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 Balloon Fest - Photography by well-known Adirondack Photographer, Carl Heilman, Wild Visions Inc., Route 8, Brant Lake, NY - cc


Great Glens Falls Business Directory

4318′44″N 7338′54″W


Greater Glens Falls Region is just south of popular Lake George.  Although not official in the Adirondack Park, Glens Falls and the surrounding towns have much to offer the visitor to explore, even if for dinner.  Restaurants are wonderful, as well as the fun stuff and culture.  Don't miss the opportunity to visit this fine site of communities.  Augment your Lake George visit!    Underlined postings include hyper link for your convenience.    If you are a local business, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park,  please so we can post your business or organization (free).  The Great Glens Falls Region is a great place to visit, or relocate!  Please patronized our Greater Glens Falls businesses.


A       Area Code 518
  ABC Restaurant Equipment & Supplies 28-30 Elm Street Glens Falls 792-3456
  Achenbach's Jewelers 220 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-3425

Accommodations in Glens Falls

  Accommodations (Outside Glens Falls)      
  Accountants of Glens Falls:      
  • Allen Power, CPA, Glens Falls 761-6054
  • Beecher, Jeffrey, CPA, Glens Falls, 793-5177
  • Bethel, Stephen, CPA, Glens Falls, 793-5166
  • Caruso, Jerry, CPA, Glens Falls 792-4627
  • Curtis Murphy & Jeffrey LLP, Queensbury, 798-3330
  • Dowen, Paul, CPA, Queensbury, 792-0918
  • Edward Williams McManus & Ricciardelli, PC, Glens Falls, 792-0926
  • Farrar, Donna, CPA, Glens Falls 792-0926
  • Fitzgerald, Barbara, CPA, Glens Falls 798-0390
  • Fuller & LaFiura, Glens Falls, 745-7076
  • Girard Kerry, CPA, Glens Falls, 792-0926
  • Jenkins Law Beecher & Behtel, LLP, Glens Falls, 793-5166
  • Kilburn, Jeffrey CPA, Queensbury, 792-0918
  • Loftus Ross & Co. CPA's PC, Queensbury, 792-6595
  • Ringer, Lawrence, CPA, Glens Falls, 798-1837
  • Whittemore Dowen & Kilburn LLP, Queensbury, 792-0918
  Adelphia Media Services 227 Dix Ave Glens Falls 798-6684
  Adirondack Billiards & Video Game 197 Glen Street Glens Falls 798-5406
  Adirondack Car Wash (Full service) 203 Broad Street Glens Falls 761-0430

Adirondack Balloon Festival

  Adirondack Balloon Flights PO Box 65 Glens Falls 793-6342
  Adirondack Children's Troupe 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 793-8845
  Adirondack Quilts Cooper & Lawrence Streets Glens Falls 615-0134
  Adirondack Mall   Queensbury 793-2161
  Adirondack Manor Adult Home 653 Bay Road Queensbury 761-0176

Adirondack Museum

  Adirondack Outlet Mall Route 9 Queensbury 793-2161
  Adirondack Phantoms (hockey) 1 Civic Center Plaza Glens Falls 480-3355
  Adirondack Racing & Family Fun Center 1079 State Route 9 Queensbury 798-7860
  Adirondack Repertory Dance Theatre 126 Glen Street Glens Falls 761-0873
  Adirondack Resource Management Associate 343 Corinth Road Queensbury 480-4300
  Adirondack Rowing 46 Meadow Lane Queensbury 745-7699
  Adirondack Sports Complex 326 Sherman Ave Queensbury 743-1088
  Adirondack Theatre Festival 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 796-7479
  Adirondack Trailways   Glens Falls 793-5525
  Adirondack Voices (Vocal performers)   Glens Falls 792-9659
  Aimie's Dinner & Movie & Lobby Gallery 190-194 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-8181
  All Strings Attached 24 Cedar Wood Drive Queensbury  
  American Paintball (ProCaps) 543 Queensbury Ave Queensbury 793-6106
  Amusement Parks Around Glens Falls      
  Angela Food Service 324 Quaker Road Queensbury  
  Anne's Yarn Shop 485 Glen Street Glens Falls 793-2555
  Ames Goldsmith Corp 21 Rogers Street Glens Falls 792-5808
  Antique Store, The 21 East Washington Street Glens Falls 321-3787
  Art Your Way 27 Kimberly Lane Queensbury  
  Artisan Ink 365 Bay Road Queensbury  

