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Welcome to Boquet, NY____________________


Boquet. - This is a small hamlet situated about three miles to the southwest of the village of Essex, on the Boquet river.

It was formerly a flourishing manufacturing community.  The first manufacturing efforts of civilized man in this village were put forth in 1810, when William D. Ross erected a grist, mill on the bank of the river, and about the same time built quite an extensive rolling and slitting-mill and nail factory.  As early as 1784, however, Daniel Ross conducted a general store here for the accommodation of the early settlers who had established themselves in scattered families along the river side.  There must have been, too, at that early date, some lumbering done about the site of Boquet, for Daniel Ross also ran a saw-mill here in 1785. It was probably engaged entirely in supplying the home demand.

After 1810, the place began to assume considerable local importance.  Business did not die out there for many years.  Henry H. Ross, in his memoranda before mentioned, written about 1840, states that in Boquet there was then "a large mill for the manufacture of rolled iron and nails, a grist-mill, etc."  There has never been and is not now a post-office here.  In 1828, a district school-house was built of stone and in octagonal shape. 

In 1855 an Episcopal chapel was built on the hill in the south part of the village, but was purchased by the Baptist and Presbyterian element of the community in 1880, and is now used as a union church.  Brookfield and Essex clergymen supply the pulpit.  Little remains of the business activities of ancient days.  The old dam has been worn away rather than washed away, and the mills are the more silent in that they arouse an idea of former thrift and industry.  The only business now conducted in the old village is that of C. W. & W. A. Tucker, dealers in produce and general merchandise. 

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