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Crown Point Regional Business Directory

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Lake Champlain boast the best bass fishing in the USA.  The historical events are numerous with the French & British battles, the Loyalist and Patriots struggling through the Revolution.  Crown Point, has a rich history in the Revolutionary War.  After the war, the Fort Crown Point remained arm with a skeleton crew and surprised 100 "The Green Mountain Boys".  The Crown Point Lighthouse serves as a beacon and monument. It guided boaters of the past through the narrow on-half mile between Crown Point and Chimney Point for 50 years.  Now a monument with eight Doric columns with a statue sculpted by American Carl Heber.  A dedication services in 1912 was presided by President William Taft and presented the bronze medallion bust of Auguste Rodin's "LaFrance."  The medallion is now mounted in the sculpture and worth camera shot when traveling through.  Today Crown Point got an overhaul with their bridge to New York.  Both Governors (VT & NY) celebrated the day the bridge was finish.   It was a huge collaborative project.   Crown Point hosts hamlets of Burdick Crossing, Cold Spring Park, Crown Point Center, Factoryville, and Ironville (home of the electric age).


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A       Area Code (518)
  420 Amy Hill Arsenal 420 Army Hill Road Crown Point 597-4363
  A & Customs 54 Ferry Road Crown Point  
  Achieve Fitness Gym LLC 2040 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3313
  Adirondack Citizens Fund NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-4131
  Adirondack Community Action Main Street Crown Point 597-9299
  Adirondack Fire Service Ferry Road Crown Point 597-4321
  Adirondack Pet Urns 191 Hogan Hill Road Crown Point 597-3888
  Adirondack Sand & Gravel PO Box 538 Crown Point 597-3439
  Adirondack Web Service 10 Sharon Park Road Crown Point 597-9370
  Air Barrier Solutions LLC 257 Middle Road Crown Point 597-3424
  Avery Energy Main Street Crown Point 597-3444
  Avon 102 Pearl Street Crown Point 597-3341
  B V Gilkerson Trucking 555 Breed Hill Road Crown Point 597-3227
  B & S Construction 171 Sugar Hill Crown Point 597-4248
  BodettesBarbecue LLC 2796 NYS Route 9N Crown Point  
  Breed Hill Wood Products 367 Breed Hill Road Crown Point  
  Bridge Deli Mart Bridge Road Crown Point 597-4447
  Bridge Point Communications 46 Porter Mill Road Crown Point 558-1558
  Buck Mountain Maple Syrup 132 Sand Hill Road Crown Point 597-3723
  Buck Mountain Maintenance 88 Bush Road Crown Point 597-3236
  Buster Hill Farm 484 Breed Hill Road Crown Point 210-9079
  Canam Zero Draft Middle Road Crown Point 597-3112
  Carrara, Joseph P & Sons    Crown Point 597-3680
  Casella Waste Systems 350 Middle Road Crown Point 638-4707
  Celotii's Wine & Spirits   Crown Point 546-3310
  Center Stage Dance 2917 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-3551
  Champs General Store Bridge Street Crown Point 597-9779
  Chamber of Commerce (check out the events!)      
  Champlain Goat Farm 2735 Main Street Crown Point 216-9019
  Champlain Memorial Lighthouse Route 185 Crown Point 897-1309
  Champlain National Bank  2687 Main Street Crown Point 597-3322
  Champlain State Campground & Monument 784 Bridge Road Crown Point 597-3603
  Champlain Valley Heritage Network   Crown Point 597-4649
  Chimney Point State Historical Site Bridge Street Crown Point 802-759-2412
  Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service 1858 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3949
  Conservation Maintenance Shop 738 Bridge Road Crown Point 597-3257
Contractors (more)
Cool Mountain Metal Works 18 Sprague Road Crown Point 597-3578
  Country Rhoades Kennel 868 Creek Road Crown Point 597-9898
  Crown Point Auto Repair 2615 Main Street Crown Point 597-4567
  Crown Point Barbecue Restaurant and Catering PO Box 130 Crown Point 597-3545
  Crown Point Bible Church 1800 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3318
  Crown Point Camp Site 742 Bridge Road Crown Point 597-3603
  Crown Point Car Wash & Laundromat 2738 Main Street Crown Point 597-4224
  Crown Point Central School 38 Old Port Way Crown Point 597-4200
  Crown Point Central School Bus Garage Main Street Crown Point 597-4208
  Crown Point Central School District 2758 Main Street Crown Point 597-4200
  Crown Point Chamber of Commerce PO Box 204 Crown Point 597-3938
  Crown Point Citgo & Deli Pizza 2777 Main Street Crown Point 597-4242
  Crown Point Discount Grocery 2616 Main Street Crown Point 597-9595
