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Our High Peaks are the heart of the 46'er club!   The scenic Highway 73 takes you through the pass and along to rushing waters of Ausable River, Chapel Lake and waterfalls, as well to the Giant Mountain and Boquet River Primitive Wilderness.   Keene also hosts Dix Mountain Wilderness.  There are many public parking areas off the highway at the trail heads.  Hiker's heaven accompanied by the Olympic Town of Lake Placid just up the road.    Keene has a small population of l,063 folks but is packed with events and places to visit.  Below are local business in the High Peaks Region (Keene, and its hamlets of Keene Valley, and St. Huberts).  Please explore and patronize our local businesses so they may be available to you for years to come. 


If you are a local business, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the true beauty of our High Peaks Regions, please so we can post your business or organization (free generic postings).  We appreciate reciprocal links Listings posted with an are "Facebook" friendly.  





A Cute Above Tree Service Cascade Road Keene 576-4415
A Piece of Cake/Cram Catering   Keene 576-9943
  Adirondack Farmer's Markets Marcy Airport Keene 946-7642
Adirondack Land Trust Inc. PO Box 65 Keene Valley 576-9840
Adirondack Living Homes 36 Alstead Hill Lane Keene 576-2111
Adirondack Maps Inc. PO Box 718, Market Street Keene Valley 576-9861
Adirondack Mountain Guides PO Box 248 Keene 569-9556
Adirondack Mountain School Main Street Keene 576-9549
Adirondack Nature Conservancy & Adirondack Land Trust 8 Nature Way Keene 576-2082
Adirondack Realty 1774 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4416
Adirondack Reflections 10913 NYS Route 9N Keene 576-9549
Adirondack Rock & River Guide Service 615 Alstead Hill Lane Keene 576-2041
Adirondack Rustic Furniture Gallery 3345 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-5988
Adirondack Trail Improvement 137 Ausable Road Keene Valley 576-9949
ADK Gallery 9 Holt Road, Box 193 Keene Valley 576-2019
ADK Harper, Martha Gallagher    Keene 576-2008
Alpine Adventures Inc. 10873 NYS Route 9N Keene 576-9881
Alstead Farms 3162 NY State Route 9N  Keene 420-6551
Amanda Blacksmith Photography  3162 NYS Route 9 Keene 420-6551
Ameriprise Financial 10897 NY Route 9N Keene 576-9759
Arcadis Apartments 10916 NYS Route 9N Keene 576-9693
Armstrong Mountain (4,429' elevation) 4408′05″N 7350′57″W Keene Valley  
Ausable Club (Adirondack Mountain Preserve) 137 Ausable Road Keene Valley 576-4411
Ausable Press 46 East Hill Road Keene 576-9273
Bald Mountain Rustics Main Street Keene Valley 576-9916
Bartos, Elizabethtown Dr. 2841 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-9771
Basin Mountain (4,826' elevation) 4407′16″N 7353′11″W Keene  
Biesmeyer's Adirondack Building & Contracting 379 Hulls Falls Keene 576-4450
Big Crow Mountain (2,815' elevation) 44.26650N / 73.7407W Keene  
Big Slide Mountain (4,199' elevation) 4410′56″N 7352′14″W Keene  
Bill Ferebee's Auto Repair   Keene 576-9779
Birch Store, The 1778 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4561
Black Rooster Maple Company 10819 NYS Route 9N Keene 576-9792
Blackfly Organics Route 73 Keene 576-9531
Blake Peak Mountain (elevation 3,970')   Keene  
Boyd Artesian Well Company 360 Alstead Road Keene 576-4550
Brad Ponalk Ceramic 501 Hurricane Road Keene 576-4550
Bruce Gunderson Rustic Furniture Route 73 Keene 576-2015
Cascade Massage 3288 NY State Route 73 Keene 576-2238
Cascade Mountain - Van Hoevenberg Ski Ctr.(4,098' elevation) 4413′07″N 7351′38″W Keene   
Cascade Service 2881 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-9433
Cedar Run Bakery 2837 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-9929
Champlain National Bank 10849 NYS Route 9N Keene 576-9515
Chapel Pond Bird Area   Keene    
Charlie Segard, Contracting   Keene 576-4346
Cloudsplitter Mountain Guides 1900 NYS Route 73 Keene valley 576-9096
Corscaden Barn 58 Beer Bridge Way Keene Valley 576-9070
Crowl Construction 106 Round Top Lane Keene 576-4255
  Culture and Societies      