Attorneys of Glens Falls

Attorneys (Outside of GF)
  Avis Cards 9 Ridge Street Glens Falls 793-0905
  Ballooning Adventures   Glens Falls 798-4143
  Banking & Money Handlers      
  Banknorth Insurance Group   Glens Falls 793-2511
  Bare Bones Furniture 10 Sagamore Street Glens Falls 745-0207
  Battenkill Hunting Preserve 40 Dorlan Drive Queensbury 798-3285
  Bay Meadows Golf Course 31 Cronin Road Queensbury 792-1650
  Bay Road Presbyterian   Queensbury 793-8541


Bay Street Beadworks

88 Bay Street

Glens Falls


  Big Uglies 9 Broad Street Glens Falls 518-743-1492
  Bjsartworks 21 Lawrence Street Glens Falls 793-9350
  Businesses in Glens Falls      
  BQP Printing 6 Collins Drive Queensbury 793-4999
  By DonGo 21 Bay Street Glens Falls 793-1649
  Calvery Assembly of God     798-0850
  Castaway Marina 2546 Route 9L Queensbury 656-3636
  Center for Early Learning Preschool 296 Glen Street Glens Falls 793-4380
  Chamber of Commerce      

Chapman Museum

348 Glen Street Glens Falls  
  Charles R. Wood Theater 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 798-9663
  Chase Sports Complex 22 Hudson Falls Road South Glens Falls 747-7831
  Christ United Methodist     793-3468
  Church of Christ   Queensbury 792-6725
  Church of Christian Science   Glens Falls 792-4547
  Church of God   Glens Falls 792-5072
  Church of JCLDS   Queensbury 792-7566
  Church of the King   Queensbury 792-8906
  Church of the Messiah Episcopal     792-1560
  Lay Concepts, Pottery Studio & Gallery 71 Lawrence Street Glens Falls 744-2002

City Hall

  Glens Falls  
  City of Glens Falls Tourism Office 65 Ridge Street Glens Falls 761-3864
  City Park (Picnic) Maple Street Glens Falls  

Civic Center, Glens Falls

One Civic Center Plaza Glens Falls 796-0366
  Community Chapel   Queensbury 792-1961
  Congregation Shaaray Tefila   Glens Falls 792-4945


  Contractors in Glens Falls Region
  Cooper's Cave Overlook   Glens Falls 761-3863
  Cosmetic Junkies Boutique 137 Ridge Street Glens Falls 792-1886
  Crandall Library 251 Glens Street Glens Falls 792-6508
  Crandall Park (Picnic/playground) Route 9 Glens Falls  
  Creative Mind's Photography 14 Ridge Street Glens Falls 798-4407
  Crislip's Bed & Breakfast

693 Ridge Road

Queensbury 793-6869

Cultural Experiences in Glens Falls

  Dave Francis Studio & Gallery Lawrence & Cooper Streets Glens Falls 793-9309
  Dean Color (Printer) 1 Philo Ave Glens Falls 792-1884
  de Blasslis Chamber Music 161 Warren Street Glens Falls 793-0531
  Decor with Flair 7 Essex Court Queensbury  
  Desire Hair Design 11-17 South Street Glens Falls  
  Dining  (Outside of Glens Falls)      

Dining in Glens Falls

  Dog Ate My Homework 206 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-0133
  Dudley & Dudley Cooper & Lawrence Street Glens Falls 793-8251
  Durett Business Management 56 Hudson Ave Glens Falls 793-3786
  East Field Pool (Pool, playground, bathhouse) Dix Ave Glens Falls  
  Ed Levin Jewelry at The Silo Country Store & Gift Shop 537 Aviation Road Queensbury 798-1900
  Elements of Art Lawrence & Cooper Streets Glens Falls 615-0550
  Explore! 103 Warren Street Glens Falls 793-7803
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Faith Bible   Queensbury 792-8303
  Faith Tabernacle Baptist     798-5054
  Family Fun      
  Family Fun Center 1079 Route 9 Queensbury 798-7860
  Farmer's Market      
  Feeder Canal Alliance 21 Thomson Ave Glens Falls 792-5363
  Finch Forest Management 1 Glen Street Glens Falls 793-2541
  Finders Keepers 11 Broad Street Glens Falls 761-5475
  First Baptist   Glens Falls 793-1335
  First Church of Christ Scientist     792-4547
  First Presbyterian     793-2521

