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Clifton (Cranberry Lake/Newton Falls) Fine (Star Lake/Wanakena/Oswegatchie)

                                            4412′49″N 7456′57″W                                                                         4414′52″N 7508′16″W



Clifton NY boasts is beautiful 150 miles of pristine shoreline of Cranberry Lake of which most of it is designated 'forever wild."  The Town of Clifton takes its name from a mining company.  The Benson's Mines were part of the original settlement and Clarksboro (a former Hamlet) was the site of the Clifton Ore Mill.  The Oswegatchie River and Dead Creek Flow meanders through Clifton and its Hamlets include:  Cranberry Lake, Newton Falls, and Star Lake


The Town of Fine was named after Judge John Fine and was settled in 1823 and organized in 1849.  The Oswegatchie River is enjoyed as well as the hamlets of:  Aldrich, Briggs, Coffin Mills, Jayville, Lower Oswegatchie, Oswegatchie, Star Lake, and Wanakena.  The State supports SUNY-ESF Ranger School in the town of Fine and has celebrated its 100 years.  Wanakena has one of the longest foot bridges in the USA!


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A       Area Code 315
Adirondack Community Church      
  Adirondack Compliance LLC 257 Ranger School Road Wanakena  848-2200
Adirondack Images   Star Lake  848-2588
  Adirondack Liquors 3386 Route 3 Oswegatchie  848-2904
  Adirondack Lure Company 12 Wilsey Avenue Newton Falls  848-2207
  Adirondack Pharmacy 4057 Route 3 Star Lake  848-3784
  Adirondack Tank Services 28 Youngs Road Star Lake  848-5325
  Adiron-Deck Builders   Star Lake  848-2373
  Adirondeck Rustics 3424 State Highway 3 Oswegatchie  848-5500
  Adonai Evangelistic Ministries 918 County Route 60 Newton Falls  
Alrich's Store   Star Lake  848-2222
  American Legion Post #1539   Star Lake  848-2089
  Andy's Electric   Cranberry Lake  848-5422
  Anne's Cleaning   Cranberry Lake  848-2202
  Barbie's Beauty Salon State Route 3 Star Lake  848-3135
  Bargain Hunter PO Box 673 Star Lake  848-2382
  Bear Mountain   Cranberry Lake  
  Blackmer Electric 24 Mill Street Cranberry Lake  848-2106
  Blackmer Electric   Star Lake  848-2106
  Blanding Mechanical Inc. (heating) 11 First Street Cranberry Lake  848-2159
  BM Contracting   Star Lake  848-3163
  Botkin Charles (clergy) 613 Columbian Road Cranberry Lake  848-2857
  Browns Falls PH 263 Brown's Fall Road Oswegatchie  848-3137
  Bruce's Backhoe Services 322 Oswegatchie Trail Road Oswegatchie  848-3552
  C & P Sales 477 Oswegatchie Trail Road Oswegatchie  848-2508
Cam's Cut & Curl   Oswegatchie  848-9933
  Campers Village  State Highway 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2501
  Chamber of Commerces      
  Church Adirondack Community 931 County Route 60 Newton Falls  848-2503
  Clark's Country Store   Fine  848-3634
  Clear Lake Land Company   Star Lake  848-2427
Clifton Town of:      
  • Assessor, 848-3121

