1. Here's today's PHOTO OF THE DAY!!! A very dramatic photograph of Army tanks being unloaded from railroad cars at Plattsburgh in August of 1939. Known as M-1 "Combat Cars," these tanks would soon participate in the greatest peacetime army maneuvers in U.S. military history, held right here in the North Country! The "1st Army," consisting of all regular and National Guard troops in New England (nearly 60,000 men), was massed here for war games from August 13th - 27th, 1939. It was the largest concentration of U.S. troops since World War 1 and was designed to study and plan tactics for use in a "modern" mechanized war. The massive influx of men temporarily pushed the population of Clinton County over 100,000 for the first time in it's history with troops stretching from Silver Lake and Black Brook to Beekmantown and Ingraham and all points in between. Directed from Plattsburgh Barracks, the enormous exercise was international news, viewed by representatives of 17 foreign nations which, ironically, included military attaches from Japan (with the highest number of observers present) and Nazi Germany. The remnants of some of the trenches dug for the 1939 war games can still be found in places today.



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