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Yes, there is an actual hamlet called Adirondack, NY - zip code 12808.  The Hamlet of Adirondack, NY is quaintest of quaint towns found on what locals call 'the back side' of the lake in Adirondack (lower half of Schroon Lake), and supported by the neighboring large, yet but still quaint, municipality Horicon/Brant Lake, NY.  Brant Lake is 5 miles long.*    The Town of Horicon was settled in 1800 from sections of Hague and Bolton, NY.  Horicon hosts the hamlets of Adirondack, Pottersville, Starbuckville, South Horicon and hosts the southern park of Schroon Lake and most of Brant Lake.


Below are local business that our visitors or residents visitors may find helpful.   Also the Gore Ski Mountain is just around the corner, making this another side trip place to check out on your Adirondack visit.  Please explore. 


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Area Code 518

  Adirondack Assoc. of Towns & Villages Route 8 Brant Lake 494-7622
  Adirondack Pines Bed & Breakfast 1257 Valentine Pond Road Adirondack 494-5249
  Adirondack Bible     494-3654
Adirondack Collectibles Route 9 Pottersville 494-2525
Adirondack General Store 899 East Shore Drive Adirondack 494-4408
  Adirondack Hills LLC 7721 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-7799
  Adirondack Home Watch Services 881 East Shore Drive Adirondack 796-1603
  Adirondack Lodges Homeowner Association East Shore Drive Adirondack  
  Adirondack Missions Episcopal PO Box 199 Brant Lake 494-3314
  Banking & Financial      
Bear Electric (Guardian Generac Distributor) Delaney Road 494-4343
  Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning   Adirondack 494-4026
  Boy Scouts of America Camp Curtis Road Brant Lake 494-2228
  Brant Lake (Contour map)      
  Brant Lake Beach @ Mill Pond Route 8  Brant Lake  
  Brant Lake Camp 6575 Route 8 Brant Lake 494-2405
  Brant Lake Collision 11 Town Landfill Road Brant Lake 494-0135
  Brant Lake Spirits 6524 State Route 8 Chestertown  
  Brant Lake Storage Inc. 184 Horicon Ave Brant Lake 494-3655
  Brant Lake Wesleyan Church 6692 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-2816
  Brant Lake Taxi & Transport Service 7066 State Route 8 Chestertown 494-2507
  C Flugmacher Designs LLC 616 Beaver Pond Road Brant Lake 494-7018
  C Webster Interiors Route 8 Brant Lake 494-0009
  Chamber of Commerce      
  Chamber of Commerce, North Warren      
  Christ's Church Episcopal   Pottersville 494-3314
  Clark's Country Mall 6725 State Route 8 Brant Lake  
  Coast to Coast Salon 7914 US Route 9 Pottersville 494-0096
  Concepts of Health Care 7833 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-2823
  Contemporary Landscape Photography 6990 State Route 9 Brant Lake  
  Corner Hardware Route 9 Pottersville 494-2055
Crystal Lake Homeowners Assoc. South Horicon Road Brant Lake 494-9908
Culture & Societies
  Curtis S. Reed Scout Reservation 1377 Palisades Road Brant Lake 494-2228
  D & R Autobody Repair 17 Stone Bridge Road Pottersville 494-5005
  Dooris Logging Hayesburg Road Brant Lake 494-7131
  Eagle Enterprises 6513 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-2669
  East Shore Schroon Lake Association (ESSLA) PO Box 208 Adirondack  
  East Shore Storage Church Street Adirondack  
  EZ Storage & Marine 11 Town Shed Road Brant Lake 494-7381
  Family Fun      
  Farmer's Market      
  Fox Hill Enterprises 232 Horicon Ave Brant Lake 494-4974