  • Clerk,  848-2915

  • Highway Department,  848-2782

  • Library,  848-3256

  • Justice,  848-2915

  • Supervisor,  848-2915

  Clifton-Fine Arena State Highway 3 Star Lake  848-2578
  Clifton-Fine Central School 11 Hall Ave Star Lake  848-3410
  Clifton-Fine Clinic   Star Lake  848-5404
  Clifton-Fine Community Center   Star Lake  848-2390
  Clifton-Fine Economic Development Corp. PO Box 115 Wanakena  
  Clifton-Fine Municipal Golf Course 4173 Main Street Star Lake  848-3570
  Clifton-Fine Hospital 1014 Oswegatchie Trail Road Star Lake  848-3351
  Community Bank 11 Cherry Hill Road Star Lake  848-3344
  Contractors (additional)      
  Cranberry Lake 50 Trail PO Box 142 Wanakena  
  Cranberry Lake Boat Club PO Box 656 Cranberry Lake  
Cranberry Lake Emporium   Cranberry Lake  848-2140
  Cranberry Lake Fire & Rescue State Highway 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2937
Cranberry Lake Gift Outlet   Cranberry Lake  848-2140
  Cranberry Lake Marine 7203 Route 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2980
  Cranberry Lake Mountaineers Snowmobile Club PO Box 484 Cranberry Lake  848-2238
  Cranberry Lake Properties 7203 Route 3 Cranberry Lake  848-3301
  Cranberry Lake State Campground  243 Lone Pine Road Cranberry Lake  800-456-CAMP
  Cranberry Lake Wild Forest NYS Route 3 Cranberry Lake  265-3090
  Culture & Societies      
  D Z Masonry   Oswegatchie  854-1392
  D&R Computer Repair   Fine  848-2620
  D.W. Landsculpting   Cranberry Lake  848-1150
  Daryl T. Smith Trucking PO Box 104 Newton Falls  848-2625
  Daryle B. Smith Trucking   Star Lake  848-5707
  Demart & Association PO Box 556 Cranberry Lake  848-2393
  Don Snider's Builders LLC   Star Lake  848-2672
  Donald N. Kerry Logging 3290 State Highway 3 Oswegatchie  848-2356
  Doug Provost Contracting   Newton Falls  848-3177
  Dragun Land Development Corp. 532 Tooley Pond Road Cranberry Lake  848-2127
  Dragun Signs 550 Tooley Pond Road Cranberry Lake  848-3559
Durham's Auto Repair   Fine  848-3520
Durham's Corner Store   Fine  848-3437
  Durham's Taxidermy 31 Spring Street Fine  489-0831
  Eastern Electric Company 796 Oswegatchie Trail Road Star Lake  848-2502
  Emporium Marine 7190 Route 3 Fine  848-2140
  Episcopal Church   Oswegatchie  848-2267
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Family Fun Directory      
  Farmer's Markets      
  Fine Heating & Plumbing 2374 State Route 3 Fine  848-2471
Fine, Town of:      
  • Clerk, 518-848-3121