Custom Picture Framing & Gallery 9 Holt Road Keene Valley 524-3057
D R Plumbley Consulting/Cultural Ecology Planning   Keene Valley 576-4430 
D. Sheldon Builders Inc. Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4401
Daniel Deighan Appraisals Route 73 Route 9N Keene  
  Dartbrook Rustic Goods 2835 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-9808
Destiny Ventures Inc. 1433 NYS Route 73 Keene valley 576-9460
Dial Mountain (4,003' elevation) 4406′21″N 7347′45″W Keene  
Down to Earth Therapeutic Massage 1884 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4240
East Branch Riverside Ramble Trail   Keene Valley  
East Branch Ausable River Fishing   Keene Valley  
East Branch Friends of the Arts Wellscoff Road Keene 576-9242
Evergreen Trading Company PO Box 189 Keene 576-9141
  46er's Mountain Directory      
  Family Fun      
Fiddlehead Contracting PO Box 673 Keene Valley 576-4674
George Jaques Rustic Furniture Main Street Keene 576-2214
Giant Mountain   Keene  
  Golf in the Park      
Gothics Mountain (4,734' elevation) 4407′41″N 7351′26″W Keene  
Gray Mountain (4,826' elevation) 4406′41″N 7356′06″W Keene  
Guy Smith Enterprises 1767 Route 73 Keene Valley 576-9773
High Peaks Artists PO Box 477 Keene Valley 576-2058
High Peaks Knife Works   Keene 576-2061
High Peaks Radio-Controlled Airplane Club   Keene 576-9774
Hurricane Mountain (3,678' elevation) 4414′06″N 7342′37″W Keene  
Hurricane Mountain A Center-Earth 24 Hurricane Road Keene 576-9121
Hyson, Christopher Dr. 2841 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-9771
Hospitals & Health Centers
Irene M. Riedl Origins Salon 740 Route 73 Keene 576-4288
J. Cole Financial Adviser Inc.   Keene Valley 576-9017
John Hudson's Adirondack Studio  PO Box 89 Keene 576-4584
Karen Glass - Storyteller Route 73 Keene Valley  
Keene Auto Repair 2811 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-9095
Keene Central School 33 Market Street Keene Valley 576-4555
Keene Central Elem. H.S. Apparel Store 33 Market Street Keene  
Keene Community Center Church Street Keene 576-9980
Keene Farmer's Market Marcy Airfield, Route 73 Keene  
Keene Fire Department 1300 Hurricane Road Keene 576-4301
Keene Fitness Center 1809 Route 73 Keene Valley 576-2500
Keene Town Assessors   8 Grist Mill Lane Keene 576-9163
Keene Town Code Officer PO Box 89 Keene 524-6798
Keene Town Court Main Street Keene 576-4556
Keene Town Hall PO Box 89 Keene 576-4444
Keene Town Health Officer  PO Box 89 Keene 576-9011
Keene Town Highway Department 80 Town Shed Lane Keene 576-4755
Keene Town Historian PO Box 206 Keene 576-2200
Keene Town Public Library Main Street Keene  
Keene Town Tax Collector Route 73 Keene 576-9565
Keene Town Transfer Station 61 Town Shed Road Keene 576-4692
Keene Trading Post    Keene 576-9549
Keene Valley  Neighborhood House 1782 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4474
Keene Valley Book Store   Keene Valley 576-4330
Keene Valley Congregational Church Main Street Keene Valley 576-4711
Keene Valley Country Club 8 Country Club Way Keene Valley 576-9873
Keene Valley Library Association 1834 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4334
Keene Valley Market Place 1815 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4477
Keene Valley Rod & Gun Club   Keene Valley  
Keene Valley Stove Company 16 Market Street Keene Valley 576-2032
Keene Valley Video Inc. 1948 Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4510
Keene Wine  & Spirit Shop Route 73 Keene 576-4624
Kevin Gregory's Trucking & Hauling   Keene 576-7727
Landvest Inc. Schaffer Road Keene Valley 576-2297
Lawrence's Plowing   Keene Valley 576-4714
LeapOff Cycles Market Street Keene 576-9581
Local Net 700 Route 73 Keene 523-0105
Lower Cascade Lake   Keene  
Luderowski, Nils Edward  Architect Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4446
Maistar Farm 141 Airport Road Keene Valley 576-9230
Marcy Field 1l1 US Highway 73 Keene  
  Marinas in the Park      
  Martha Corscaden (Theater/Acting)   Keene Valley 576-9850
Martha's Rain Water Soup   Keene Valley 576-4249
  McCarthy, Noreen, Esq.