Fort William Henry

  Frank Mahon Courier Services 50 Chestnut Ridge Street Queensbury  
  Free Methodist   Glens Falls 792-2283
  French Mountain Commons (Shopping)   Lake George 792-1483
  Fun Parks around Glens Falls      
  Fun Spot, The Route 9 Glens Falls 792-8989
  Gift & Engraving by George 276 Glen Street Glens Falls 745-4438
  Glen at Hiland Meadows (Assisted living) 38 Longview Drive Queensbury 866-212-4536
  Glen Drive-In Cinema State Route 9 Queensbury 792-0023
  Glenn Sculptures 894 State Route 9 Glens Falls 522-6025
  Glens Falls Business Journal   Glens Falls 798-5045
  Glens Falls, City of (Official site)      
  • Recreation, 761-3819
  Glens Falls Community Theatre 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-1740
  Glens Falls Civic Center One Civic Center Plaza Glens Falls 798-0202
  Glens Falls Fieldhouse 267 Sherman Avenue Queensbury  
  Glens Falls Golden Eagle Baseball Team 175 Dix Ave Glens Falls 223-0820
  Glens Falls Greenjacket Football Team East Field Glens Falls 745-1928
  Glens Falls Home (Adult) 178 Warren Street Glens Falls 792-4216
  Glens Falls Music Academy 2 Harrison Ave Glens Falls 832-1404
  Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra 7 Lapham Place Glens Falls 793-1348
  Glens Falls Taxi   Glens Falls


  Glens Falls Walking Tour   Glens Falls 386-956-6089
  Golden Eagles Baseball 175 Dix Avenue Glens Falls 79-0084
Gold Rush Adventure Golf 1035 Route 9 Queensbury 792-8989

