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Below are local restaurant/cafe or market in the Saratoga Region that our visitors, property owners, or expecting property owners, may find helpful.   Please explore.  If you are a local business, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park, please contact us so we can post your business or organization (FREE).  We appreciate reciprocal linksPlease patronized our businesses, and visit the special feature of the businesses marked with  J Icon.


Tidbits:  Saratoga Springs is famous for many things, but did you know that in 1850's, a disgruntled cook over fried a customers potatoes.  His revenged gave birth to the American Potato Chips.



A       Area Code (518)
  Bailey's Cafe 37 Phila Street Saratoga 583-6060
  Beckman Street Bristo 62 Beekman Street Saratoga 581-1816
  Beverly's Specialty Foods 47 Phila Streeet Saratoga 583-2755
  Black Diamond Caterers 44 Phila Street Saratoga 581-7450
  Bookmakers 232 Broadway Saratoga 584-4550
  Boston Market 204 Broadway Saratoga 587-3414
  Brindisi's Restaurant & Bar 390 Broadway Saratoga 587-6262
  Bruno's Pizza 237 Union Ave Saratoga 583-3333
  The Bullpen 9-11 Caroline Street Saratoga 583-9400
  Chameleon 251 Staffords Bridge Road Saratoga 581-3928
  Chez Sophie 534 Broadway Saratoga 583-3538
  Chianti II Ristorante 208 South Broadway Saratoga 580-0025
  Circus Cafe 392 Broadway Saratoga 583-1106
  Dine Restaurant 26 Henry Street Saratoga 587-9463
  Doc's Steakhouse 63 Putnam Street Saratoga 581-7011
  Dunkin' Donuts 3014 Route 50 Saratoga 580-9756
  Esperanto 6 1/2 Caroline Street Saratoga 587-4234
  Forno Toecano Bistro 541 Broadway Saratoga 581-2401
  Gaffney's Restaurant 16 Caroline Street Saratoga 587-7359
  Georgian Room at the Gideon Putnam Hotel 24 Gideon Putnam Road Saratoga 584-3000
  Hattie's 45 Phila Street Saratoga 584-4790
  Horseshoe Inn Bar & Grill 9 Gridley Street Saratoga 587-4909
  Joy Wok Chinese Restaurant 25 Spring Street Schuylerville 695-6688
  Leon's 135 Crescent Street Saratoga 587-2346
  Lillian's Restaurant 408 Broadway Saratoga 587-7766
  Lime 7 Caroline Street Saratoga 584-4315
  The Lodge at Saratoga Raceway 1 Nelson Ave Saratoga 584-7988
  Longfellows Inn & Restaurant 500 Union Street Saratoga 587-0108
  Lynn's Country Cafe Broad Street & Route 4 Schuylerville 695-5581
  Maestro's Restaurant 371 Broadway Saratoga 580-0312
  Mangino's Ristorante 149 Route 9P Saratoga 584-5599
  Mara Ristorante 17 Maple Ave Saratoga 583-6955
  Mexican Connection 41 Nelson Ave Saratoga 584-4466
  Mouzan House, The 1 York Street Saratoga 226-0014
  Mr. Ed's Ice Cream 588 Lake Ave Saratoga 581-8633
  Olde Bryan Inn, The 123 Maple Ave Saratoga 587-2990
  One Caroline Street 1 Caroline Street Saratoga 587-2026
  Panza's Restaurant 510 Route 9P Saratoga 587-6882
  Parting Glass, The 40 Lake Ave Saratoga 583-1916
  Peabody's Restaurant 39 Phila Street Saratoga 583-4214
  Peking Restaurant 66 Congress Street Saratoga 584-8371
  Pennells Restaurant 284 Jefferson Street Saratoga 583-2423
  PJ's Saratoga Style BBQ Route 9, S. Broadway Saratoga 583-7427
  Primo's Restaurant at The Inn at Saratoga 231 Broadway Saratoga 583-1890
  Putnam St. Marketplace 435 Broadway Saratoga 587-3663
  Randy's at the Dovegate Inn 184 Broad Street Schuylerville 695-6095
  Ravenous 21 Phila Street Saratoga 581-0560
  Ripe Tomato, The 2721 Route 9 Malta 581-1530
  Sargo's Restaurant 458 Union Ave Saratoga 583-4653
  Scallions Restaurant 44 Lake Ave Saratoga 584-0192
  Siro's 168 Lincoln Ave Saratoga 584-4030
  Sperry's 30 1/2 Caroline Street Saratoga 584-9618
  Spring Street Deli & Pizzeria 132 Spring Street Saratoga 584-0994
  Springwater Bristo 139 Union Street Saratoga  
  Sushi Thai Garden 44-46 Phili Street Saratoga 580-0900
  Tiznow 84 Henry Street Saratoga 879-1123
  Weathervane Seafood Restaurant 3368 South Broadway Saratoga 584-8157
  Wheat Fields, The 440 Broadway Saratoga 587-0534
  Wine Bar, The 417 Broadway Saratoga 584-8777




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