  • Fire Department,  848-2133

  • Highway Department,  848-2425

  • Justice,  848-3413

  • Superintendent,  848-2425

  Fine Power Sports   Fine  848-2391
  Fine Woodworking   Fine  848-2005
  Fire Towers      
  First Baptist Church 469 Oswegatchie Trail Road Oswegatchie  848-2267
  Flat Rock 3147 State Route 3 Oswegatchie  848-2408
Folsom Custom Sawing & Contracting LLC   Fine  848-3226
  Food Pantry PO Box 9 Star Lake  848-3562
  Forest Consulting   Wanakena  848-3539
  Foster & Popham General Contracting 539 Tooley Pond Road Cranberry Lake  848-2961
Francis Power's Plumbing & Heating   Star Lake  848-2849
  French Family Funeral Home   Star Lake  848-3920
  French's Trucking 2375 State Highway 3 Fine  848-3083
  Grant W. Kerr's Insurance Agency   Star Lake  848-3314
  Hank Stumpf Rebuilders   Fine  848-5308
  Hawley Funeral Home 4246 State Highway Star Lake  848-3920
Healy and Sons   Star Lake  848-2373
  Herb French Trucking 2375 State Highway 3 Fine  848-3083
  Heuvelton Bowling Center Heuvelton Road Fine  344-7070
  High Falls Oswegatchie River Canoe Only Star Lake  265-3090
  Hitchman Excavating 227 Youngs Road Star Lake  848-2625
  Hospital & Health Centers      
  Jack Thomas Transportation Inc. 223 Oswegatchie Trail Road Oswegatchie  848-2925
  Jim's Wishing Wells 264 County Route 27a Fine  848-3156
  Johnson Auto Repair & Service 3543a State Highway 30 Oswegatchie  848-2732
  Jones & Doldo General Insurance   Star Lake  848-2113
  Kathy B's Cleaning   Star Lake  848-2843
  Ken Maxwell   Wanakena  848-3709
Ken's Equipment Repair 8985 Oswegatchie Trail Road Star Lake  848-2136
  Kerr's Construction, Trucking & Logging   Fine  848-2492
  Kim Tebo's Beauty Shop 539-Oswegatchie Trail Road Oswegatchie  848-3658
  Kimberly's Beauty Salon 948 Route 60 Newton Falls  848-2768
  King Construction   Star Lake  848-3435
  Lakeside General Store 7140 State Highway 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2501
  Lakeside Laundromat 7140 State Highway 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2501
Langevin's Auto Repair 4419 State Route 3 Star Lake  848-3824
  Langevin's Excavation, Inc. 165 County Route 60 Star Lake  848-3823
  Langevin's Hair Repair 4419 State Route 3 Star Lake  848-3683
  Little River Sales & Service   Star Lake  848-2382
Mail Rail Trucking 61 LaPlante Road Star Lake  848-3486
  Mark Leroux Contractor   Star Lake  317-9260
  McCormick Trucking & Backhoe 32 Amo Street Star Lake  848-3405
  Mental Retardation Office 7266 State Route 3 Cranberry Lake  848-3421
  Metal & Junk Removal   Star Lake  848-3475
  Mission Woodworking PO Box 33 Newton Falls  848-3523
  Mountain Construction   Cranberry Lake  848-3538
  Mountain Gate Plaza & Redemption Center   Star Lake  848-3125
  Marinas in the Park      
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Mvp Building Services 728 Oswegatchie Trail Road Oswegatchie  848-3382
  New York Environmental Conservation 555 Irish Hill Road Oswegatchie  848-3234
  New York State Forest Ranger   Star Lake  265-3090
  New York State Police (non emergency) 5 River Road             Oswegatchie  848-3341
  New York State Police (non emergency) PO Box 152 Star Lake  379-0012
  Newton Falls Fine Paper Newon Falls Street Newton Falls  848-3321
  Newton Falls Inc. 875 Cr-60 Newton Falls  848-3321
  Newton Fire District 955 Grove Street Newton Falls  848-3573
Nf Pitts Construction Company Colby Road Star Lake  848-2329
  Nice & Easy Grocery Shoppe 20 Youngs Road Star Lake  848-2067
  Nolan's Tax Service 26 Schuyler Road Oswegatchie  848-2788
  NY Environmental Conservation 62 Riverside Drive Cranberry Lake  848-2815
  NYS DEC Forest Ranger   Wanakena  848-3370
  NYS Department of Transportation 7045 Route 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2360
  Oswegatchie Auto Body Shop 11 County Route 60 Oswegatchie  848-2732
  Oswegatchie Masonic Lodge #687   Oswegatchie  
  Oswegatchie Sales & Service   Oswegatchie  848-8262
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Padgett's IGA Supermarket 4145 State Highway 3 Star Lake  848-2712
  Papa Skinner's Firewood & Tree Service   Oswegatchie  848-2356
  Parkside Grocery Route 3 Oswegatchie  848-2876
  Pepper Pig Press 2821 Route 3 Oswegatchie  
  Perssons Tax Break Tabernacle   Star Lake  848-2866
  Petrosino Camp 7127 Route 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2728
Pitcairn Town Hall   Pitcairn 543-2111
  Presbyterian Church 3 Youngs Road Star Lake  848-2926