  Crown Point Dog Supply & Kennel 173 Hamilton Road Crown Point 597-3850
  Crown Point Fire District Company #1 2764 Main Street Crown Point 597-3211
  Crown Point Highway Department 1878 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3233
  Crown Point Network Technologies 2829 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-3300
  Crown Point Preservation 738 Bridge Street Crown Point 597-3257
  Crown Point Self Storage 8 Sharron Park Road Crown Point 597-9555
  Crown Point Small Engine Repair 356 Russell Street Crown Point 597-3120
  Crown Point Small Engines 1675 Creek Road Crown Point 216-4040
  Crown Point State Historical Site Bridge Road Crown Point 597-4666
  Crown Point Telephone Corporation 2829 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-3330
  Crown Point Town Assessor Office 17 Monitor Bay Road   Crown Point 597-4140
  Crown Point Town Clerks Office 17 Monitor Bay Road #3 Crown Point 597-3235
  Crown Point Town Highway Department   Crown Point 597-3233
  Crown Point Town Justice Department 17 Monitor Bay Road Crown Point 597-4144
  Crown Point Town Supervisor 17 Monitor Bay Road #1 Crown Point  
  Crown Point Town Waste/Water Department Old Furnace Road Crown Point 597-4350
  Crown Point United Methodist Church Creek Road Crown Point 597-4305
  Crown Point Visitors Bureau Amy Hill Road Crown Point 597-4363 Fortier Road Crown Point 877-866-1240
  Culture & Societies      
  D & G Canopy Rentals 247 Sugar Hill Road Crown Point 597-3869
  Daughters 5 Farm Stand 3533 NY State Route 9N Crown Point 586-1950
  Debro's on The Way Cafe 2749 Main Street Crown Point 597-3585
  DeYo's Heating Fuels and LP Gas Burdick Road Crown Point 597-3444
  Dining (more)      
  Duval Farm Trimble Road  Crown Point 597-3215 
  E B B Farm 301 Sand Hill Road Crown Point 597-3662
  Elizabethtown County Dept. of Conservation Maintenance Bridge Road Crown Point 518-597-3257
  E-Squared Enterprises (consultant) 257 Middle Road Crown Point 597-3218
  Essex County Fish Hatchery Creek Road Crown Point 597-3844
  Evieta Salon 2733 Main Street Crown Point 597-9449
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Farmer's Markets      
  Fencote Plant 16 RR Ave Crown Point 597-3201
  Fire Towers      
  First Congregational Church 7 Park Ave Crown Point 597-3398
  Fort to Fort Trail   Crown Point  
  Framed in the Adirondacks 340 Buck Mountain Road Crown Point 597-9760
  Freeland Tattoo 26 Maggie Dudley Road Crown Point 597-9482
  French House Wolcott Road Crown Point 597-9571
  Friends of Crown Point State Historical Site Inc. 21 Grandview Drive Crown Point 802-758-2182
  Fun Spots      
  Geraw's OK Septic Service 832 NYS Route 9N, Bldg #2 Crown Point 597-3634
  Gilkerson's Breed Hill Road Crown Point 597-4226
  Glenn W Lang Building Contractor 181 Pearl Street Crown Point 597-3475
  Green Acres Workshop 53 Ferry Road Crown Point 597-4799
  Gunnison Lakeshore Orchards & Gift Shop Inc. 3208 Routes 9N & 22N  Crown Point 597-3834 
  Gunnison's Gift Shop   3208 Routes 9N & 22N  Crown Point 597-9222
  Gunnison's Olde Farmhouse 3208 Routes 9N & 22N  Crown Point  
  Habit Management Creek Road Crown Point 597-9600
  Hammond Chapel 2076 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3347
  Hammond Library 273 Main Street Crown Point 597-3616
  Hap's Market 34 Main Street Crown Point 597-3040
  Harland Funeral Home   Crown Point 564-7033
  Harper's Trailer Park 3191 NY Route 9N Crown Point 597-3935
  Harrington Gardens 2056 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3643
  Harwood Homestead 697 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3429
  Haunted Homestead 703 Creek Road Crown Point  
  Hayes Contracting 688 Hogback Road Crown Point 597-9653
  High Reach Enterprise (web design svcs.)   Crown Point 412-2320
  Hospital & Health Centers      
  Hyatt DC Nelson DC Creek Road Crown Point 597-3225
  Janet Worth Goot Tax Service 1670 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3625
  Jan's Country Diner - Family Restaurant Route 9N & 22 Crown Point 597-3455
  Jean Arleen Breed (author)   Crown Point 563-9469
  JP Construction & Welding 93 Buck Mountain Road Crown Point 597-9477
  Jumps for Joy Trimble Road Crown Point 597-4273
  Knapp Senior Club 2793 NY Route 9N Crown Point 597-3768
  L Harmond Consulting Middle Road Crown Point 597-3424
  Lake Champlain Bait & Tackle 243 Pearl Street  Crown Point 597-9550
  Lake Champlain Transportation Bridge Road Crown Point 597-2835
  Lake Champlain Visitors Center Route 185 Crown Point 597-4646
  Lakes to Locks Passage 814 Bridge Road Crown Point  
  Lakeside Regional Church   Crown Point 543-4400