Golf Courses around Glens Falls

Golf in the Park
  Great Escape & Six Flags Theme Park 1172 State Route 9 Queensbury 792-3500
  Greater Glens Falls Transit   Glens Falls 792-1086
  Grey Ghost Bicycles 206 Glen Street Glens Falls  
  Greyhound Bus Line     793-5525
  Hallwear 161 Maple Street Glens Falls 745-0819
  Harrisena Community Church   Queensbury 792-1902
  Harvest Field Baptists   Queensbury 792-0605
  Haviland's Cove (Swim, playground, picnic) Bush Street Glens Falls  
Historic Sites Around Glens Falls
  Hollywood Limo Service   Queensbury 800-830-8797
  Home Improvement Gallery 10 Saratoga Ave South Glens Falls 745-5097
  Hospital & Health Centers      
  Howelle Consulting, The 104 Hunter Lane Queensbury  
Hyde Collection, The (museum) 161 Warren Street Glens Falls 792-1761
  In Home Computer Service c/o Peter Willette Glens Falls 744-9823
  Interiors by Dawn 211A Maple Street Glens Falls 307-8132
  Jacqueline's Bridal Shoppe 282 Glen Street Glens Falls 761-6801
  JE Sawyer & Company 62 Glen Street Glens Falls 800-724-3983
  Jobs offered by the City of Glens Falls      
  Just Water LLC 31 Broad Street Glens Falls 844-838-5898
  Karate Center, The 324 Quaker Road, Suite 1 Queensbury 792-6094
  Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses   Queensbury 793-0844
  Kingpin's Alley Family Fun Center 166 Saratoga Road South Glens Falls 793-9606
  Kismet 196 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-1760
  Kris Gregson Moss Studio 21 Cooper Street Glens Falls 321-6599
  Lake George Chamber Orchestra 161 Warren Street Glens Falls 792-8931
  Lake George Community Band @ Shepard's Park Glens Falls 793-5967
  Lake George Dinner Theatre      
  Lake George Shoreline      
  Lake George Opera      
  Lake George Plaza Outlet Center   Lake George 494-5030
  Lake George Steamboat      
  Lake George Visitors Guide      
  Laminate & Frame 18 Ridge Street Glens Falls 793-4251
  Landing of Queensbury, The (Assisted Living) 27 Woodvale Road Queensbury 793-5556
  LARAC'S Lapham Gallery & Gift Shop 7 Lapham Place Glens Falls 798-1144
  Laura Neadle Studio 21 Cooper Street Glens Falls 792-1946
  Lemon Tree Yoga & Healing Arts Studio @ The Shirt Factory Glens Falls 301-3291
  Ling's Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy 21 Cooper Street Glens Falls 796-6015
  Little Maestro Studio (child programs) 206 Glen Street Glens Falls 792-0260
  Livingston's Furniture Dix Ave & Quacker Road Glens Falls 793-2888
  L.O.L Inflatable & Party Rentals 46 Caroline Street Queensbury  
  Lone Oak Publishing Co. PO Box 153 Glens Falls 793-1126
  Lorraine B. Bardeau Consulting 14 Lampert Drive Queensbury  
  Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council 7 Lapham Place Glens Falls 798-1144
  Lumberjack Pass Mini Golf 1511 Route 9 Queensbury 793-7141
  Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd     792-7971
  Mahoney Alarms   Glens Falls 793-7788
  Maple Sugaring      
  Majestic Balloon Flights 18 River Street Queensbury 761-2694
  Marinas in the Park      
  May's Gallery 63 Bay Street Glens Falls 253-6464
  McCarthy & Conlon, LLP - CPA 96 Webster Ave Glens Falls 792-6668
  McPhillips Insurance 20 East Washington Street Glens Falls 792-5841
  Miller Mechanical Services Inc. 51 Walnut Street Glens Falls  
  Milk & Honey 16 Exchange Street Glens Falls 798-0700
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Mister Degreaser 1 Briarwood Circle Queensbury  
  Mixaritas 3 Pine Wood Hollow Queensbury  
  MVP Suite & Rides   Glens Falls 641-1126
  Natalie & John James Hair Studio 59 Sanford Street Glens Falls  
  National Grid Power Corporation 636 Quaker Road Glens Falls 800-932-0301
  Newday K Hair Design 11 Broad Street Glens Falls  
  New Hope Community Church   Queensbury 798-5778
  NOAHS 19 Owen Ave Queensbury  
  North Country Uniforms N'More 16 Exchange Street Glens Falls  
  Northeast Electronic Recycler 66 Burnt H ill Road Queensbury  
  Northway Christian   Queensbury 745-8985
  Northway Plaza 820 State Route 9 Queensbury  
  Onieda Community Church   Queensbury 745-8611
  Ostrander Concessions 78 Knight Street Glens Falls  
  Our Lady Church   Queensbury 793-9677
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Patti's Quilting & Fabrics 485 Glen Street Glens Falls 683-7107
  Pennyfield Stained Glass Studio 19 Cooper Street Glens Falls 636-4541
  Phantom Hockey LLC 578 Aviation Road Queensbury 480-3355
  Pirate's Cove Miniature Golf 1089 State Route 9 Queensbury 745-1887
  Places to stay in Glens Falls      
  Pop's Computer Training & Repair   Glen Falls 854-3294
  Poor Richard's Antiques 179 Glen Street Glens Falls 745-1285
  Post Star (Newspaper)   Glens Falls 792-3131
  Precision Auto Detailing 350 Luzerne Road Queensbury  
  Precision Media 508 Glen Street Glens Falls 745-8167
  Prima Dance Essentials 209 Glen Street Glens Falls 798-9820
  Public Beach Crandall Pk / Moreau Lk State Park    
  Queensbury District #22 1/2 DC 68 Boulderwood Drive Queensbury  
  Queensbury Little League   Queensbury 361-4005
  Queensbury Cigar & Pipe 1036 Route 9 Queensbury 636-3308
  Quaker Plaza 118 Quaker Road Queensbury  
  R & J Mobile Detailing 2 Norm Court Queensbury  
  R & T Antiques 880 Route 9 Queensbury 792-6040
  Radio Stations:      
  • WENU-am 1410 - 793-773