P.O. Box 756

Keene 626-1272
McClelland Scott Contracting Shaffer Road Keene 576-2008
McCoy Construction Hurricane Road Keene Valley 576-9546
McDonough's Valley Hardware 1901 North Main Street Keene Valley 576-4330
Methodist Church   Keene 576-9809
Mitchell Heritage Gallery   Keene 576-2289
Mount Colden (4,715' elevation) 4407′37″N 7357′36″W    
Mount Colvin (4,080' elevation) 4405′38″N 7350′04″W Keene  
Mount Haystack (4,960' elevation) 4406′20″N 7354′2″W Keene  
Mount Marcy (5,343' elevation) 4406′46″N 7355′25″W Keene  
Mount Redfield (1,404' elevation) 445.69′N 7357.00′W Keene  
Mount Skylight Mountain (4,926' elevation) 4405′59″N 7355′51″W Keene  
Mountain Health Center 2841 NYS Route 73  Keene 576-9771
Mountain Manor Cabins 1755 Route 73 Keene 576-9798
N J P Heating   Keene 576-4291
New York Department of Transportation 10816 NYS Route 9 Keene 576-2292
New York State Forest Ranger 1898 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-4715
Nippletop Mountain (1,405 ' elevation) 445.35′N 7348.98′W Keene  
Noonmark Mountain (3,556' elevation) 4407′43.4″N 7346′21.2″W Keene Valley  
North Country Taxidermy & Trading Post Market Street Keene Valley 576-4318
Oak Ridge Electric Lacy Road Keene 576-9767
One Little Two Little 3345 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-9588
Origins Day Spa & Salon 3 Market Street Keene Valley 576-4288
Owls Head Mountain Rustic Furniture 3345 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-9560
Phelps Mountain (4,160' elevation) 449.42′N 7355.29′W Keene Valley  
Pitchoff Mountain (3,600' elevation) 4414′15″N 7352′39″W Keene Valley 576-4577
Porter Mountain (4,059' elevation) 4412′55″N 7350′37″W Keene  
Purdy, Todd (Builder) Cascade Road Keene Valley 576-2020
Putnam Camp 1196 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4577
Pyramid Peak Mountain (4,515' elevation) 44.12359N / 73.856W Keene  
Quilts & Antiques 3345 Route 73 Keene 576-9560
  Real Estate      
R & C Roofing 44 Market Street Keene Valley 576-4745
Red Barn Antiques 49 Beede Lane Keene Valley 576-2012
Richert Environmental Associates LLC Hulls Falls Road Keene 576-9593
Risha's Place  PO Box 551 Keene Valley 576-9280
Rivermede Farm Market 1925 Route 73 Keene Valley 576-4686
Roberts, William Esq. 1019 Hurricane Road Keene 576-4286
Rock Climb Cascade Lake Route 73 Keene Valley  
Rock Climb Chapel Pond   Keene  
Rocky Peak Ridge (4,390' elevation) 4409′16″N 7342′20″W Keene Valley  
Rookery Ranch 14 Bartlett Road Keene 576-9183
Rusted Rock Camp Furnishings & Fine Art Gallery Route 73 Keene Valley 576-9102
Rustic Ranch   Keene  
Saddleback Mountain (4,528' elevation) 447.60′N 7352.51′W Keene  
Samaritan Family Counseling Center 2841 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-4557
Sky Ocean Designs   Keene Valley  
Skyline Fine Arts 1767 Route 73 Keene Valley 576-9208
Slant Rock Yoga PO Box 528 Keene 215-434-7486
  Snow Activities      
  Societies & Organizations      
St. Brendan's Catholic Church 17 Church Street Keene 576-4434
Stewart's Shops Route 73 Keene 576-2056
Sugar House Beede Road Keene Valley 576-4294
Summit Contracting  991 Hurricane Road Keene 576-4691
  Sunstorm Arts Publishing Company 244 Adrian's Acres Lane Keene Valley 576-4649
  T L B Massage Therapy 1770 NY Route 73 Keene Valley 576-2035
  T R Mountain Route 73 Keene Valley  
Table Top Mountain (4,413' elevation) 448.44′N 7354.98′W Keene  
The Adirondack Attic 10897 NYS Route 9N Keene 527-7897
The Mountaineer 1866 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 575-2281
TLB Massage Therapy 1770 NYS Route 73 Keene Valley 576-9695
Tinman Solutions 41 Market Street Keene Valley 576-9126
Tom Quinn Contracting 62 Trail's End Way Keene Valley 576-9912
Town & Country Gourmet 1888 Main Street Keene Valley 576-9731
US Post Office 2841 NYS Route 73 Keene 576-9966
Upper Wolfjaw Mountain (4,203' elevation) 448.43′N 7350.72′W Keene  
Wes Whitney Builder 64 Beede Lane Keene Valley 576-9910
Weston Mountain   Keene 576-2221
Wilson's Livery & Stables PO Box 139 Keene 576-2211
Woltner, Ed (Builder) 82 East Hill Road Keene Valley 576-9563



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