 800-525-7238
  Adirondack Scenic Railroad @ Thendara Route 28 Old Forge 800-819-2291
  Adirondack Saddle Tours Inc. 1 Uncas Road Eagle Bay 800-795-7488
Adirondack Shelter 3109 Main Street Old Forge 369-5014
Adirondack's Most General Store 104 Fulton Road Old Forge 800-821-1454
Allen's Fine Jewelry & Gift 3017 Main Street Old Forge 369-6660
American Infared Old Forge 369-6004
Amusement Development Services Old Forge 369-2642
Arrowhead Park Route 28 Inlet 866-GOI-NLET
Arts Center Route 28 Old Forge 369-6411
Arts Guild of Old Forge Inc. Old Forge 360-6411
Artswork's Fine Arts & Crafts 3062 Main Street Old Forge 369-2007
  Avon Representative Barbara Murdock   Inlet 357-6957
  B J Queen Enterprises Uncas Road Eagle Bay 357-3431
  Bear in a Tub (Laundromat) 150 Norridgewock Lane Eagle Bay 357-2115
  Beaver River Association of Snowmobilers 1500 Big Moose Road Eagle Bay 357-3532
  Big Moose Chapel (Inteden) 1544 Big Moose Road Eagle Bay 357-2482
  Big Moose Fire Dept & Ambulance 1544 Big Moose Road Eagle Bay 357-3475
  Big Moose Marina/Dunn's Boat 1500 Big Moose Road Eagle Bay 357-3532
  Big Moose Lake Tours  (also see guides)     357-3532
  Big Moose Yamaha & Arctic 5511 County Route 28 Old Forge 357-2998
  Bill Martin (Contractor)   Old Forge 369-6794
  Bird's Marine Route 28 Old Forge 369-2136
  Bits of Nature 124 Route 28 Inlet 357-5242
  Black Bear Trading Post 115 State Route 28 Eagle Bay 357-5092
  Blue Ribbon Adirondack Pest Co. 5500 County Route 28 Eagle Bay 357-2847
  Bob Kennerknecht  (Painting)   Old Forge 369-2229
  Brownell Construction   Inlet 357-3841
  Burkhard-Evans (Insurance)   Inlet/Old Forge 357-5901
  Byrne Dairy   Old Forge 369-6940
  Calypso's Cove (amusement park) Route 28 Old Forge 369-2222
  Candy Cottage 3031 Main Street Old Forge 369-2310
  Capecelatro Fishing Derby 1st wk in June    
  Capron's Produce & Landscaping   Old Forge  
  Carteret Mortgage Corp.   Inlet 357-5919
  Channel House Barber Shop   Inlet 357-2161
  Chamber of Commerces      
  Chrissy's Gifts Route 28 Inlet 357-3421
  Church of the Lakes (Presbyterian) Route 28 Inlet 357-2961
  Cindy's Tanning & Fitness Center   Inlet 357-5229
  Clark Energy 294 Thibado Road Eagle Bay 357-3838
  Clark's Marina & Marine Services   Inlet 357-3231
  Clark's Snowmobile Rentals   Inlet 357-3232
  Clearing House for the NY State Twirlers Hall of Fame 3140 Main Street Old Forge 527-2227
  Cohasset Consultant   Old Forge 369-2388
  Colinokee Karoke   Old Forge 369-6386
  Community Bank 3102 State Route 28 Old Forge 369-2764
  Construction Effects   Inlet 357-6069
  Crazy Moose Quilt Sho 115 Route 28 Inlet 357-5092
  Culture & Societies      
  Dan's Big M State Route 28 Eagle Bay 369-3131
  DiOrio's Supermarket 2938 State Route Old Forgw 369-3131
  Doggett Construction   Old Forge 369-3435
  Don's Polaris Inc.   Old Forge 369-3255
  Dunn's Boat Service 1500 Big Moose Road Eagle Bay 357-3532
  Eagle Bay Fire Department & Hall 5516 County Route 28 Eagle Bay 357-3414
  Eastern Snowmobile Products   Eagle Bay 357-5121
  Eldridge Agency (Insurance)   Old Forge 369-3464
  Elusive Moose   Old Forge 369-2290
  Enchanted Forest/Water Safari 3183 State Route 28 Old Forge  
  Environmental Contractors   Old Forge 369-6502
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Fabric Hutch   Old Forge 369-6876
  Family Fun Directory      
  Farmer's Markets      
  FastTrac (auto sales/service)   Old Forge 369-3020
  Feathers & Boughs Inc. 140 Forge Street Thendara 369-2323
  Fern Park  (+ indoor skating, baseball, biking, hiking) South Shore Road Inlet 367-5501
  Financial Consultant - Frances Parent   Inlet 357-2004
  Finders Keepers Route 28 Inlet 357-5116
  Fire Towers      
  Flatrock Mountain Ranch (horse/canoe trips) 1874 State Route 28 Old Forge 369-2657
  Foley Lumber & Hardware Inc.   Old Forge 369-3233
  Forest Industries Exhibit Hall 3311 State Route 28 Old Forge 369-3078
  Forge Lanes/Bowling   Old Forge 369-2632
  Four Seasons Sales   Old Forge 369-3737
  Four Seasons Windows & Remodeling   Old Forge 369-6779
  Fourth & Main   Inlet  
  French Louis Adk Shop Main Street Inlet 357-2441
  Frye, Foley & Carbone   Old Forge 369-3544
  Fulton Chain Gift Shop   Old Forge 369-2260
  Fulton Chain of Lakes Performing Arts   Inlet 357-3799
  Fulton Chain Signs   Old Forge 369-2260
Gallery 3040 3040 Main Street Old Forge 369-1059
Gallery North 2999 Main Street Old Forge 369-2218
  Gawanka Carpentry Shop   Old Forge 369-6191
  Gaylord, Wendy, CSWR   Old Forge 369-3802
  George's Liquor & Gifts (flowers & gifts) 2910 Main Street Old Forge 369-3371
Gift Cottage, the South Shore Road Inlet 357-5181
  Gisela's Sewing Shop   Old Forge 369-3286
  Golden Acres Law & Landscaping   Inlet 357-2023
Goodsell Museum (HQ for Web Historical Assoc.)

