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Below are local business in Fort Ann on the beautiful shores of Lake George that visitors, property owners, and expecting property owner may find helpful.  The fort named Fort Anne (in honor of Princess Anne, eldest daughter of King George II) was constructed in 1757 at the site where the 1777 Battle of Fort Anne occurred.  Fort Ann has many interesting geographic features such as the mountains of Buck Mountain, Palmertown Mountains, Putnam Mountain, Sleeping Beauty Mountain, and Sugar Loaf Mountain.  The town enjoys the waterways of:  Copeland and Hadlock Ponds, Halfway and Winchell Creek, Lake Nebo, and the South Bay and Pilot Knob off of Lake George. Please explore.  Underlined postings include hyper link for your convenience.   Please visit and patronize Adirondack businesses so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.


If you are a local business/organization, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park and our neighbors in Washington County, please so we can post your business or organization (FREE).   By sharing, we better our world.  If you see a broken link, or a moved business, please help us police your list so we can better serve you.  Thanks so much!  We appreciate reciprocal links  Please patronized our businesses.

A       Area Code 518
  A & J's Pizza Route 149 Fort Ann 639-8737
  Abnormal Auto 3395 Route 196 Fort Ann 639-9232
  Adirondack Gold Goal Lacrosse Goodman Road Fort Ann 888-781-0777
  Adirondack Golden Goal Soccer Goodman Road Fort Ann 888-860-6311
  Adirondack Mountain Rustic Gallery 1 Old State Route 149 Fort Ann 761-4091
  Affordable Storage Route 149 Fort Ann 761-3300
  All Waves Discount Marine 10100 Route 149 Fort Ann 792-5897
  American Tree Company 5010 Dawson Way Fort Ann 761-4636
  Apple Core Crafts 1072 Mattison Road Fort Ann 793-6735
  Armstrong Services 6848 Route Fort Ann 639-8989
  B & E Wood Crafts Brown Road Fort Ann 792-6448
  Baldwin, Fred (Excavator/Mason) Buttermilk Falls Road Fort Ann 793-9709
  Black Diamond Software Route 196 Fort Ann 632-5066
  Black Rooster, The (Fireplaces) Route 149 Fort Ann 793-9421
  Boardwalk Farms 10140 Route 149 Fort Ann 792-4500
  Bri Care 1368 Patten Mills Road Fort Ann 761-4040
  C & C Specialty Machining 11240 Route 149 Fort Ann 639-5592
Chamber of Commerces
Click Du Jour LLC Website Design 40 Lake Nebo Road Fort Ann 290-1724
Cosey Fuel Company 100 North Road Fort Ann 642-4688
Cornerstone Bible Church Bay Road Fort Ann 639-4009
Country Meadows Golf Par 3 Route 149 Fort Ann 792-5927
Creative Construction Company Sly Pond Road Fort Ann 792-4213
Culture & Societies
  Dining Lake George Region      
  Easy Street Towing   Fort Ann 639-8985
  Ellsworth & Son Excavating 10302 Route 149 Fort Ann 792-9246
  Family Fun      
  Farm to Market Creations Route 149 Fort Ann 793-3278
  Fjb Enterprise (Engravers) Buttermilk Falls Road Fort Ann 798-8428
  Flying Trout Antiques Route 149 Fort Ann 798-5766
Fort Ann Antiques Route 4 & 149 Fort Ann 639-8806
  Fort Ann Business Association Route 4 Fort Ann 639-8806
Fort Ann Central School 1 Catherine Street 639-5594 
Fort Ann Computers 2083 Red Johnson Way Fort Ann 793-7854
Fort Ann Fabrication 52 George Street Fort Ann 639-4498
  Fort Ann Historical Association 53 George Street Fort Ann 639-4071
  Fort Ann Rescue Squad Route 149   639-4406
  Fort Ann Service Center 11298 Route 149 Fort Ann 639-8732
Fort Ann Super Stop Route 149 Fort Ann 639-8343