  R & B Lashua   Star Lake  848-2350
  Real Estate      
  Relocation Tools      
  Rock Climbing      
Robinson's General Store & Discount Liquors   Cranberry Lake  848-2501
  Rockland Form-a-Plastic 7152 Main Street Cranberry Lake  848-3300
  St. Hubert's Catholic Church 1046 Oswegatchie Trail Road Star Lake  848-3612
  St. Lawrence County Waste Transfer Station 4583 State Highway 3 Star Lake  848-3589
  St. Lawrence NYSARC Inc. 521 County Route 27 Oswegatchie  848-2336
St. Lawrence Transportation Department 7045 Route 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2360
  St. Louis Art Museum 1 Fine Arts Drive Fine  314-724-0072
  Sam the Tire Man   Oswegatchie  848-3657
  Sandy Besaw Salon 39 Scott's Point Road Star Lake  848-3588
Senior Trash Removal, Lawn Care & Plowing   Star Lake  848-2007
  Silsby Forest Specialties 2147 State Highway 3 Fine  848-3464
  Small Engine Repair   Star Lake  848-2018
  Snow - anything snow related      
  South Edwards 127 Guiles Road Fine  848-3419
  Societies & Organizations      
  Star Lake Housing   Star Lake  848-2074
Star Lake Protective Association   Star Lake  
Star Lake Water Department 4078 State Route 3 Star Lake  848-3451
  Steve Folsom (Contractor/Firewood)   Fine  848-3226
  Sue's Shop Plus 13 Country Route 27a Fine  848-6127
  SUNY ESF Ranger School 437 Columbian Road #3 Cranberry Lake  848-3444
  SUNY ESF Ranger School 257 Ranger School Road Wanakena  848-2566
  Sweet Memories   Fine  848-2391
  Tate Camp 8 Shore Road Wanakena  848-5100
  Terry's Variety Shop 3551 State Highway 3 Oswegatchie  848-2280
  The Craft Meow 9 Front Street Newton Falls  
  The Maples 550 Tooley Pond Road Cranberry Lake  848-3559
  Time to Try Ceramics   Oswegatchie  848-7026
  Todd's Supply/True Value   Star Lake  848-3389
  Town of Fine Highway Department 615 Oswegatchie Trail Road Oswegatchie  848-2425
  Town of Fine Office   Star Lake  848-3121
  Trafalgar Power Inc. State Highway 3 Cranberry Lake  848-3454
  Transportation Department 7045 Route 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2360
  Tyler's Heating & Plumbing   Star Lake  848-3530
  U S Postal Office 7171 Highway 3 Cranberry Lake  848-2242
  U S Postal Office 582 Spring Street Fine  848-3442
  U S Postal Office 926 County Route 60 Newton Falls  848-2164
  U S Postal Office 3386 State Highway 3 Oswegatchie  848-2280
  U S Postal Office 4052 State Highway 3 Star Lake  848-2242
  U S Postal Office 6 Hamele Street Wanakena  848-2580
  UB's Merchantile 3386 State Highway 3 Oswegatchie  848-2758
  Up Front Auto   Fine  848-3911
  Utility Companies      
  Village Blacksmith   Pitcairm  543-1283
  Wadhams United Church of Christ PO Box 45 Wanakena  848-2200
  Wanakana Country Club Inc. Lake Shore Road Wanakena  716-627-3472
  Wanakena General Store 6 Hamele Street Wanakena  848-3008
  Wanakena Sewer District One 27 River Road Wanakena  848-3082
  Wanakena Water Company 20 S. Shore Road Wanakena  848-3465
  Wanakena Woodworks   Wanakena  848-3539
  Wayne's Small Engine & Machine   Star Lake  848-2557
  Western Adirondack Presbyterian Church 3 Youngs Road Star Lake  848-2926
  Willard's Sales & Service   Star Lake  848-3135
  Windfall Computer Service Tooley Pond Road Cranberry Lake  848-3559
  Wise Acre Gardens   Cranberry Lake  
  Wonderfully Wickless 1281 County Route 30 Oswegatchie  212-7350
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