2993 State Route 28, Box 513

Old Forge 369-3838
Goody Goodys Old Forge 369-2024
Haderondah Company (guide) McDauley Mountain Old Forge 369-3868
Hand of Man Old Forge 369-3381
  Hannah Contracting   Old Forge 369-3979
Head First Salon Old Forge 369-2553
  Helmer's Fuel & Services   Old Forge 369-3134
  Herkimer Chamber      
  Herkimer County Community College   Old Forge 369-3128
  Heroux Construction Company   Inlet 357-6061
  Historical Duane Methodist Church   Eagle Bay 357-5302
  Holly Woodworking Gift   Old Forge 369-3757
  Hodel's Adirondack Store   Inlet  
  Homecoming   Old Forge 369-2828
  Homespun Memories "The Snack Shack"   Inlet 357-6323
  Hospital & Health Centers      
  Hunkins Excavation   Old Forge 369-6474
  Hunkins Welding   Old Forge 369-3171
  Hunting Licenses   Ray Brook 518-891-5413
  Independent Consolidating Inspection Services   Old Forge 369-4468
  Indian Summer Antiques   Old Forge 369-3899
  Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club   Inlet 357-6339
  Inlet Community Church 12 South Shore Road Inlet 357-2291
  Inlet Department Store/Ace Main Street Inlet 357-3636
  Inlet Fire Department & Volunteer Emergency Services   Inlet 357-6601
  Inlet Gift Center Route 28 Inlet 357-3071
  Inlet Golf Club Route 28 Inlet 357-3503
  Inlet Information Center     866-GO-INLET
  Inlet Marina   Inlet 357-4896
  Inlet Laundromat & Showers Route 28 Inlet 357-3904
  Inlet Police Department   Inlet 315-357-5091
  Inlet's Senior Citizen Group     315-357-6634
  Inlet Ski Touring Center   Inlet 357-6961
  Inlet Snowmobile Trail Conditions & Cross Country Ski Trail Conditions     866-GO-INLET
  Inlet, Town of