Fort Ann, Town of


  • Town Clerk, Mary Jane Godfrey

  • Code Enforcement, Tim Webb

  • Town Assessor, Mary Ellen Pierce, 639-4269

  • Town Justice, 639-4088

  • Code Enforcement, 639-8929

  • Highway Superintendent, 639-8950

  • Planning Board, 639-8929

  • Town Tax Collector, Donna Klein, 639-8929

  • Town Historian, Virginia Parrott, 639-5375

  • Animal Control, SPCA, Queensbury, 798-3500

  Fort Ann Volunteer Fire Department Charles Street   639-8811
From the Heart Motel 65 George Street Fort Ann 639-4411
GC Network 5433 Firehouse Road Fort Ann 800-609-0897
George Street Antiques 35 George Street Fort Ann 639-4006
  Glens Falls Roofing 2055 Norman Way Fort Ann 793-6187
  Go Slo Inc 10002 Route 149 Fort Ann 798-4205
  Gralan Corporation (Contractor) 10301 Route 149 Fort Ann 792-3826
  Gram Pest Control Hadlock Pond Road Fort Ann 745-1539
  Grandmas Adirondack Bakery & Gifts 64 Catherine Street Fort Ann 639-8581
  Green Thumb Nursery & Country Store 5699 State Route 4 Fort Ann 639-4500
  Harmony Earth Community Preservation 11336 State Route 22 Comstock 642-2122
  Harris Logging Farm Market Road Fort Ann 639-8331
  Hawks Corner Sport Shop Route 17 Fort Ann 632-5357
  Hayes Fuel Service 2 Anne Street Fort Ann 639-5255


  Hillybilly Fun Park Route 149 Fort Ann 792-5239
  Honest Injun' Baskets 676 East Starbuck Lane Fort Ann 642-9600

Hospital & Health Centers

  Ice Maker Company 10 Butternut Flats Road Fort Ann 761-3063
Jointa Galusha Hartford Quarry 3865 Route 146 Fort Ann 632-5102
  Josh Haakenson Concrete 1373 Route 16 Fort Ann 639-4200
  Lampstand Communications LLC 69 Catherine Street Fort Ann 480-7196
  Mason Funeral Home 18 George Street Fort Ann 639-5252
  McCare Daniel Heating & Mechanical 76 Country Lane Fort Ann 743-0934
  McDermott's Harley-Davidson 4294 Route 4 Fort Ann 746-9303
  Mountain View Farm Route 4 Fort Ann 639-4030
  North Country C&C Processing Center 10913 Route 149 Fort Ann 792-6860
  North Country Stone 310 Old State Route 4 Fort Ann 639-8550
  North Cross Conveyor Company 43 George Street Fort Ann 639-4499
  Northeast Body Equipment 3378 Route 196 Fort Ann 632-5250
  Northeast Corner Herb Farm Lake Nebo Road Fort Ann 792-0438
  Northern Cross Conveyor Company 43 George Street Fort Ann 639-4499
  Old Stone Library 53 George Street Fort Ann  
  Outback Creations Hadlock Pond Road Fort Ann 798-6088
  Pole Valley Players Club 3737 Route 196 Fort Ann 632-9632
  Precision Property Management 132 Sly Pond Road Fort Ann 745-5430
  Pro Trim 1 Dublin Hill Road Fort Ann 639-8500
  Real Estate      
  Relocation Assistance      
  Rick & Carol's Country Side Inn Patten Mills Road Fort Ann 793-8987
  Route 149 Sports 10223 Route 149 Fort Ann 792-8903
  St. Ann Transportation Route 149 Fort Ann 747-7158
  Sawdust Flats Buttermilk Falls Road Fort Ann 761-3164
  Singer, Rich (CPA) Route 149 Fort Ann 792-1150
  Snow and Snowmobiling      
  Societies & Organizations      
  Stockman & Sons Construction 5054 Dawson Way Fort Ann 798-6309
  Towpath Antiques & Books Route 4 & Route 149 Fort Ann 639-8923
  Time Warner Cable Cana Street Fort Ann 639-4141
  Twisted Rednecks 47 Nicholson Road Fort Ann 639-5223
  U Hall Company 10002 State Route 149 Fort Ann 798-5135
  Upland Forestry 10270 Route 149 Fort Ann 793-4481
  Utility Companies      
  Utopia Pre Cast 3840 Route 196 Fort Ann 632-9118
  Walker Farm Home & Tack Route 4 Fort Ann 639-5223
  West Fort Ann Methodist Church 1 Goodman Road Fort Ann 793-0969
  West Fort Ann Volunteer Fire Company Green Road Fort Ann 792-0161
  Washington County Highway Department Farm Market Road Fort Ann 639-5546

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