Garwood Custom Boats

20 Duell Hill Road Brant Lake 494-2966
  History of Warren County (interesting diaries)    
  Horicon Baptist Church 6616 Route 8 Brant Lake 494-2584
  Horicon Community Center 6604 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-3647
  Horicon Free Library 6604 Route 8 Brant Lake 494-4189
  Horicon Vol. Fire Department   Brant Lake 494-3428
  Horicon, Town Assessor 6604 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-4198
  Horicon, Town Clerk 6604 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-4643
  Horicon, Town Highway Department 20 Town Shed Road Brant Lake 494-2115
  Horicon, Town Justice  6405 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-7958
  Horicon, Town Supervisor 6604 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-3647
  Hospital & Health Centers      
  Hub, The (bike repair & restaurant) 25 Market Place Brant Lake 494-4822
  Ideal Campground Valley Farm Road Pottersville 494-2096
  Jimbo's Club at the Point State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-4460
  Jordon's Baby Boutique 7082 State Route 8 Brant Lake 804-4101
Lazarus Decorators 6653 State Route 8 Brant Lake 792-2929
Lean 2 Studio 528 Pease Hill Road Adirondack 494-5185
  Lighthouse Baptist Church Olmstedville Road Pottersville 494-2862
  Luke Coburn Photography 8167 State Route 9 Pottersville 538-7066
  Lynn's Budget Beauty Salon Schroon River Forest Chestertown 494-7445
  M & E Promotions PO Box 205 Brant Lake 494-3600
  Maple Sugaring      
  Marinas in the Park      
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  MRB Financial Services LLC #5 Olmstedville Road Pottersville 494-4449

Natural Stone Bridge & Caves

(rock shop & tour)

Stone Bridge Road Pottersville 494-2283
  Natural Stone Bridge & Caves Park 535 Stone Bridge Road Pottersville 494-2283
  Nice & Easy Grocery Shop 38 Valley Farm Road Pottersville 494-9660
  Off the Top (Salon) 287 Horicon Ave Brant Lake 494-3813
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Palmer Brothers Marina 33 Palisades Road Brant Lake 494-2677
  Paper Crafts by Turtle PO Box 177 Brant Lake  
  Pottersville Fire District Route 9 Pottersville 494-2333
  Pottersville Garage Route 9 Pottersville 494-3631
  Point O'Pines 7201 Route 8 Brant Lake 494-3213
  Railroads on Parade 7903 Route 9 Pottersville 518-623-0100
  Real Estate      
  Relocation Tools      
  Rock Climbing      
  Rocky's Ridge Boat Storage Davis Road Brant Lake 494-4077
  Route Prairie Management Corp. 7201 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-3900
  St. Paul's Episcopal Ridge Street Brant Lake 494-3314
  SFH Enterprises LLC 6537 State Route 8 Brant Lake 321-6268
  Sharon's Hair Sensations Valentine Pond Road Brant Lake 494-7148
  Shirley's Tax Services 333 Pease Hill Road Brant Lake 803-4027
  Singer & Bassuk Organization 1390 Palisades Road Brant Lake 494-3556
  Smith, Sylvia (Cosmetics) Pease Hill Road Brant Lake 494-3982
  Smith's Plumbing Supply Route 9 Pottersville 494-2128
  Smith's Sewage Service   Pottersville 494-3890
  SonRise Lutheran Ministry 8260 US Route 9 Pottersville 494-3155
  Societies & Organizations    
  Sonrise Camp & Retreat Center   Pottersville 494-3155
  Sonrise Lutheran Church 8260 US Route 9 Pottersville 494-2620
  St. Paul's Episcopal     494-3314
  Stagecoach Antiques & Home Decor 5 Olmstedville Road Pottersville 494-3192
  State Police     494-3201
  Stoops, Harry E. CPA 6378 State Route 9 Adirondack 494-4644
  The Lazy Moose Garden Market 6499 State Route 9 Brant Lake 494-4039
  The Straight Seam Watering Tub Road Brant Lake 494-5762
  Top of the World 287 Horicon Ave Brant Lake 494-3813
US Post Office 6580 Route 8 Brant Lake 494-3021
  US Post Office Red Wing Road Adirondack 494-2546
  Village Auto Repair 6608 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-5056
  Wakonda Family Campground 3901 E. Schroon River Road Pottersville 494-2610
  Wantagh Hook & Ladder Signal 5 113 Shaw Hill Adirondack 494-4257
  Wesleyan Methodist     494-2816
  Wild Visions Inc. (by Carl Heilman) 6990 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-3072
  Wilson's Machine Shop 6504 State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-7952
  World of Life Bible Institute 4200 Glendale Road Pottersville 800-333-9673
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Titbits:  * Brant Lake is stocked annually with 3,000 brown trout and 11,000 rainbow trout. Brant also has a good size largemouth bass population.  Public assess is at the boat launch at the west end of the outlet.



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