Planes, Trains, Buses, Cars and Traveling Stains

Easy ways to arrive fresh and clean to your destination, even if you are on the road *.





* Stop at at any restaurant, and ask for water, and find a salt shaker.  In restroom please, soak stain area with salted water, rinse and then apply liquid soap (or dispenser soap) then rinse again with lukewarm water.  Repeat steps until stain is removed



Stop in a high end restaurant or when traveling with cosmetics, visit ladies room (husband, send your wife for this), place paper towel and apply hair spray to the area, then rinse.  If you have nail polish remover on your travels, rub onto stain and rinse.



Visit any restroom, blot the area and rub with soap from the dispenser, rinse with HOT water, repeat as needed


Red Wine

Visit a quality restaurant, or bar and order white wine.  Douse the spot with white wine, blot; then pour salt onto the stain.  Let stand for 2-3 minutes, and rinse with COLD water.  Repeat as needed



Sprinkle with salt and let dry for about 10 minutes.  Scrape off the salt, then gently rub in hand soap with toothpaste (baking soda base preferably), then rinse with HOT water.


* If you have any helpful hints for your fellow travelers, please e-mail us and we'll post.  Thank you.