  • WBLN-FM 104.9 - 793-4366

  • WWSC-AM 1450 - 761-9890

  • WCKM-FM 98.5 - 761-9890

  • WCQL-FM 95.9 - 743-9500

  • WENU-FM 101.7 - 793-7733

  • WFG-FM 107.1 - 793-7733

  • WKBE-FM 100.3 - 793-7733

  • WNYQ-FM 105.7 763-7733

  • WBAR-FM 94.7 - 761-4114

  Railways & Transportation      
  RE Thinking 71 Lawrence Street Glens Falls  
  Real Estate      
  Recreation around Glens Falls      
  Red Fox Books 28 Ridge Street Glens Falls 793-5352
  Redeemer Reformed Presbyterian   Queensbury 798-9794
  Relocation Tools      
  Regal Cinemas Aviation Mall Queensbury 793-3332 X482
  Rock in the Game 15 William Street Glens Falls  
  Rocksport (rock wall) 238 Quaker Road Queensbury 793-4626
  Rich Morin's Professional SCUBA Center 20 Warren Street Glens Falls 761-0533
  Ridge Road Wesleyan Ridge Road Queensbury 792-9794
  Rock Climbing      
  St. Alphonsus   Glens Falls 792-1572
  St. Mary's    Glens Falls 792-0989
  Scott's Automotive 235 Warren Street Glens Falls  
  Scoville Jewelers 167 Glen Street Glens Falls 793-1442
  Sensibili Teas Lawrence & Cooper Street Glens Falls 888-449-9888
  Shaaray Tefila Synagogue   Glens Falls 792-4945
  Shirt Factory, The (Art studios, shops, galleries & services) Lawrence & Cooper Street Glens Falls  
  Signature Studios 14-18 Warren Street Glens Falls 792-6857
  Silo Country Store 537 Aviation Road Queensbury 798-1900
  Six Pine Street Gallery 6 Pine Street Glens Falls 793-7453
  Sketch Design Lounge Fashion Design & Art Store 8 Maple Street Glens Falls 409-4483
  Societies & Organizations      
  Spa Studio, The 11 Broad Street Glens Falls 792-5839
  Spas & Wellness Clinics      
  Sportfishing Charters 49 Webster Ave Glens Falls 793-7396

Sports in Glens Falls

  Steven Brundage Magic     866-1221
  Sterling & Company (Furniture) 203 Glen Street Glens Falls 745-6808
  Stylish Sunglasses 5785 Aviation Mall Queensbury  
Sunkiss Ballooning 78 Knight Street Glens Falls 796-0373
  Sutton's Furniture Route 9 Queensbury 798-0133
  200 Glen Antiques 34 Lower Warren Street Queensbury  
  T-Bar-T Sport Shop 1881 Bay Road Queensbury 793-1044

Tackett Chiropractic Center

19 Homer Avenue Queensbury 793-1205
  Temple Beth-el     792-4364
  The Quarry House Retreat 138 Upper Platt Street Glens Falls 542-9143
  Third Thursday Art Walk Downtown Glens Falls  
  Tom Myott Gallery 71 Lawrence Street Glens Falls 232-2052
  Time Warner Cable 250 Ridge Street Glens Falls 793-6688
  TreePaad Family Entertainment Center 217 Dix Avenue Glens Falls 832-7958
  Tri City Process Service 9 D Mason Drive Queensbury  
  Tri County Cab   Glens Falls 792-1234
  Tyrer Auctioneer 170 Glens Street Glens Falls 793-2244
  Uncorked Glens Falls 217 Glen Street Glens Falls 743-9463
  Unitarian Universalist   Queensbury 793-1468
  United Methodists    Queensbury 793-9728
  United Methodist Church of Queensbury   Queensbury 793-9728
  UpsArt 21 Cooper Street Glens Falls 932-2477
  Upstate Model Railroaders 190 Glen Street Glens Falls 423-7519
  Watermedia Academy 21 Cooper Street Glens Falls 260-6764

West Mountain Ski Center

  Glens Falls  
  White Cab Tax   Glens Falls 792-6000
  Wilson's Yamaha Country 1043 Route 9 Queensbury  
  WNCE-TV 8   Glens Falls 798-8000
  Wood Carte, The 1063 Route 9 Queensbury 973-7655
  Wood Theater, The 207 Glen Street Glens Falls 798-9663
  YMCA 600 Glen Street Glens Falls 793-3878
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