  • Supervisor, 315-357-2204

  • Clerk, 315-357-5771

  • Justice, 315-357-3011

  • Highway Dept., 315-357-4541

  • Zoning/Code, 315-357-5726

  • Animal Control/Police, 315-357-5091

  J.C. Advertising & Marketing   Old Forge 735-2505
  J. Claude Lecours (Contractor)   Old Forge 369-6181
  Jack Greco Custom Furniture 161 State Route 28 Inlet 357-3450
  Jean Dupre Adirondack Watercolors 3040 Main Street Old Forge 623-9093
  Jim Kiefer Contracting   Old Forge 357-2013
  JR Adirondack EZ Mart   Inlet 357-4288
  Kalil's Grocery Store   Inlet 357-3603
  Kinney Drug Store   Old Forge 369-6044
  Kliffside Kennel 7 Route 28 357-3607  
  Koffee Korner   Inlet 357-3071
  Lakeview Antiques 205 Route 28 Inlet 357-4722
  Levi Lumber Company   Inlet 357-5911
  Linda Markey Interiors   Old Forge 369-2828
  Lisa's Cutting Corner   Old Forge 369-6300
  Log Works   Old Forge 369-9922
  Mane Street Salon   Old Forge 369-3900
  Marie Birtle, LMT (Therapeutic Massage)   Old Forge 369-4404
  Marinas in the Park      
  Mary's Gift Shop 152 Route 28 Inlet 357-5170
  Masterpiece Production   Old Forge 369-3281
  Matt Martin Contracting   Old Forge  
  Maxson House   Old Forge 882-4402
  McCauley Mountain Ski Mountain   Old Forge 369-3225
  Meyda Stained Glass Studio South Main Street Old Forge 369-6636
  Mike Marleau Builders   Inlet 357-3222
  Mike Hunkins Septic System   Old Forge 369-3775
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Mohawk Valley Oil   Old Forge 369-3236
  Montezuma Winery 3050 Route 28 Old Forge 369-3320
  Moonflower Acupuncture   Old Forge 369-6273
  Moore & Hart CPA   Old Forge 369-6323
  Moose River Trading Post   Old Forge  
  Morin's Collision   Old Forge 369-3396
  Morin's Sign Shop   Thendara 369-3787
  Mountain Biking Info     357-3281
  Mountain Greenery   Old Forge 369-2800
  Mountain Music   Old Forge  
  Mountain Peddler   Old Forge 369-6376
  Mountainman Outdoor Supply Route 28 Old Forge 369-6670
  Mt. Electra N 43.98266 and W -74.84543 Eagle Bay  
  Mutual of Omaha/ Stuart deCamp   Old Forge 369-8280
  Muffin Patch Gift Shop   Old Forge 369-6376
  Naked Moose   Old Forge 369-2211
  NAPA Parts Store   Old Forge 369-3611
  Nathan's Bakery   Old Forge 369-3933
  Nature's Art   Old Forge 369-6748
  Niccoll's Memorial Presbyterian Church 228 Crosby Boulevard Old Forge 369-3475
  Norridgewock Cruise   Beaver River 376-6200
  North Country Chiropractic   Old Forge 369-3601
  North South Connection (auto)   Old Forge  
  North Street Sports 121 North Street Old Forge 369-3970
  Northern Hills Co. (contractor)   Old Forge 357-2147
  Nutty Putty Miniature Golf Route 28 Old Forge 369-6636
  Owen's Appliance Repair   Old Forge 369-8539
  Old Forge Ambulance & Fire     369-3424
  Old Forge Department Store Main Street Old Forge 369-6609
  Old Forge Fire Department   Old Forge 369-3424
  Old Forge Glass & Car Wash   Old Forge 369-3435
  Old Forge Lake Cruises 116 Steamboat Landing Old Forge 369-6473
  Old Forge Library   Old Forge 369-6008
  Old Forge Hardware/Ace 104 Fulton Street Old Forge 800-821-1454
  Old Forge Maytag Laundromat   Old Forge 369-6692
  Old Forge Power Sports   Old Forge  
  Old Forge/Town of Webb Snowmobile Trail Conditions     369-6983
  Old Forge Sports Tours   Old Forge 369-3796
  Old Forge Visitors Information Center     369-6983
  Out on A Whim   Old Forge 369-6797
  Over the Rainbow Miniature Golf   Old Forge 369-6565
  P.M. Electric   Old Forge 369-2540
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Palmer Point Boat Rentals 134 Forest Lane Eagle Bay 357-5594
  Payne's Boat Livery 7th Lake Inlet 357-BOAT
  Payne's Air Service Route 28 Inlet 357-3971
  Pedals & Petals   Inlet  
  Peter Bishop (Builder)   Old Forge 369-3564
