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Washington County is Adirondack's neighbors of lush valley and farm country, and well worth the visit.  Argyle NY was named by its early settlers from Scotland after Argyllshire and later part of the town was used to establish the Town of Greenwich.   The Town also includes hamlets of Durkeetown, Goose Island, Lick Springs, North and South Argyle, as well as 'The Hook'.  Argyle NY enjoys Cossayuna and Summit Lakes, Dead Creek, Moses Kill, Mud Pond, Tamarack Swamp, Murdock and Todd Mountain.  Argyle nearby towns and villages are Hebron, Gansevoort, Bacon Hill and Northumberland.  Washington County is neigbor to Saratoga Springs - the cultural hot spot of the North Country.


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Area Code 518

Abigails 130 Main Street Argyle 638-8181
Access Animal Health Inc. 66 Millison Road Argyle 638-5611
  Adam's Auto Service 5763 State Route 40 Argyle 638-6190
  Adirondack Plastic and Recycling 453 County Route 45 Argyle 638-8960
  Adirondack Technical Solutions 5457 State Route 40 Argyle 638-2020
  Algers Power Equipment 307 Country Route 47 Argyle 638-6340
  All American Rubbish LLC PO Box 323 Argyle 692-8700
  Aquarium of Adirondack Corp 262 West Road Argyle 638-6658
  Argyle Alumni Association PO Box 310 Argyle  
  Argyle American Legion, Post 1518 7 State Route 40 Argyle 638-6326
  Argyle Emergency Squad Inc. 248 Pleasant Tree Argyle 638-6069
  Argyle Flying Service 5292 State Route 40 Argyle 638-9723
  Argyle Front Porch Forum PO Box 215 Argyle 638-6692
  Argyle Historical Society 6394 Hartford Road Argyle  
  Argyle Laundromat 1090 State Route 197 Argyle 638-8965
  Argyle Self Storage 4909 State Route 49 Argyle 638-0011
  Argyle, Town of      
  • Central School,5023 State Route 40, 638-8283
  • Argyle Free Library, 2 Sheridan St, 638-8911
  • Highway Department, 638-8210
  • Planning Board, 638-8681
  • Town Court, Main Street
  • Plant, 638-7017
  • Village Offices, 638-8681
  Argyle United Methodist Church 12 Sheridan Street Argyle 638-8979
  Argyle United Presbyterian Church Main Street Argyle 638-8045
  Argyle Variety 90 Main Street Argyle 638-6300
  Argyle Village Nursery School 6269 Main Street Argyle 638-6195
  Associated Polymer Labs 453 Country Route 40 Argyle 638-8322
  Aunt Ree's Creative Crafts 14 Sheridan Street Argyle 638-7053
  B&P Power Sports 232 McDougall Road Argyle 747-4693
  Banks & Money Handlers      
  Belt Service & Supply Co. 5 Smith Rod Argyle 638-6067
  Buttermilk Falls Tree & Turf Inc. Summit Lake Road Argyle 638-6188
  Canusa Concepts Corp 477 County Route 45 Argyle 638-6343
  Carmody Ford-Mercury Inc. 1111 State Route 29 Argyle 692-2246
  Chamber of Commerce      
  Cossayuna Lake (public boat launch)   Argyle  
  Crickhollow Massage Therapy   Argyle 638-6315
  Dennis Communications 41 Kinney Road Argyle 638-8570
  Effie's Baked Goods 409 Miller Road Argyle 638-6467
  Ellis Service Center 59 Main Street Argyle 638-8409
  Fair Meadows Workshops 3810 Country Route 30 Hebron 854-9308
  Farmer's Markets      
  Fishing & Waterways      
  Fun Spots      
  Greener Pastures Practice Range 78-610 Main Street Argyle  
  Guide Service      
  Gun Accessory Studio Route 44 Argyle 638-8158
  Heathers Haven Day Care Lick Springs Road Argyle 638-8899
  Hebron Preservation Society PO Box 328 Salem  