  Laku RV Campground 42 Bridge Street Crown Point 597-3495
  Leverage Solutions, LLC  257 Middle Road Crown Point 597-4503
  LM Sessler Excavating Wrecker Bridge Street Crown Point 597-3820
  M L Putnam & Son Plumbing & Heating 241 Sugar Hill Road Crown Point 597-3770
  Macey & Macey Day Care Lake Road Crown Point 597-3614
  Macey & Macey Hauling & Excavating Lake Road Crown Point 597-4188
  Maple Leaf Construction Company, Inc. 10 Sharon Road Crown Point 597-3572
  Maple Ridge Park & Family Restaurant 2922 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-2584
  Maple Sugaring      
  Maye Auto Richard 1716 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3828
  Mero Kevin & Vicki  (Loggers) Round Pond Road Crown Point 597-3674
  Midway Body Shop 3380 Routes 9N  Crown Point 597-3030
  Ml Putnam & Sons (plumber) 241 Sugar Hill Road Crown Point 597-3770
  Modex Consulting Services LLC (Internet) 19 Factoryville Road Crown Point 570-6879
  Monitor Bay Campsites   Crown Point 597-3235 
  Moonhill Logging 461 Sand Hill Road Crown Point 597-3302
  Mountain Family Care 17 Miller Drive Crown Point 597-3029
  Mountain Lake Services 30 Ferry Road Crown Point 597-3268
  Muller, Catherine (Energy Mgt Conservation Consultant)   Crown Point 597-3403
  New York Department of Environmental Conservation 738 Bridge Road Crown Point 597-3257
  New York Department of Transportation 368 Factoryville Road Crown Point 597-3900
  New York State Elks Association 2705 Main Street Crown Point 597-4664
  New York State Police (non emergency) 43 Porter Miller Road Crown Point 962-8235
  Norm's Bait & Tackle 287 Bridge Road Crown Point 597-3645
  North Country Coffee & Vending Factoryville Road Crown Point 597-9559
  Noteco Inc. 1505 White Church Road Crown Point 597-3449
  Ottarar Small Engine Repair 220 Penfield Road Crown Point  
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Parkside Antiques 2073 Creek Road Crown Point 597-9585
  Pat's Bait & Tackle 3616 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-3645
  Penfield Homestead Museum (also see museum) 703 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3863
  Poorman's Paradise (fishing tackle) 11 George Mason Road Crown Point 597-3812
  Porter's Mill Hardware & Feed 2849 Route 9N Crown Point 597-3265
  PT Developers & Contractor   Crown Point 597-3393
  Putts Creek Wildlife Management Area Tom Clark Road Crown Point  
  Rafferty Sand & Gravel 757 Vineyard Road Crown Point 597-9690
  Real Estate      
  Relocation Tools      
  Richard Maye Auto 1716 Creek Road Crown Point 597-3828
  Rising Water's Financial Service 117 Goodrich Road Crown Point 597-3507
  Riznick Construction 2738 Main Street Crown Point 597-4224
  Rock Climbing      
  Sacred Heart Church & Rectory 2671 Main Street Crown Point 597-3924
  Seaver Spring Farm 133 Hamilton Road Crown Point 597-4433
  Seneca Bakery 3533 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-4422
  Slab Hollow Chimney Sweep Bradford Hill Road Crown Point 597-3640
  Societies and Organizations      
  Solar Electrical 2817 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-4600
  Spaulding Stump Removal 1328 White Church Road Crown Point 597-3788
  St Pierre Hoof Care 644 Lake Road Crown Point 597-3861
  Stoney Lonesome B&B 989 Stoney Lonesome Road Crown Point 597-3754
  Strictly Business Professional Service Middle Road Crown Point 597-4292
  Sugar Hill Diesel Sugar Hill Road Crown Point 597-4335
  Sugar Hill Manor B&B 255 Sugar Hill Road Crown Point 597-9545
  T E L Sat Entertainment 2940 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-3584
  Tattoo Blackened Sugar Hill Road Crown Point 597-9327
  Torri's Hair Loft 2768 Main Street Crown Point 597-3088
  Total Body Wellness Massage 2786 Main Street Crown Point 597-4572
  Trent J. Abar Logging & Trucking 1274 Stoney Lonesome Road Crown Point 597-9492
  Tromblee's Greenhouse 2691 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-9696
  Twombley's Small Engine Repair 329 Pearl Street Crown Point 597-3044
  U Haul Company 2849 NYS Route 9N Crown Point 597-3338
  United State Post Office 2752 Main Street Crown Point 597-3922
  Utility Companies      
  Victory Scuderi General Contractor PO Box 211 Crown Point 597-4191
  Village Auto  2817 NY Route 9N Crown Point 597-4600
  Virtual Secretarial Service 1835 White Church Road Crown Point 597-4487
  Waterways & Marinas      
  Wilmeth D. Deyo LLC 2747 Main Street Crown Point  
  Wips Radio 1250am  59 Porter Mill Road Crown Point 585-2869
  Woodland Woodturner 204 Hogback Road Crown Point 597-3970
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