  Peter Ferris & Son Builder   Old Forge 369-3408
  Pine Point Gifts   Old Forge 369-6617
  Police, State     369-3322
Professional Voiceovers - Michael Collins Eagle Bay
  Quality Contracting   Inlet 357-5093
  Rainbow Zen   Old Forge 369-2304
  Real Estate      
  Relocation Tools      
  Richard Lutz, Building & Mechanical Inc.   Inlet 357-3442
  Rivetts Marine & Recreation 102 Lakeview Avenue Old Forge 369-3123
  Rock Climbing      
  Rosemont Financial Group   Old Forge 369-1014
  Ruth's Yarn Barn 502 Martin Road Eagle Bay 357-6371
  St. Anthony's (Catholic) PO Box 236 Inlet 357-2811
  St. Bartholomew's (Roman Catholic)   Old Forge 369-3554
  St. Olaf's Chapel   Old Forge  
  St. Peter's by The Lake 4800 Route 28 4th Lake 369-6879
  Sailing Info (Fourth Lake & Big Moose Lake)     357-6004
  Sassy Scissors   Old Forge 369-6235
  Schueler's Sled Shed  3243 State Route 28 Old Forge 369-7669
  Schuler's Builders 3243 State Route 28 Old Forge 369-2540
  Screamen Eagle (DVD & Video Rentals)   Inlet 357-6026
  Shannon, Peter, Esq.   Old Forge 369-6114
  Shelter (Custom Adirondack Furniture, Old Hickory, Home Accessories, Adirondack Charms & Jewelry) 3109 State Route 28, Main Street Old Forge 369-4465
  Side Door Shop   Old Forge 369-3288
  Smith Construction   Old Forge 369-6337
  Snow Conditions   Inlet 866-GO-INLET
  Snow - anything snow related      
  Souvenir Village Main Street Old Forge 369-3811
  Societies & Organizations      
  Strand Theater Route 28 Old Forge 369-6703
  Stefanko Electric   Old Forge 369-2133
  Stillwater Shop     376-2488
  T&J Builders   Inlet 357-5157
  T&M Paint Ball Games   Route 28 Inlet  
  T's E-Z Mart Route 28 Inlet 357-4288
  Tamarack Movie House & Rentals   Inlet  
  Ted Payne's Bus Service   Inlet 357-6642
  The Artworks   Old Forge 369-3794
  The Adirondack Express   Old Forge  
  The Adirondack Printing   Old Forge 369-2213
  The Lights are On Design Studio 3003 Main Street Old Forge 527-2398
  Thendara Garage   Old Forge 369-3755
  Thendara Golf Course (Also See Golf)   Old Forge 369-3136
  Thendara Mini Storage Maple Ave Old Forge 369-6501
  Thidado Construction   Old Forge 369-3721
  Thomas Risk Management Group PO Box 96 Old Forge 369-3638
  Tickner's Moose River Canoe Trips PO Box 267 Old Forge 360-6286
  Tim's Super Duper Route 28 Eagle Bay 347-3818
  THOR Information Services   Old Forge 369-3872
  T.P. Ledger Construction Co., Ltd.   Old Forge 369-5342
  Touch of Ritz   Old Forge 369-2668
  Town of Webb Medical Center   Old Forge 369-6619
  Twin Oaks   Old Forge 369-6439
Twitchell Sportswear Inc. 194 Martin Road Eagle Bay 357-2403
  U S Post Office 102 East Ave Eagle Bay 357-3401
  Utility Companies      
  View (performing arts) 3273 State Route 28 Old Forge 369-6411
  Village Square State Route 28 Eagle Bay 357-3818
  Village Wick   Old Forge 369-3363
  Villiere, George, Esq.   Old Forge 369-3223
  W Ketchup LLC 819 Turnpike Road Eagle Bay 866-953-8248
  Wagging it in the Adirondacks (pet boutique) 3071 State Route 28 Old Forge 369-2030
  Water Safari Enchanted Forest Route 28 Old Forge 369-6147
  Webb, Town of - Police Department   Old Forge 369-6515
  White Lake Polaris   Woodgate 392-3013
  Whitewater Challenges   Okara Lakes 369-6699
  White Wolf Enterprises   inlet 357-4366
  Wine Shop, The 155 Main Street Inlt 357-2477
  Wilderness Interiors   Old Forge 369-6773
  Winfield Group (Insurance)   Old Forge 369-3638
  Woods Inn Marketplace   Inlet 357-6337
Woods & Oviatts Yatch Eagle Bay 357-4700
  Yellow Type Pages of Basic Services in the Park Services for relocation    
  Young at Heart   Inlet 357-6635
  YMCA Camp Gorham 265 Dart's Lake Road Eagle Bay 357-6401
  Zone 3   Inlet 357-6337


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