  Henke & Associates Ltd. PO Box 173 Argyle 638-6580
  Highland Quilters 276 Safford Road Argyle 638-8617
  In Harmony Therapeutic Massage 204 Lohret Road Argyle 638-8482
  J. Euber Energy 814 McDougall Road Argyle 638-8489
  J.A. Barkley Hose Company 5072 State Route 40 Argyle 638-8055
  Joel Maple 17 Bonhote Way Argyle  
  Juniper Hill Farm Wool Shop   North Argyle 638-8749
  Knight Time Autoworks 5415 Route 40 Argyle 638-8150
  Landmark Baptist Church 5369 State Route 40 Argyle 638-5979
  Lant Hill Bed & Breakfast 687 McEachron Hill Argyle 638-8003
  Lunt's Automotive LLC 5557 State Route 40 Argyle 638-9038
  M.A.D. Ironworks (Hand Forged Ironworks) 4607 State Route 40 Argyle 638-6522
  MB Kilmer Funeral Home 123 Main Street Argyle 638-8216
  Maple Sugaring in the Park      
  Marinas in the Park      
  McWhorter's Orchard Route 40 Argyle 638-8213
  Memorial Brass ID Manufacturing Co. 929 State Route 197 Argyle 638-6292
  Moseskill Marketplace Co-op 120 Main Street Argyle 638-6963
  Myne Training & Boarding 511 Pleasant Valley Road Argyle 638-5488
  Nanny on the Go 4939 State Route 40 Argyle 638-8661
  New Generation Timber Corp. 22 Whittemore Lane Argyle 638-6486
  North Argyle Community Church 335 County Route 44 Argyle 638-8045
  North Country Creative Structures 2050 Coach Road Argyle 638-8058
  Outboard Barn, The 748 Harper Road Argyle 638-6780
  PJN Photography LLC   Argyle 683-1701
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Railways & Transportation      
  Randsom Stiles House 57 Main Street Argyle 638-6351
  Real Estate      
  Reid's Hardware Main Street Argyle 638-6692
  Relocation Tools      
  Robert Logan Company 2048 Coach Road Argyle 800-833-2300
  Rock Cut Farm & The Midnight Sugar Shack 272 Country Route 44 Argyle 518-812-7774
  Rock Climbing      
  Ruff Inn (for pets) 31 Safford Road Argyle 638-6360
  S.D. Carruthers State Route 197 Argyle 638-8277
  Saunders Transmissions LLC 1022 State Route 197 Argyle 638-8838
  Societies & Organizations      
  Squirts Route 197 Argyle 638-6612
  Star Ridge Stitching LLC 73 Sweet Road   796-6258
  Stephen Leblanc 124 Moon Road Argyle 638-8554
  Stewart's Shops Route 197 & Route 40 Argyle 638-5483
  Stone Arch Glassworks 299 Coach Road Argyle 638-5503
  Stone Hill Water Co. 4931 County Route 48 Argyle 638-5503
  Stovery, The 4245 State Route 40 Argyle 638-8950
  Sue's Shirt Shop & More 5009 State Route 40 Argyle 638-6414
  Summit Lake Bookkeeping 3 Donald Lane Argyle 207-5542
  Taxes With A View 10 Main Street Argyle 638-6771
  Thirty One Consultant Profile 4345 Country Route 48 Argyle 692-9313
  Town and Country Fencing 704 State Route 197 Argyle 638-8417
  Trees Plus Inc. 42 Brennan Road Argyle 791-6711
Tri Cross Construction Co. Inc.
65 Country Route 3 Argyle


  U.S. Post Office 38 Main Street Argyle 638-8821
  Upset Wood and Metal 29 Halls Pond Road Hebron 854-9008
  Village Salon Main Street Argyle 638-8598
  WC Field & Pasture Agri-Tours 9 Scott Hill Road Argyle 888-375-1110
  W R Roberts Enterprises 354 Country Route 45 Argyle 836-8846
  Wendy's Barber Shop 5056 State Route 40 Argyle 638-5405
  Whiting Art & Frame 105 Holmes Road Argyle 638-2023
  Wingled Turtle Hand-made Herbal 201 McNeil Road Argyle 638-8070
  Zayachek Mechanical 4188 State Route 40, PO Box 321 Argyle 638-6622


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