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Shamrock History

Contributed by Shamrock Hotels & Cottages*

- One of the earliest recorded landowners of the properties where the Shamrock now sits was Mitchell Sabattis.  Mitchell Sabattis (1823-1906) was an Abenaki Indian and one of the most famous of Adirondack guides.  He was perhaps the most sought-after guide, still guiding well into his 60s.

- Mitchell Sabattis visited Long Lake to hunt as early as 1830 with his father, Captain Peter Sabattis.  There is a recorded story of this visit that has the seven year old Mitchell and another youth forced to hunt for supplies/food when left by their parents at a campsite on Long Lake for too long.  The story tells about taking an old flintlock musket, some wet powder, no bullets, and improvising to kill a deer and survive.

- Captain Peter was a scout for American forces during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.  When Mitchell Sabattis came to make his home in Long Lake, Captain Peter came along.  He died in Long Lake in 1861 at the amazing age of 111.

- From property records, it would appear that Mitchell Sabattis began to “settle down” on the properties where the Shamrock now sits.  The “Mitchell Sabattis House and Garden” is the first recorded mention of the land where the Shamrock Motel is located from the 1870s to 1896. 

- Other homes in the immediate area were built by Mitchell Sabattis grandchildren.  The “Houghton Hse” was built in the 1880s by Issac Sabattis and the “Main Hse” was constructed about the same time by Calvin Town – a Civil War Veteran and married to Mitchell Sabattis’ granddaughter.  Calvin Town’s civil war saber is restored and hangs over the wood stove in the “Main Hse.”

- While Mitchell Sabattis lived in the area of the Shamrock properties, he began a boarding house – “The Mitchell Sabattis House.”  In 1896, he sold the properties to William T. Powers and in 1910 Mr. Powers converted the boarding house to a hotel/lodge named “The Kanatena.”

- Here is some of what the “History of Hamilton County” has to say about “The Kanatena:”  “Shortly after 1910, the boarding house formerly operated by Mitchell Sabattis on the easterly shore of Long Lake on the Long Lake-Deerland Road was opened as a hotel.  Named the Kanatena, it was enlarged to accommodate forty guests.  Local men entering military service in World War I were given send-off parties at the inn and an Armistice Day dance was held there.”

- In approximately 1917, Jeremiah M. Sullivan purchased the property along with other properties South along Long Lake.  By 1925, “Sullivan’s Inn” had been modernized and enlarged to accommodate 50 guests.  “Sullivan’s Inn” flourished until 1932 when it was completely destroyed by fire.

- After the fire, Jerry Sullivan moved his family into what is now # 6 Cottage, built a gas station where what is now the “Lake Hse” and constructed “Sullivan’s Cottages” (currently Cottages #1 - #5). 

- In 1935, Jerry Sullivan purchased the “Main Hse” from the Trudo’s (they had purchased it from Calvin Town mentioned above) and utilized it as a private home and often lodged guests. 

- After Jerry Sullivan’s death, his wife Sadie Sullivan ran the business and raised her 2 children (Jerry and Patricia (Pat Touchette)).  In 1954, Sadie Sullivan had the Shamrock Motel constructed and the “Shamrock Motel & Cottages” began.

- At approximately the same time, what is now the “Marina Hse” and “Lake Hse” were sold as one lot, divided and sold again.  The “Deerland Marina” the “Lake Hse” were constructed around 1963.

- In 1965, Sadie Sullivan sold the Shamrock Motel & Cottages to her daughter and son-in-law, Pat and Darcy Touchette. They also purchased a large tract of land across the street from Pat’s brother. 

- Over the next 41 years, Pat & Darcy Touchette continued to modernize and increase the scope of the Shamrock Motel & Cottages while raising their daughter (Linda) and son (Tim).  #7 Cottage, garages, and a Laundromat were added in the 1970s and the efficiency units were constructed in the 1980s.  In 1980 the “Lake Hse” was purchased, in 1991 the “Osgood Hse” was purchased, and in 2003 the “Marina Hse” was added to the properties. 

- In 1999, Pat & Darcy’s son and daughter-in-law (Tim & Beate) purchased the “Houghton Hse” and made plans to return to Long Lake and the Shamrock after retirement from the U.S. Army.

- In 2006, control of the Shamrock LLC passed from Pat & Darcy to Tim & Beate.  Pat & Darcy renovated and moved into the “Lake Hse” and began to focus on retirement. 


* Thanks go to:  

Beate & Tim Touchette

Shamrock Motel & Cottages

1055 Deerland Road / POB 205

Long Lake, New York 12847

518 624 3861 (fax: 518 624 9803)

Email: shamrockmotel@frontiernet.net



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